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Art Commissed by the Urantia Foundation
By Candace
Jan 2, 2011 - 6:47:44 PM

Hi all, Jess recently discovered an amazing art site that has many artists on it, including a fellow from Britain that did some commissed work in 2002 for the Urantia Foundation. The main website for the various artists is You can find just about everything there in the way of art.

The artist commissioned for the work is named Gary Tonge. His art is at the following link. He calls himself "Antifan-real." Gary has since I started working on this developed his own website. He has a couple NICE video's there about the creation.  Well worth you effort.  I am continuing to use the links in this article from deviantart, because he has some descriptions with them.  I have some saved to my computer to use as wallpaper.

This is link to 4 pages of gallery.  Now when you click on a picture in the gallery, it takes you to a small enlarged version. Then click on that image for a much larger image. To appreciate this man's work, you need to see the larger images and he has some commentary with each one.

Now, this person obviously remembers something of from whence he came and for some of you, reviewing his artwork is going to make you awfully homesick!  Now first the links which are all on page 3 of the gallery, to the 4 images commissioned by the Urantia Foundation.  This is the link to page 3 of the gallery where these are archived. Paradise is the center of the Creation, and it's start also, the Alpha, if you will. The Beginning. Every ascending human has the goal of reaching Paradise. Many angelics have a similar goal also. My own guardian angel Andrea, has also obtained Paradise with me, as has my soul mate Tom. Tom and I are Mighty Messengers. Paradise  is the only place totally free of "time" of some sort, because the Paradise Isle does NOT rotate or travel around anything else.  The huge bright area at the center is the Paradise Isle. I will leave you to read about its size and structure in the UB. It has a top and bottom, and this man KNOWs what it looks like. This pic nearly brought tears to my eyes, as this is so similar to MY memory.

Around it are 3 groups of 7 orbs belonging to the Paraise Dieties. The first group swing closest to the Paradise Isle, and are the worlds of the Father.  Next out are the worlds of the Eternal Son, which are uninhabited, spirit worlds totally apparently. Next after that swing the 7 worlds of the Infinite Spirit and these worlds are the homes of the Seven Master Spirits, of the Seven Superuniverses.  In fact these are the Paradise headquarters of the Seven Super Universes, the  executive worlds for them Now I am going to paste in a quote from the UB about these 7 worlds of the Infinite Spirit from the UB. Page 151.

They are not so exclusive as the spheres of the Father or those of the Son, and though residential status is limited to native beings and those who work thereon, these seven administrative planets are always open to all beings who desire to visit them, and who can command the necessary means of transit.

To me, these executive worlds are the most interesting and intriguing spots outside of Paradise. In no other place in the wide universe can one observe such varied activities, involving so many different orders of living beings, having to do with operations on so many diverse levels, occupations at once material, intellectual, and spiritual. When I am accorded a period of release from assignment, if I chance to be on Paradise or in Havona, I usually proceed to one of these busy worlds of the Seven Master Spirits, there to inspire my mind with such spectacles of enterprise, devotion, loyalty, wisdom, and effectiveness. Nowhere else can I observe such an amazing interassociation of personality performances on all seven levels of universe reality. And I am always stimulated by the activities of those who well know how to do their work, and who so thoroughly enjoy doing it.  (Presented by a Perfector of Wisdom commissioned thus to function by the Ancients of Days on Uversa-Capital World of Orvonton.)

What! Work? in heaven? Yes indeed. Why people of earth want to live in nothingness bliss is beyond me! -C Havona is The Central Universe.  It is  a  perfect universe of 1 BILLION Spheres that surrounds and includes Paradise. LIke all these "seven" numbers, there are 7 circuits in Havona. These do show as  Seven "rings" of spheres (planets), in the drawing. You arrive in Havona after your graduation from the Superuniverse of your Origin. In this case, the Superuniverse that earth is in, is named Orvonton.  It is the "youngest" of the 7 superuniverses. Now, out here on evolutionary worlds like Earth, there are 100 natural elements. On Havona, there are 1000 natural elements!  But yet these have an atmosphere, lakes and streams on them. Heaven is very misunderstood!

I had a big laugh once, because somebody on a forum posted that heaven was not planets!  Well, YES IT IS PLANETS. Just handcrafted planets, that's why they are called architectural worlds, and more on that in one of the other paintings by this artist.

This are very advanced worlds. There is never an oportunity of boredom on them!  AFter you work you way through these incredibly huge worlds, you arrive on Paradise, and towards your time as you approach paradise, your form become capable of traveling space, minus a ship.  The Central Universe if not in view of Earth. Besides the distance, it is also bounded by dark gravity bodies. The Grand Universe is the current Creation. It includes The CEntral universe of Havona, and the Seven Superuniverses, none of which are complete yet. Orvonton is our Superuniverse. There are 100,000 porjected universes within each Superuniverse.  So there is the potential of 700,000 universes, and most are formed. Some in orvonton on still in very early formation.  Our Universe is Nebadon. It is universe # 611,121.

Some of My favorites,

Spirit Rising,


This link below shows the construction of "sphere" world. People these are the worlds that are built as described as "architectural worlds"  in the Urantia Book. over your long eternity you could visit or live on Billions of these.  When all 7 superuniverses are complete (700,000 local universes), there will be nearly 500,000,000,000 (billion) of these. The creation is HUGE.  Humans also build craft spheres  that travel  the creation.  These can be as much as 2-3 times the size of earth for various reasons.  Some of you have seen large craft near the sun on SOHO in recent times.  This is  "God" works, through his Sons and Daughters. These huge craft can control suns like they are doing now.  These are amongst your own options for carreers over your long eternal life of trillions of years.


********************** space transport arriving at huge space city. there is a space city 10 miles in height orbiting jupiTER folks. Ptaah is commander i think, he's from there anyway. Of course, I assume this city moved more than a bit while Jupiter was being made a star.

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