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Becoming A Messiah : Mission Ideas Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Everyday Stuff to Make Things Better
By Submitted by UTE, comments by Candace
Jul 12, 2010 - 9:53:20 AM

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Everydaystuff to make things better, Part 1

Dear Candace, something small that could count if lots of people would join.

dont let it run while brushing your teeth, put a bucket in the shower while taking one and use this water to clean up your floors or to flush the Toilet. Dont let the water run while washing the dishes, lots of people do so. If you have Pets, use their "leftover-water" for your Flowers.

(Candace: I save LOTS of water and once this winter actually got my water use under 1000 gallons for a month.  I could get it less than that too.  Collect rainwater for yard use between rain.  As to my shower, it takes almost 2 gallons of water before the warm water flows, and this I collect and it goes outdoors.  I collect more while I shower, and once when it was really dry, I collected the tub water using suction into a bucket.  I could actually water the whole north end of my house out of tub water, if would purchase one of those sump things or whatever they are called to drain water beds and the like.

I also keep a small bucket by my sink and I wash veggies with a bowl under to catch the water and put it in the bucket.  There is other used kitchen water than can be collected too.  If you are really dry and have watering restrictions you can bail water from your washing machine, the detergent will actually help your grass grow. )

To clean up floors i use a Biological Soap and put a few dropps of Vinegar in it, if you dont like the smell, a few drops of Roseoil or Lemonoil will absorb the smell of the Vinegar. Use Rainwater for your Garden.  (Candace: I don't use any soap to mop floors, it is not necessary at all. Try it, you will see.  They do not need disinfectants, that is crap. If you think you need them for countertops, buy Hydrogen Peroxide and put a sprayer into the bottle and use it.  Works fine under the rim in toilet bowls, on tiled walls and the like and is HEALTHY in fact for the environment, as it releases the extra oxygen to the air. ).

Dont wash your clothes all the time if you wore them but once, hang them out, Wind & Sun will do the Job.  (Candace: Agreed.  If there are water shortages you will even take greater care to not get them dirty or save your cruddy old clothes for dirty jobs. )

Candace:  There was advise to us e baking powder for cleaning, I think Ute means baking soda.  Also baking soda and salt for your teeth, and if you can get the powdered clay that comes in bottles on the web and some health food stores, add it instead of using toothpaste. Tastes awful but really good for your teeth.  Baking soda as many uses in cleaning and disinfecting.  You can buy the stuff in 4 pound boxes, which I do, and some of it goes into the kitty litter to keep it alkaline to reduce bacterial growth.

Ute suggested also apple vinegar as a fabric softener. I do NOT use fabric softeners personally, never found them necessary and the smells in them irritate me from the residue left in my clothes. I can't stand the stuff on towels.

Everyday Stuff Part 2

Household: Furniture made of Wood: Dust it and wipe it of with Orange-peels, or use a little distilled Water & some Orange/Rose-oil -or what ever Fragrance you like, put it in a bottle, shake it until it thickens a little...your Furniture will be clean & shining. 2/3 Water + 1/3 Fragrance-oil.

Use Potato-peels (the inside) to keep your Mirrors clean. Use Vinegar or Lemon juice for all kind of stains. Get a broom instead of using the Vacuum-cleaner all the time. Put only the items you really need in the Refrigerator, the more you put in there the more Electricity it uses, rather store in the Basement at a cool & dark spot. Turn off the Light & use the new "Cold-Light" Energy, i do not know how its called in English, but if you search the Net, i am sure you find all the info you need.

Candace: I don't know what is meant by "cold light energy" here.  I use the new fluorescent bulbs, and no they don't hurt you. Personally I EAT my potato peels, they are full of nutrition. I never peel the potatoes, no matter how I use them, unless the peels are green from fluorescent lights, and this doesn't taste good so I peel them, but I keep them out of light and am careful when I buy potatoes to look for the green stuff.

(actually a fuller freezer or refrigertro uses LESS electricity. DO not put hot stuff in your fridge, let it cool first.

I am sure there are lots more of good ideas out there how to do better in everyday-life.

Everydaystuff.......Part 3

Gardening: Use ,whenever possible, rainwater. Avoid Fertilizer. If you have Nettles in your Garden, take them soak them in some Water for 3 days...don't mind the smell..its the best Fertilizer you could use plus it keeps all kind of Vermin away. Use a Watering jug instead of a Water hose. it is more work, but it is worth it, your Water bill will tell you the difference. Water real early in the morning or after sunset.  (Candace: your urine is excellent fertilizer.  Compost otherwise etc or purchase cow poop and the like.  However, I have had problems the last couple years with the stuff, and no longer buy it. I seems to make the garden worse.)  Get the clippings from your neighbors too.  Leaves in the fall, all that stuff.  Always work the non edible portions of plants back into the soil, do not pull up and throw away!   and if you want poop in your garden, you make plenty enough, Dig holes and bury it and that which yours and the neighbors animals leave around.

Please buy only what is produced in your own country. Buy what grows Season wise. Who needs Strawberries in December? Buy from Locals. Did you ever try to make your own Marmalade or cook in Vegetables and Fruits? Or make Homemade Ketchup & Sauces to store up? Believe me, its a lot of fun doing so, it could be a real Family get together. Once you get used to it you will find it no more Work-intensive then going Shopping on a Saturday afternoon, but with much more fun. On the Energy aspect of Internet & Wire i will write another time...were is my Dictionary..? Candace: GET YOUR Families involved in home made foods, jams, sauces and away from the computer games and crap on TV.  You have not lived until you eat real homemade catsup.  OK, I cheat, there is a good one, only one good one in the store's. That is Annie's and I have sort of stopped making catsup, and stock up when it's on sale, but I am using excess plastic when I do that.

Everydaystuff....Part 4

You got People around you that you don't like to much? Be EXTRA friendly and helpful to be surprised what it will do to/for/with you!! Share your knowledge with your neighbors & don't hesitate to lend a helping hand, get together, get united!! Do workshops on any crazy idea that you may have for the better. It works!! Get connected on Gardening or other Projects and share your Products/Knowledge like: you got apples i have some tomatoes for you, in exchange. Do you get the Idea?

Candace: neighbors CAN trade skills with one another. I tried to set this up long ago in my mobile home park, and it was rejected by management. I also want the park to furnish lawn movers, garden tools and power tools and the like, where people borrow and return them. Lawns are small here, DUMB for everyone to own their own.

Be thankful for everything & everybody that you get in contact with. Try to see yourself in others and you will see People in a different "LIGHT". Let life surprise you in a loving & caring way. I know it will if you just say YES !! Let us ALL practice a little harder on these things to show that we mean what we say. For our Father and his Force, for Candace & ALL the living Souls who gave their share so we ALL get the chance to wake up to our responsibility. Good NEWS..don't you think so?

Dear Candace, i hope my English is readable to you. I just wanted to let you know what all is happening in our little Community Freisbach, Germany. Maybe some People could catch up with some of the Everyday ideas and help make it easier for Gaia. I found out that "bad habits" are not so hard to break.

Personally we are fighting the System by not being System-Conform, which means a lot of hassle and trouble from the "System". It is often not easy...but it will not change our mind!! We lost our Business because of our new way of being, but thats ok. We can deal with it...we are NOT alone. It takes a little courage and some backbone. On the other hand...once you know what all is wrong, you simply don't have no other choice but to change. Up to now we do not regret to follow our Fathers course. I never before felt so free at heart as i do now and that goes for my family too. I know i got a long way ahead, but i am so happy that i found the right Path, i was searching for it half of my lifetime.
With Love, Ute & family


UTE also sent this video link which dates back to 1992, and in English with German and Portuguese translations. Worthy of watching.

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