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AbundantHope : NEW READERS! Read Here First Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Characters in the Play
By Candace
Nov 6, 2011 - 11:09:41 AM

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1. Life Carriers: Descending Sons (read “Sonship with God” by me) whose parentage is the Creator Son, the Universe Mother Spirit and one of the Ancient of Days, from the Superuniverse. These sons design and carry life to planets, and then foster its’ development over the long evolutionary process. Paper 36 covers the Life Carriers, for more detail. A large team of life carriers come to the evolutionary planet, but once the planet has developed the rudiments of God mind, most leave, as they are not allowed certain types of further intervention, but a couple remain. I believe Urantia has retained 2 life carriers.

2. Creator Son and Universe Mother: The Creators of the local universes. The Creator Son has his parentage in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son, and the universe Mother, has her parentage in the Infinite Spirit. These are the 3 beings of Trinity, covered in greater detail in the UB. Christ Michael is our Creator Son of our Universe of Nebadon, and Nebadonia, is our Universe Mother. They are thus, Father and Mother God, as designated in other materials you may have read. See “One Creation, Many Universes” at by Candace

3. Universal Father: The Creator of all, and source of personality. First person of the Trinity. Sometimes called the Father-Father

4. Eternal Son: Son of the Universal Father, and source of the Spirit of Life. 2nd person of the Trinity. On some planets know as the Mother- Son.

5. Infinite Spirit: This 3rd person of the Trinity, whose parentage is the Father and the Son. Source of Mind.

6. System Sovereign: The Descending Son ruler of a system of life bearing planets. Our failed System Sovereign was Lucifer who initiated a tragic rebellion that greatly set back the normal evolutionary process on the planets who joined with him in rebellion. Our system is called Satania, and has currently 619 evolutionary planets. Urantia (earth) is number 606. The term in the material above “local system” refers to any of the systems, the basic building block of administration in the “local universe”. Satania is our local system, of our local universe of Nebadon. Our system capital world is called Jerusem. See the piece: One Creation, Many Universes” by Candace LINKED already above!

7. Planetary Prince: Descending Son created by the Creator Son and Universe Mother, whose becomes the Universe governmental ruler on an evolutionary planet, when God mind has developed in early man. This is a permanent position normally, but Caligastia the former Planetary Prince entered into the Lucifer Rebellion and no long rules this planet. Christ Michael since his life (bestowal in the flesh) on Urantia became Planetary Prince, a job now resting in partnership between Machiventa Melchizedek, spoken on in the Bible, and a visible Prince Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara, and his Consort, Lady Nada, known as Mary Magdalene. Machiventa is the invisible representative of Nebadon to the planet, and Sananda Immanuel the Visible representative. This is a somewhat different plan that the usual ways of doing things. Sananda and Christ Michael shared the incarnation of 2000 years ago. Sananda plans to vacate the position in the distant future and earth will elect a representative in his place. I have a piece about that also on the website: The Many Hat’s of Christ Michael, Coming out of the Creator Son Box.

8. Thought Adjusters/Mystery Monitors: Father Fragment that indwells the mind and assists the spiritualization of the mortal. As spiritualization progresses, the morontia mind of the mortal will fuse with the adjuster, which is the true beginning of the eternal journey. Many people are expected to fuse with their adjuster during their current incarnation. Many of you are also fused long ago, and incarnate on service missions. The Thought Adjuster saves the memories of living also.

9. Most Highs of the Constellations: The local systems are grouped into a higher management system, the Constellations. There are 100 constellations in a local universe, each with 1000 local systems under their rule. The Most Highs are the Descending Son rulers of the Constellations. Memory says there are 3 of them, and they are appointed for varying degrees of time. The Constellation is the main sub unit of a local universe, and has nothing to do with what is termed constellations in our skies, such as Orion, Pleiades etc. You may read further on the Constellations in Paper 43. Satania, our local system, belongs to the constellation of Norlatiadek. The headquarters world is named Edentia.

10. Paradise Avonals: These sons hail from the Central Universe of Havona, around which all creation revolves. They have their divine parentage from the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. These ones have several services performed to planets. Our Avonal Son, Monjoronson, is in charge of the Magisterial Mission, now begun on this planet. He and many of his team will be incarnate in physical bodies, not by birth, but by lowering their frequencies until they can be seen, manifesting a body. You can read further about the Paradise sons, and the Magisterial missions in Paper #20, called the Paradise Sons of God.

11. The Daynals from Paradise: These Trinity Teachers Son’s have their parentage in the Paradise Father, Eternal Son, and infinite Spirit. Thus the term, “trinity.” We have some of these beginning to work behind the scenes now, in the teaching mission. This is part again, of the “Correcting Time” to bring this planet back to where it should be.

12. Era of Light and Life: There is a confusing story abounding in “new age” about the ascension of Earth. What is meant by our ascension, is that one day, we will enter the era of Light and Life. We will eventually reside in the eternal universal circuits, as we progress further into this stage. New Age has been seriously misinformed by the black ops community about the ascension of Earth. Many of you have come to believe this is some sort of magical event. It is a long time off yet, but the time will be shortened by our hard works of those of us incarnate in service to the planet, through well chosen intentional mission work. AbundantHope, the Second Coming organization in service to the Planetary Prince and Christ Michael will greatly assist this process. It is our most substantive goal. As you read through the above descriptions of the more normal process through the planetary epochs, you can see our planet remains a confused sphere, with many problems as we progress in a global community.

13. The Supreme Being: All the Ascending Mortals, put together, the combined experience.

Candace: I hope the reading of the above will provide some inspiration to those wishing to engage in mission works. Please look at the final comments in the above piece: era of light and life--the threshold of the transition from time to the vestibule of eternity. This doesn’t mean, like some of you have been lead to believe that we will exist outside of time, but it does mean how we look at time will change. Some of you are already becoming a bit “timeless”. What the statement means, is that planets in light and life are no longer called evolutionary worlds, at some point, and I can’t tonight remember where I read on this in the UB, and it’s not important right now. The planet in light and life becomes sustained in the Superuniverse energy circuits.

The destiny of planets in Light and Life is eternal existence. No more do they war and destroy themselves, and when Light and Life is entered, these planets are not on the radar of races that have traversed the heavens, creating the destruction of the galactic wars. We will be invisible to them, but even more so, the galactic wars are over, and hopefully will never return. Time continues on. We revolve around a sun, and the planet will continue to revolve daily. The only place without some sort of time is the Paradise Isle, because it is stationary.

The goal of the Correcting Time currently in progress, is to catch the planet and her peoples up to more where they ought to be. This program is a co creative effort from both on high and the people of the planet. Many advanced souls are incarnate to assist this process from within. Try always as you can to show a better way with those with whom you associate, and continue your own striving in spiritual growth.


Planetary Prince: Ruler of the evolutionary planet, usually coming to a planet at the time the God mind appears in evolutionary man. Comes to uplift the planet. See Paper #50, posted here on AbundantHope for more detail. Descending Son, created by the Creator Son and Creative Spirit, belonging to the Lanonandek Sons.

System Sovereign; Lanonandek Son, parentage in Creator Son and Creative Spirit. These Descending Sons (creation in Godhead, not evolutionary process) are System Sovereigns, and Planetary Princes. Ruler of a system over up to 1000 planets. Lucifer was our system sovereign of Satania, our system. Replaced after the rebellion with Lanaforge.

Creator Son and Creative Daughter: Parents and creator rulers of the local (individual) universes. Creator Son has his parentage in the Universal Father, and Eternal Son of Paradise. Creative Spirit is the daughter of the Infinite Spirit of Paradise. Creator Son of Nebadon, our local universe is Christ Michael (also known at Aton) and Creative Spirit is Nebadonia. These are Father and Mother God in other terms seen. Please see Paper #50 on for definitions of Paradise and Paradise Trinity.

Satania: Name of our local system of planets. Administrative headquarters world isJerusem. There are up to 1000 planets in a local system. Currently 639 (I think in ours, with at least 200 more about ready for the initiation of life). Then 100 local systems are linked into a higher governmental unit, called a Constellation. There are 100 Constellations in each Local Universe. There are 700,000 local universes, grouped into 7 superuniverses of 100,000 local universes in each one. Earth (Urantia)belongs to the local Universe called Nebadon.

Dispensation: See paper # 52 Planetary Mortal Epochs. (Epochs are Dispensations)

Paradise ascension career: Basically the process whereby the mortals (humans) are educated and attain the Father. After death, if one has received a Thought Adjuster, one is taken to the Mansion worlds of the Local System, and attend school through 7 of them, and then graduate to the System Headquarters, in our case, Jerusem. Then there are the Constellation schools to attend, and then one moves up to the schools of the Local Universe headquarters, in our case, Salvington. After graduation from Salvington, one is pure spirit, having undergone a process of gradually giving up the physical over a period over a long period. Once one graduates from his/her local Universe of origin, one becomes resident and student of the superuniverse of one’s origin. Then after this graduation, one is taken to the Central Universe of Havona, around which all of creation moves, hence the term “central”. Upon graduation of the Central Universe Schools, one is a 6th stage spirit and stands briefly at the right hand side of the Father. This is what was demonstrated on Urantia 2000 years ago, when “Jesus”” ascended to the Right Hand Side of the Father. All Ascending Sons who have received the Thought Adjuster (Father Fragment) and fused, (become one with) their Adjuster (also called mystery monitor), are destined to one day to “attain the Father.” That does not end one’s career as graduates, called “Finaliters” go forth in service in many ways. Life is Eternal!

And many of these finaliters will one day be the Creator rulers of the universes forming in outer space. Urantia is a special planet, because of the rebellion, as many are incarnate here from the higher realms to learn in preparation for these forth coming careers. There are many churches on this planet who teach that if one is a good guy, one after death goes to heaven to sit at the foot of the Father for eternity. How boring!!!!!! Total untruth. One goes to “Heaven” to learn to become like the Father. The will of the Father, is for his Ascending Sons to become like him!!!!!!! Suggested reading: Part 4 (The Ascending Mortals) of Paper #30, starting on page 340.

System Capital: Capital: Headquarters world of a local system. Our system is Satania, and its Capital is Jerusem.

Life Carriers: Created by the Creator Son and Creative Spirit with an Ancient of Days (rulers of the Superuniverse). These beings implant the evolutionary planets with life. Life rarely happens spontaneously. See Paper #36 of the UB at Not published on AbundantHope at this time.

Enseraphimed: There exist ‘transport seraphim” that transport spirit entities to and from the various worlds, both physical evolutionary worlds, and the architectural (synthetic) worlds of the higher realms. The process where the spirit entity is prepared and secured for transport is being enseraphimed. These are living beings, angels, sometimes called transport angels also. These are not space ships, but they are visible even on the evolutionary planets and are amber hued, and long. I suspect at least some of the “cigar ships” are transport seraphim. Seraphim are angels created by Mother Spirit of the Local Universe (Creative Spirit, Mother God). For us this is Nebadonia. There are several types of seraphim, and you can find the transport seraphim described on page 430, topic #5, page 434,topic 5, page 436, topic 5, and page 438, topic #5. Once an Ascending Son arrives on Paradise, he know longer requires angels for transport. Of course there are physical ships also, for transfer of the physical body. We have lots of them in our solar system now. There are also light ships which are not as physical, in fact they are organic and living beings, and not seraphim. Confusing, I know. Not to worry at this time.

Dematerialization: The converting of the physical body to its atoms. You were taught about this in the Star Trek stuff, the beam me up Scotty method. I have been dematerialized many a time for transport to ship. Not everyone has a body that can be dematerialized, and I am making that statement, because if any evacuation, full or partial is carried out when an evolutionary planet is in trouble, if the body doesn’t dematerialize, only the soul boards ship. We have covered this a bit. I will be posting more at some point about some special training I have undertaken and continue to work on. There is preparation required for dematerialization to make it more “comfortable,” taking a couple hours taking from a couple hours to a couple days. The evacuation ships, if used, have special healing areas for those made ill by sudden dematerialization. If the planet must be very rapidly evacuated, as in the case of nuclear devastation, this can be done in 15 minutes, but only souled entities are removed, and a lot of bodies to not go along.

Edentia, the constellation capital: There are 100 systems to a Constellation. This is not the same as what our folks on the planet have labeled constellations in the sky, such as Orion. This is an organizing unit for government. Our Constellation that Satania belongs to, is named Norlatiadek. It’s capital sphere is Edentia. Edentia is a huge architectural sphere surrounded by 700 subsidiary spheres. Edentia is 100x the size of Earth. It has 70 spheres around it that are each about 10X the size of earth, and then each of these 70 spheres has 10 smaller spheres surrounding it. 70 X 10 equal 700. Urantia is planet #606, of Satania in Norlatiadek of Nebadon.

Just as we have governments of cities, counties, states and countries on this world (by various names), so does the Universe also have levels of government. The basic unit is the System, as described in these pieces of up to 1000 planets, then the Constellation, then the Universe Headquarters (Salvington, of Nebadon). Then there are the minor sectors of the Superuniverse, collected into major Sectors. The Capitol world of Orvonton, our superuniverse, is Uversa.

The Constellations are ruled by the Vorondadeks, called the Most High Leaders. This is the reason behind the terms of the Most Highs and the Most High God in the Bible and elsewhere Suggested reading is Paper 43.

The planetary helpers: 5th order of seraphim. Including 7 subtypes, including “The voices in the Garden” which is This seraphim, Solonia in the text above. See pages 436-439.

Seraphim: Angelic order created by the Creative Spirit of the Local Universe. (also called Mother God, Mother Spirit, Creative Daughter) named Nebadonia in our local universe of Nebadon. See Paper 38, pages 418-422 for introduction, and then Paper 39 for a more thorough discussion of the seraphim.

Secondary and Primary Midwayers: As above, the Primary Midwayers are the offspring of the 100 physical staff of the Planetary Prince who came from Jerusem with Caligastia. These mortal beings (the staff, not the offspring) are not yet fused with their thought adjusters. Secondary Midwayers are created during the later Adamic Mission as above, often as progeny of the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. I believe in one area of the UB, I read that some of the progeny of Adam and Eve produced a secondary midwayer, that was invisible in ¼ of the pregnancies.

This is a somewhat confusing topic, and not fully covered to my satisfaction in he UB. Midwayers are named thus, because they are between angels and men, the Primary group closer to the angel, and the Secondary group closer to man. I have posted a couple little pieces on the site with a primary midwayer named Andrea. See page 424-425, The Midway Creatures. I will be posting more chapters on the Adam and Eve mission to this planet, and I think there is more detail about the Secondary Midwayers in one of them.

Caligastia: The former Planetary Prince, who entered into the Lucifer Rebellion and as above, assisted in the miscarriage of the Adam and Eve mission. He is interned on the Father’s prison world in Satania, and I am not sure if he has had his “trial” or not, but I think so. Our “heaven worlds” as I sometimes call the administrative spheres to others, include a legal system of judgment.

Machiventa Melchizedek: This was a Melchizedek that incarnated in a special body created by the Life Carriers, instead of by birth, as an emergency action to help keep some knowledge of God on this dark planet. He worked with Abraham for about 60 years, and then gave up his physical body and returned to his previous position. This is the Melchizedek spoken of in the bible, and also I believe in the Quran. The Melchizedek’s are the first order of Son’s created by the Creator Son and Creative Daughter, after the creation of Gabriel. See Paper 35, the Local Universe Sons of God. The Melchizedeks are also mentioned in new age literature about Atlantis set. They often run “mystery schools.” The are invisible but can make themselves visible, and can incarnate.

Machiventa is now Planetary Prince in partnership with Sananda Immanuel. Sananda Immanuel is visible, and will establish an International Headquarters in Colorado. This is a temporary position for him, lasting a projected 1000 years or whatever it takes, and then Machiventa will remain on permanently as the representative to this planet from Nebadon. Sananda Immanuel is the stronger force at this time, as Planetary Prince, in assisting the planet, and AbundantHope is partnered with him. Machiventa will provide the invisible link to the administration of Nebadon.

Light and Life: Advanced stage of existence of a planet, in which it become immortal, being in the higher universe energy circuits. This is the goal for Earth which is very behind the times. This is what is called the Ascension, in new age material. A planetary people must create this state. War must be ended, and all sorts of sustainable manufacturing, agriculture and culture must be developed. There is a lot of misunderstanding in new age on this. It is thought to be a magic event of sorts that will occur in December 2012, and it could have, had things gone better by now even.

There is NO magic in that date. It was an alignment of various celestial bodies, and it occurred in October of 2006, because of miscalculations. Now it was possible that the efforts put into this planet might fail, and it could experience again another pole reversal to cleanse it, or the people would destroy it with nuclear war. We are past both those ideas. Had the pole reversal occurred, the planet itself would be ascended into higher vibration and then re-peopled with advanced Ascending Son’s of God and healed and the new energy systems for the monopolar state instituted by them.

Our current electrical energy systems on the planet will not work in a monopolar state. By the time the planet ascends, with its peoples on it, it will be straight up and down, and will not have Magnetic North and South poles. It will still turn on its axis and have a physical north and south pole by our definitions of such. When we and the planet ascend into light and life, time will still exist, the sun will still rise and set each day, we will still be going around our sun and will still be “in time” because of this. There has been nonsense put out about the that also, stating we will be no longer in time.

There is always time. The only place in creation that has no time is the Paradise Isle which is stationary, it does not rotate. Other wise, everything goes around something and rotates, creating time. Now on the other side of our planet, which is populated by invisible beings and earth souls between lives, they do not perceive the sun rising and setting, that is an alternate existence, but they still measure time. All the universe government worlds have a stand time associated with the central sphere’s they surround and there is a standard Nebadon time also. These are covered in the Urantia Book, and I don’t have the equivalents to “earth time” in memory.

universe of universes: the 700,000 evolutionary universes outside of the Central Universe Havona. Right now, we have the Grand Universe, which encompasses the Central Universe and the Seven Superuniverses, the creation to date. Then there is the Master Universe, will includes the Grand Universe, and the new universes forming in the first regions of “outer space”. There are 4 regions of outer space. Nebadon sites to the outside of Orvonton, and thus many of the nebulas and other formations seen from our telescopes are universes in outer space in the making.

Avonal Sons of Paradise, Magisterial Sons, and the Magisterial Mission: The Avonal Sons come from Paradise, the central disk of the Central Universe of Havona, the perfected center of all creation. They have their parentage in the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit, 2nd and 3rd persons of the Trinity. (for really new readers, deities do not procreate by sex, as they have spirit forms). These high Sons serve the evolutionary planets by being Magisterial Sons and Bestowal Sons.

As to Bestowal Sons on Bestowal Missions, these Avonals incarnate by birth to woman for the spiritual uplifting of the Planets, at the appropriate time in their evolutions, after the Planetary Prince and Adams, and the Magisterial Mission. We did not have an Avonal Son on planet earth, our Bestowal Son was Christ Michael about 2000 years ago. One planet is each local universe experiences the Bestowal of the Creator Son. And we are out of order, as usually the Creator Son does also come after the Magisterial Mission.

Now the Avonal Sons can also come for the Magisterial Mission and each planet receives a Magisterial Mission with an Avonal incarnate by not by birth but by down stepping their high-energy form into the likeness of whatever body type the race has. We have an Avonal Son here beginning his Magisterial Mission, with a large team of assistants, some of which are also incarnating in the same manner. His name is Monjoronson, and we have a number of works with the Son on the website. I have experienced his presence personally and seen his incarnate form in my 3rd eye.

I have done some works with him and we have a 12 Chapter Book of his work through Daniel Raphael on the site in pdf file also. All can be found by going to the menu and looking for Monjoronson. The Magisterial Mission has as its main purpose the judging of the realm but also it is a mission of spiritual upliftment and teaching also. Monjoronson expects to be here 1000 years or more. He has actually been here behind the scenes since 1200 AD, and is responsible for the Renaissance, in encouraging and organizing the many masters that incarnated at that time to provide great music and art. Avonal Sons can come many times to planets in need for upliftment, but are rarely incarnate unless they are here on for the official Magisterial Mission.

Review Paper #52 from the Urantia Book that I have placed on this website in this section, about the Epochs and the Son’s that come for each one. Also Paper 20, the Paradise Sons of God for further information on the Avonals, the Mortal Bestowals (by birth to woman), and the Daynal Sons, which are called the Trinity Teacher Sons. We have these also now behind the scenes, but it is not time to announce the Trinity Teacher Sons Mission yet. We have the return of Christ Michael also for new readers to this, he returned in 1954, in body, but not of the type used on this earth at this time. He is in a ship called The Phoenix, and is primary author of the Phoenix Journals.

Candace: I have posted these papers #50 and #51 because for Sananda, he sort of combines the missions of the planetary Prince and our missing Adam and Eve, except that he has no roll in the Adamic type uplifting. This of course is because of the failure of those missions. The “Adamic uplifting” is being done behind the scenes, by our various visitors who are uplifting the genetics through incarnation, and the use of the laboratory techniques of the life carriers to modify embryos. I incarnated in a modified embryo, and this explains my telepathy since birth and my knowing that I am from another place coming to serve at this time. I carry some of my original genetics of my light body in my current body.

Understand that the little greys, who are associated with the syndrome of abduction, are doing so to create a soul carrier body for their own race through genetic retrieval, as they hoped to have the earth for themselves after the supposed magnetic pole shift that will not happen. Although geneticists of reasonable skill, they have no power, not matter their skills, to create a soul carrier form. So it has been in vain. Also, black ops folks have done abduction, and if a woman thinks she has been raped during abduction, the little greys do not have the necessary organs to “rape” anyone, and thus this is black ops wearing silver suits and masks.

However, because my embryo was manipulated to better serve my goals at this time, this is not “abduction.” But it was required to harvest an egg and sperm from both my earthly mother and father, and this is done simply while they sleep, and then the implant done also during sleeping, much as was done to create the embryo Mary carried to birth Esu and Christ Michael. (This was a double incarnation for readers not yet familiar with this.) Many souls incarnate right now are also going to ship at night for uplifting of their physical form by light treatment of their DNA and this is by the choice of the higher self, and is not abduction either.

The International Headquarters of the Planetary Prince and AbundantHope will include a university, which will bring gifted people from around the world for needed education in the art of trading, in technology, and in normal social progression for a global society. Included will be philosophical and spiritual teaching. Then these ones return home to help uplift their societies. We will also have an intentional community consisting of those associated with the International Headquarters; it will help to have those of like mind and purpose gathered together.

Our Regional Directors will have Regional Centers, consisting of offices and schools, and possibly also an intentional community in the regions under their direction. Esu and I have decided to have a singular staff, rather than separate teams, as it was becoming difficult to decide who would be responsible for what, so we merged the idea. These installations of the Regional Directors will thus be “satellites “ associated with the International Headquarters of the Planetary Prince and AbundantHope. Forgive the errors in my typing that I have not discovered. I am having some difficulty with the sleepiness associated with “ascension syndrome” lately and I simply don’t see all of them, until I re read the material much later.

Next from below:

Brilliant Evening Stars: One of several types of “universe aids” in service to Nebadon, and created by Christ Michael (Father God) and Nebadonia (Mother God). There are 13,641 of these beings. These are “super angels” serving/representing Gabriel, for the most part. See paper 37 about these and other assistants, such as the archangels.

Melchizedeks: I will first describe the Father Melchizedek, who is created by the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit (Mother and Father God). Then the remaining Melchizedeks are brought into being by the collaboration of the Father Melchizedek, and the Creator Son and Creative Spirit. Father Melchizedek is also the first executive assistant to Gabriel, and it was these beings that appeared to Christ Michael during the “transfiguration of Christ” as covered in the bible. The Melchizedeks are heavily involved in ministry to the ascending sons, and run schools on the inhabited planet, (after the order of Melchizedek, as used in the bible, and misunderstood by the priesthood of the Mormon Church, for you Mormon readers now and to come.) See paper 55 of the UB for more detail.

Morontia and Morontial Training Worlds : The state between “physical” and “spiritual.” The whole of our universe “architectural” worlds are Morontia in nature. When an Ascending Son graduates the Local Universe, he/she is a spirit entity and no longer morontial. The local universe is a massive “school” mostly dedicated to the creation of the Ascending Sons. (Angels are Descending Sons). Those of you incarnate on the planet have either a spirit form, or a morontia form, depending on where you are in your journey. And all of you incarnate on the planet at this time, are melding under the game plan, your spirit or morontia form with your physical body, which is why many of you readers are writing to tell me you feel like you are contacting your “higher self” more and more. You are, simple as that. I need to do a lengthy teaching paper on this topic of morontia worlds and form for new readers.

There are a lot of morontia worlds, and you will traverse up to lets, see, 56 possible before you arrive on Jerusem of our local system, then 771 more to arrive on the local Constellation headquarters, and then 490 more around Salvington, our Universe Capital. Then your morontia life ends when you go on to continue as a spirit form and personality, in traversing the schools of the Superuniverse, and then Havona, and at long last, find the Father on Paradise!

The morontia realms and morontia bodies consist of 200 elements, the 100 of the physical worlds, plus 100 more. Below are 2 quotes I took from a search of the UB and I didn’t note the pages they came from, sorry. Superplanetary Administration

#1 “Mortals acquire real spirit identity just before they leave the local universe headquarters for the receiving worlds of the minor sectors of the superuniverse. Passing from the final morontia stage to the first or lowest spirit status is but a slight transition. The mind, personality, and character are unchanged by such an advance; only does the form undergo modification. But the spirit form is just as real as the morontia body, and it is equally discernible.”

#2 “The mortals of the realms will arise in the morning of the resurrection with the same type of transition or morontia body that Jesus had when he arose from the tomb on this Sunday morning. These bodies do not have circulating blood, and such beings do not partake of ordinary material food; nevertheless, thesemorontia forms are real. When the various believers saw Jesus after his resurrection, they really saw him; they were not the self-deceived victims of visions or hallucinations.”

Resurrection: Ok, now for some readers I guess, since I included the above quotes, I need to make a note on “resurrection”. If this is your first life, in which you obtained the Thought Adjuster, (Father Fragment) that indwelled your mind, you will awaken on mansion world #1 (usually), and this is the resurrection that is discussed also in the bible. However, for those incarnating on this planet, you were already “resurrected” at some point in the past, and when your physical soul carrier body dies, you return to usually our “other side,” the planetary “heaven” where the many incarnates to this sphere live between lives. So if you are an incarnating or reincarnating soul, l do not be confused by this and other discussions of resurrection in the UB.

In the case of you who are amongst the “fallen angels” sequestered on this sphere, you do not have a thought adjuster, unless you have been granted the Ascension Journey. But you do of course, have a “higher self.” You are an angelic being who is discovering during your rehabilitation, why the ideas of Lucifer and those Planetary Princes who followed him, made a big mess of things here. Angels also sometimes incarnate just for learning or to show a better way, and are not associated with the Lucifer Rebellion.

For those Christian readers to come to this site, I will be preparing a paper on the misunderstanding of the “resurrection” as taught in the churches. What is going on is the ascension of the planet into Light and Life, and the judgment that is occurring of various occupants of the planet in these “end times.”

Teacher Sons: Trinity Teacher Sons, the Daynals from the Central Universe. See paper 20 of the UB, The Paradise Sons of God. I also made some commentary to Paper 52 thatI have posted.

Paradise bestowal Son of that planet: All evolutionary planets receive at some point, a Son from Paradise. These are always, except once in each Universe, an Avonal Son. (Paper 20). Bestowals Sons are born of women, (incarnate). Monjoronson, our Magisterial Son from Paradise, has also been the Bestowal Son on another planet in Nebadon, and will be returning for a brief time, at some point, to that planet for the inauguration of Light and Life. Our very own Creator Son bestowed himself on Urantia 2000 years ago, and this is something required of all Creator Sons as part of their own attainment of sovereignty. Our Creator Son, while it would be normal for him to visit also briefly on this planet when it enters Light and Life, has come in a manner never done before, a Second Time, Incarnate. However, this incarnation is not by birth to a woman, but using instead an already created body. He will walk the planet, as well also Monjoronson, but not by birth. Christ Michael is currently aboard the starship Phoenix, and has given additional teaching and revelation to the planet, along with some of our Ascended Masters, and Sananda Kumara, in the Phoenix Journals, which can be read online at and . There are about 200 of these.

Lanonandek Sons: These sons are created by the Creator Son and Daughter. These sons become the system sovereigns and the planetary princes. Lucifer was the system sovereign of Satania, our system, but we have another now. These Son’s are educated by the Melchizedeks, and most apply and be approved for their positions. These Sons serve in many other areas of local universe administration also. There are 12 million of these in Nebadon. Paper 35, page 392-395. Lucifer was one of these sons.

Planetary Princes: Rulers of the individual evolutionary planets, and are Lanonandek Sons. Our Planetary Prince took part in the Lucifer Rebellion and as I understand it now, awaiting trial for his actions. He was replaced by Christ Michael when he was here 2000 years ago, and Christ Michael assumed the position temporarily of Planetary Prince. See please, my commentary in paper 52, previously posted for more detail on the current Planetary Prince etc.

System (is also present). I think this is a misprint in the UB, I think they meant the System Sovereign is present. Lucifer used to be our system sovereign. Covered more in Paper 52 also as placed on my site. Jerusem is our system capital, and has 56 architectural worlds surrounding it. See Paper 45, The Local System of Administration for more detail.

Translations: Fusion with one’s thought adjuster, while in mortal body, thereby avoiding physical death. Those that are fused with their adjusters, are called “Ascended Masters” that are serving on this planet. I don’t know if the term is used thusly on other planets. In various new age literature, you will find this term of Ascended Masters, and these ones are living in morontia form on this planet. An example is St. Germain. See Phoenix Journal #7, the Rainbow Masters.

We have from the Mansion worlds and higher morontia worlds of our universe here in their morontia forms, working in the Teaching Mission ( and in other capacities. In the various new age literatures you will see terms such as “xxxx took their ascension.” Many will ascend (fuse with their adjusters) on this planet. For those of you who are the “fallen angels” and no longer “fallen” this means you will return to your realms of origin, because you don’t have Adjuster’s to fuse with. Your personality and existence comes from the Creator Son and /or the Creator Daughter.

Finaliter: Ascending Son who has “found the Father”, competing the journey to Paradise. See my piece called “Sonship with God” which I may enhance later, for understanding of the Ascending Son. Search the term on for more coverage. Also, reference page section 4 (starting on page 340) of Paper 30 and Paper 31, the Corps of the Finality.

Prespirit: Another term for the journey between the mortal flesh and becoming a spirit individual upon graduation from the local universe of Nebadon, or which ever is the entities universe of origin. Morontia means pre spirit.

Ascension: fusion with the thought adjuster. Those of you hoping to make your ascension while in this body, this is what you wait for. There is a special dispensation, as I understand it, where by, since the fusion is with your soul and not your body, that some of you are making this ascension on the mansion world’s during sleep, and then being returned to your body to continue your service to this planet at this time. And for you “angels” here, again, this will mean the return to your heavenly abode upon giving up your physical soul carrier body. I recently worked with AA Rafael with a lovely lady preparing for this in her old age, and then I heard from her after her return to her realm. Nice experience and she was delighted to find herself exactly where AA Rafael said she was going before she passed.

Seven Mansion Worlds/Spheres: The first morontia spheres that one customarily attends when leaving the first mortal life after attaining a thought adjuster. These are mentioned in the bible, and are in essence the first “worlds of heaven.” Most mortals from the younger planets or ones ridden with sin like ours, need a lot of education, and the development of mind. Paper #47 for more details on the Mansion worlds.

These training worlds, the lessons taught on them roughly equal those of 1dimension through 7 dimension planets, of the Second Level of Density. All evolutionary natural planets are Second Density. Earth is now a 4th dimensional planet, and thus the lessons typically offered on Mansion world 4 would approximate this, but don’t take that statement too seriously, because this world of our is all over the place.

The 5th mansion world is approximately similar to a planet entering Light and Life, in which the people’s are becoming genuinely God conscious. I will post more on the mansion worlds later. Often called “the Seven Heavens” in various new age literature and some of the holy book teachings of various types on this planet. Often also taught about in the various books available on the Cosmic Christ/ Gnostic/Kabbalah teachings of the Tree of Life (The Ten Holy Sefirot).

For those of you who might have read some of these materials, the 7 heavens journey is represented by 1st Heaven: Malkut; 2nd Heaven: Yesod; 3rd Heaven: Hod; 4thHeaven: Netzach; 5th Heaven: Tiferet (God/Christ center); 6th Heaven: Geburah and 7thHeaven: Chesed; Binah journey through the Constellation worlds, and Hokmah represent the journeys and lessons of the worlds around Salvington. The attainment of Kether means you are now a spirit being, ready for the superuniverse schools.

seraphic guardians of destiny: One’s personal guardian angel. Once one has progressed to the 3rd circle, from the 7th circle, one has their very own guardian angel that customarily travels with the soul until Paradise is reached. The name of my Guardian Angel who has been with me for a mighty long time, is Andrea. She is resident on the Capricorn at this time, assisting me personally in several ways that aren’t necessary to this piece.

Midwayers, midway creatures: Here I am placing the definition I found on because these folks are hard to describe regards origin, and although found on most planets, ours seemed to be a bit of a surprise in their creation and I am lost in this. The midwayers are between angel and mortal, with the primary midwayers closer to angels, and the secondary midwayers closer to man. There are many midwayers coming through various folks in the Teaching Mission.  Here’s from the tmarchives.

Midwayers – Born and found on most inhabited worlds. They are invisible to the human eye and exist in-between mortals and the angelic orders in nature and function. They are able to manipulate physical objects, when allowed to do so by their angelic superiors. Of the first group of midwayers, the primary group, there were exactly 50,000 created by Prince Caligastia’s corporeal staff, working for the administration of the Prince. The second group, the secondary midwayers were the offspring of the pure Adamic stock, the children of Adam and Eve mating with the offspring of the members of the Planetary Prince’s staff, for a total of 1,984 of these special beings. Four-fifths of the primary midwayers and 873 of the secondary midwayers joined Caligastia in the rebellion and were removed from Urantia. The remaining 1,111 loyal secondary midwayers, along with the loyal 9,881 primary midwayers, joined forces as the United Midwayers of Urantia and still serve on our planet. Since the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion, all of the rehabilitated midwayers were returned to service on Urantia, as well as large numbers of midwayers from other worlds settled in light and life, who volunteered to come to Urantia to participate in the Correcting Time. The midwayers serve a valuable function in the communication links between Celestial Teachers and mortals, being well versed in the languages and customs of the mortals. They also assist the seraphim with physical tasks on the evolutionary worlds. [UB, Paper 77] [ p.855. and also on page 424 of paper #38


Candace Definitions of some terms in this chapter for those who have not fully read the Urantia Book

Superuniverse, Orvonton: There are 7 huge superuniverses with 100,000 universes in each one. Orvonton is Superuniverse #7, the youngest of the Superuniverses which form over time and the one we belong to.

Paradise, Havona: The central Universe, the original universe, is at the center of all creation. Everything revolves around it. It has 1 billion perfected spheres on which on lives, and studies. The Paradise Isle is the unrevolving, stationary “disk”: It revolves around nothing. The 1 billion worlds of Havona revolve around it, as does all the superuniverses. It is the goal of all choosing the eternal journey to one day live and study on these spheres, and “sit at the right hand of the Father,” when you graduate your course of study. But you don’t rest there for eternity, you go on with your learning and continue is service to Creation in a huge variety of ways.

Mighty Messenger: One who has graduated Paradise in a special class of those who are rebellion tested and proved loyal. I have a work in the messages section with Mother Shekhmet, who is one of the Mighty Messengers who wrote some of the papers of the Urantia Book. It’s called Mother Shekhmet Speaks, and I believe the piece immediately following that one, has some additional information about which papers she wrote.

System of Satania: Creation is governed and divided into units for governance similar to how a world has countries, with states, counties and cities. The System is the basic unit of governance above a life bearing planet. There are up to 1000 life bearing planets in a system. This has nothing to do with the earth term of “solar system”, although even our solar system has spiritual governance also. Sanat Kumara, Esu’s father, is solar logos. Satania is the name of the system our planet (Urantia) belongs to.

Lucifer: the one time governor of Satania, who chose to rebel against the divine plan, wishing to separate this system from the rule of the higher universe. He wanted to be God of this region, the highest authority. The reason this interfered with the true liberty, is that he intended to keep all beings associated with his realm, including the Ascending Sons, under his thumb, depriving them of the journey to find the Father, graduation from the Central Universe schools. Moses and other that came here, had to stay and weren’t released until Christ Michael came 2000 years ago. Lucifer created a system of bondage, not liberty. He and his cohorts were confined to this planet to this planet to work out their rehabilitation. This is the time of their judgment, in general.

Nebadon: our universe, which is number 611,121 (I think). Nebadon belongs to Orvonton. I have a piece called “One Creation, Many Universes” which is currently under Candace’s section on religion. Universes 600,001 through 700,000 belong to Orvonton and all are in existence, but many are very young, still in formation.

Ancients of Days: Rulers of the Superuniverses. Each has 3 if I recall correctly. Also, in some literature on this planet, you will find Sanat Kumara also called by this term, as he has been involved for a very long period in the upliftment of earth and this solar system. However, he is not an Ancient of Days from our Superuniverse. He is an ascending Son, and the Ancients of Days, are Descending Sons. See “Sonship with God” for further reading by Candace.

Immanuel, mentioned once above: A older brother of Michael, from the Central Universe, not Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara.

Candace: Many of you have written me, and others, asking why these dark ones are not immediately annihilated by God, and after reading this you know. Everyone of us has made errors and probably done some intentional sin. The Father gives all his sons, no matter their origin, plenty of time to learn, for it is by this long learning that true wisdom is obtained. If everyone who had become evil we immediately uncreated, there wouldn’t be very many of us!

Many of you reading this material may in fact be amongst the “fallen angels” and other incarcerated on this “prison planet”, a world in which you can’t get off, until you properly graduate. Many of you have graduated and with honors and will be returning at some point to the realms from whence you came! Aren’t you glad for these multiple chances to learn what works and what doesn’t? That’s what it’s all about.

And notice the final comments of the Mighty Messenger who wrote this paper. Learning continues always, and wisdom always is greatly enhanced by actual experience. That said, many of the evil ones have lost all of any goodness about them and face their final judgment during these times, for they can’t go with the Earth into her Ascension into light and life. They may go to the void, an extreme prison planet, or continue on another planet or realm appropriate to their current level of learning. Many will be annihilated. Times up! 

The importance of reading this piece, regards the preparation for mission work, is that you must study this, re study it, because we do have a mistaken idea of liberty on this planet. A good understanding of this will help you plan your missions, and serve fully the Planetary Prince, plus prepare you for any of our joint upcoming pieces on service ideas, and what it means to serve. 

You can read the UB online at and several other sites, but I don’t have those bookmarked. I have bolded some important comments in this paper. Also, I may well add additional commentary to this work, and will post a note to that effect when I do.

As an example of unbridled liberty that is not serving, when I opened the forum, a goodly number of people joined. They posted a variety of unserving and unwelcome material, used it for a social chat room, had fun uncreating ghosts, and then the bashing began to get really heavy. This was not my purpose for the forum, and we closed it for a few weeks, while I thought things through and we cleaned the nonsense off of it. We banned the disruptive ones permanently and these ones then went out, and posted to other groups, and ones they started how I was not a democratic person at all, but very controlling. Excuse me, but as our democracies work on this earth, they are by the rule of the unifomed mobs serving a few dictators. We need to establish real representative rule on this planet. I had the perfect right AND responsibility to not allow this type of behavior on a forum serving the goals of the planetary prince and AbundantHope. Unbridled liberty these ones were requesting, in being able to post any sort of irrelevant mis mash they wished, woudl have destroyed the entire purpose of the forum and driven those that were serious in serving, away.

It is NOT wrong to interfer with evil and sin beloveds, and we have lots of misteaching on this planet around the acceptance of all behavior. Our morals are going down the tube on television and other media, we are allowing the destruction of our families, and the story goes on. It is not only OK, but absolutely correct and necessary to interfer in destructive behavior. The idea that you can let each and every other person their unbridled personal journey was the Lucifer idea that did not work. What happens with your kids when you are too allowing? What happens to you when you are too allowing with others, in their constant abuse of you? What example would I have demonstrated on my forum, if I let people get away with beating me up. I would have demonstrated I had no respect for myself, nor the other contributing members to the forum. And so it goes. -Candace



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