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Becoming A Messiah : Mission Ideas Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Matrix Agents: Profiles and Analysis (Part I)
Jan 21, 2008 - 8:07:00 PM

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Matrix Agents: Profiles and Analysis (Part I) :: (CC) 15 July 04

This article seeks to summarize, clarify, and update the information available on the subject of the Matrix and its various agents, particularly one class of agents called “organic portals”. . I will be paraphrasing from published sources listed in the footnotes, and will include personal observations from friends and myself.

This article first defines organic portals (OPs) and souled humans (non-OPs), then makes a comparison between them based on physical, psychological, and metaphysical structure. Second, it explores the evolutionary origin and purpose of both types of humans. Third, this article describes the function of OPs within modern society, particularly concerning their role as passive enforcers of the Matrix. Lastly, it contrasts the usefulness of intuition versus intellectual analysis when it comes to identifying OPs. Interspersed throughout this discussion will be additional comparisons between these and other Matrix agents, particularly soulless robotic humans.

Definition of Souled Human and Organic Portal

Organic portals comprise approximately half of the human population; the other half mostly consists of souled humans1. Here we define “soul” as the core of individualized consciousness that remains intact between successive incarnations.

Due to genetic mixing, Organic Portals exist among all known races today2, though with unequal distribution among them. While souled humans have a divine spark of consciousness that gives them the ability of individual self-awareness, OPs lack this divine spark and are only dimly conscious in comparison. They belong to an animal-like group soul that exists, evolves, and incarnates collectively rather than individually3. While each souled human has a relatively unique energy shaped by that person’s awareness, experience, and essence, the energy that animates one OP is the same animating any other.

Physical Comparison

Physically, the two races are virtually indistinguishable. Statistically, there are minor physiological and perhaps genetic differences4. Physiologically, OPs tend to be more attractive and well proportioned. Because they exist on an emotionally primal level, natural selection has ensured that sexuality, physicality, and attractiveness play a large part in their physical evolution. Also, unlike souled humans, OP bodies are conceived and develop independently of soul pressures or karmic burdens, so they are as attractive as probability allows within the constraint of environmental and genetic parameters.

Because soul and genetics are coupled5, karma and soul composition influences the physiology of souled humans, not just genetics or environment. For metaphysical reasons, they rarely maximize the potential for attractiveness allotted to them by genetics unless their soul quality deserves it. Also, souled humans tend to marry or reproduce for reasons other than just physical attraction, so the lowering of priority of physicality reflects in their offspring. There may be genetic markers in the X chromosome that distinguish them, or perhaps differences in body chemistry and hormones6, but such are not known at this time.

It must be stated that the difference in physical appearance between OPs and non-OPs is so slight that it cannot be used as a reliable criterion to distinguish between the two on an individual basis.

Psychological Comparison

Psychologically, OPs are much simpler7 and therefore more efficient than non-OPs. This is because they have fewer psychological components. While OPs have two components, souled humans have three8. For souled humans, the first component is the divine spark known as spirit, Higher Self, essence, or the real “I”. The second component is a neural product of the environment known as ego, personality, or mechanical aspect9, which consists of numerous contradictory lesser selves10. The third component is body or somatic consciousness, the collective consciousness of one’s physical cells and organs.

OPs have only body-consciousness and personality, but no divine essence or Higher Self. Because the body and personality know no morality beyond social conditioning or self-preservation, OPs lack true empathy11 or compassion. Any appearance of such is mimicked12. Due to their psychological simplicity, they are fickle creatures who are predictable and easily manipulated.

Like the two-bodied problem in physics, they are linear systems. Like the three-bodied problem in physics, souled humans are nonlinear systems and can therefore be unpredictably complex. This complexity is advantageous in the sense that chaos arising from such complexity allows for true creativity, while it is detrimental because machine efficiency is sacrificed. OPs are stagnant but efficient machines13with great calculating ability to achieve their aims, while souled humans are complex beings capable of creation and transducing energies from higher realms.

Metaphysical Comparison

While there are only slight differences between the physical bodies of these two types of humans, there is significant difference in their metaphysical bodies. As stated, OPs lack the divine essence. The essence, personality, and body-consciousness are general terms that group a system of chakras or centers comprising the metaphysical body of conscious beings. To better understand the metaphysical difference, an explanation of the various centers or chakras is necessary.

The difference between centers and chakras is that the latter involves energy organized into localized vortices in the etheric body, while centers are merely the centers of gravity of a various functional systems14. There is a direct correspondence between centers and chakras, so for practical
reasons they may be considered equivalent.

Centers have independent consciousness and perform specialized functions involving the collection, transformation, and dispersal of various types of information and etheric energies. They function as energy ports and information uplink centers.

In the fully souled human, there are three higher centers and three lower centers15. Low or high refers to what type of energy and activity they are associated with. Low centers deal with low-density energies and information from the immediate third density or lower environment. Higher centers uplink with higher aspects of one’s consciousness and derive their energy from higher realms.

It is beyond the scope of this article to explain the subdivisions within each of the lower centers, except to say that the lower centers are divided into often-conflicting sections, while the higher
centers are whole16.

Description of the Centers

Lower centers consist of the motor center (base chakra), lower emotional center (sexual chakra), and lower intellectual center (throat chakra). Higher centers consist of the sexual center (solar plexus chakra), higher emotional center (heart chakra), and higher intellectual center (crown chakra)17.

The sexual center is the primary energy port from which other centers derive theirs18. By itself, sexual energy is merely a coarse creative energy of which the physical sexual act is just one application. The other centers transduce this energy and create various grades of energy and effects from their utilization. The sexual center normally gets its energy directly from the Creator, seventh density19.

The motor center has to do with body consciousness and instinctual motions. Sexual energy used by this center is associated with the physical sexual act, among other things20. The motor center is the seat of the somatic, genetic, or body consciousness.

The lower emotional center has to do with base emotions, the kind animals are capable of experiencing21. This center is responsible for the animalistic side of humans.

The lower intellectual center isn’t present in most wild animals, though it is highly developed in most humans and gives them the ability to speak, read, write, and perform abstract reasoning22. This center is the seat of ego and personality, a mechanical product of the environment encoded in the neural structure of the nervous system. It has little consciousness in itself, and is more like a computer or artificial intelligence program.

The higher emotional center allows souled humans to feel when something is wrong, and gives one the ability to experience empathy, joy, and enthusiasm23. It is an uplink with the emotional side of one’s true self, the Higher Self, and the source of one’s gut instinct or intuition.

Lastly, the higher intellectual center is an uplink with the conscious core of the Higher Self. This center allows one to know absolute truth24, and is a source of higher density information.

While souled humans possess all these centers, organic portals lack the higher intellectual and higher emotional centers. Like all animals, the only higher center they have is the sexual center25, which interfaces with their group soul. It is absolutely important to understand that the lack of the two higher centers accounts for the all the differences between them and souled humans.

As for souled humans, while they possess all six centers, the two higher centers are often dormant or inaccessible26. This does not mean the Higher Self is dormant, just that the communication uplink is weak or inoperative. Most souled humans act very similar to organic portals for that reason.

Furthermore, organic portals can emulate the higher centers by stealing such higher energy from souled humans27. The distinction between OPs and non-OPs can sometimes be difficult for that reason.

Consciousness manifests only when centers observe each other28. Each center is a mechanical component of our metaphysical body, and endowed with limited consciousness. But when they couple together by observing each other, a consciousness greater than the sum of its parts may manifest. It is known in physics or chaos theory that when the complexity of a system composed of coupled parts goes beyond a certain point, it becomes chaotic. It is through chaos that true consciousness manifests itself in this reality. Anyway, the point here is that since most of us are bound through identification with our ego and body, we neglect to observe the two higher centers and are therefore not manifesting or experiencing higher consciousness in this reality. The key to experiencing higher conscious is being self-aware rather than lost in what we perceive, to remember ourselves at every moment possible29.

Our Higher Self exists, but without a connection between our lower centers and higher centers, its efforts to communicate go unheard30. Nevertheless, the higher centers still exist for souled beings, albeit passively most often, and provide for inspiration, creativity, and originality. The more developed one’s connection with the higher centers, the more creative, enthusiastic, intuitive, and Gnostic one becomes.

The Function of Centers in OPs

Because OPs have no genuine higher centers, they are incapable of empathy, higher emotions, and higher knowledge31. As previously mentioned, animals have only the motor center, lower emotional, and sexual center – lacking the intellectual center. Without the educational and energetic presence of souled humans, OPs would barely be any different32.

In their natural state, OPs lack the lower intellectual center just as most animals do. Only by stealing energy from souled humans can their lower intellectual center first be formed, and only by being trained via education, media, culture, and environment can this center be refined. Once endowed with an intellectual center, they can make up for their lack of higher centers through deft emulation, particularly by stealing33 and sampling the higher energies of a souled person.

The type of energy stolen depends on method of acquisition. Through physical proximity, an OP can siphon physical energy from the motor center of a souled person, which manifests as fatigue or exhaustion. Through intimidation, venting, or seduction, the lower emotional center is tapped. Via lies or fantasies and the begging of attention, the lower intellectual center energy of a souled human is drained. Through orgasm of a souled person during sexual intercourse, an OP may take in a large quantity of all one’s energies.

All this places stress upon the higher centers, meaning they don"t function as optimally because they are underpowered. This indicates that interaction with an OP will temporarily decrease one"s creativity, individuality, and originality. Since the lower centers are drained, intellectual performance can suffer as well. This mental muddying makes one less able to catch the logical fallacies OPs use in their arguments and allows one’s perceptions to be more easily twisted by them34.

The primary energies OPs seek come from the higher emotional center of souled beings. Sometimes the higher centers are drained indirectly when energy normally reserved for those centers is instead channeled toward the three lower centers to make up for their drained conditions35. More directly, many OPs will stage elaborate melodramas and pretend victim status, whining and begging to be pitied in order to steal energy from the higher emotional center of those who care to listen and make the mistake of empathizing with something that doesn’t have true feelings. With this energy, OPs can emulate their targets more accurately, giving the appearance of having a soul36.

Simulation and Manipulation of Souled Humans

Organic portals are human chameleons. When activated to reel in a souled person for manipulation, they adjust themselves based on the soul profile and behavior of their target. This adjustment falls into two categories: intellectual calculation, and soul emulation.

Intellectual calculation is performed through the intellectual center. In OPs, this artificial intelligence center is responsible for formulating the OP’s behavioral approach toward the target. This includes what to say and what body language to use.

Most OPs are just background characters with seemingly independent personalities, but occasionally they may become “activated”. When activated, they use their emulation and calculation abilities to the fullest to get what they want or are assigned to get. If they seek to gain trust, they know just the right things to say. When building rapport, they may describe their personal history, movie and music interests, hobbies, jobs, or places they have previously lived. Many of those details happen to coincide with their target to a degree effective at building “friendship”, but not so much as to spark alarm over the weirdness of it all. On the other hand, if their aim is to harass or sabotage, they know what buttons to push and which logical and emotional tricks work best against a souled person’s intellectual and emotional weaknesses.

Whatever their aim, the efficient intellectual center of OPs allows for a custom-fit approach toward manipulating a target. Because OPs are capable of hive-mind behavior, once one OP has read a person’s profile, it can instantly be shared with all others. This makes for some strange synchronicities sometimes. As will be discussed shortly, they are also interfaced with a hyperdimensional hierarchy of negative beings37 and are thus extensions of not only second density group soul, but also the Matrix itself. Their hive behavior is due mostly to their interface with the Matrix. Without it, their group soul might still cause for some hive-like behavior except it would be less noticeable, something akin to the 100th monkey phenomenon.

Soul emulation is their second asset. While intellectual calculation concerns mundane behavior, soul emulation involves the illusion of soul depth. By sampling the energy from a souled person’s higher centers, an OP can fine tune its intellectual calculations in addition to projecting that energy back at the target, making the target perceive a reflection of his own soul image. The naive target will ascribe soul qualities to the OP that are actually his own38.

The ability to mirror is an OP’s greatest asset. It is also their greatest weakness because it exposes them. Those who are observant and understand the organic portal phenomenon will recognize their mirroring as being too uncanny, too synchronistic, too strange, and too good to be true. A souled person can have much in common with another souled person, but one must ask whether the degree of how much they have in common is even possible assuming both have freewill. High levels of mirroring are seen only in cases of activated OPs, however. The passive background-character OPs display the mirroring trait less often, but in an equally as synchronistic manner.

Comparison Between OPs and Robotic Agents

There are other types of matrix agents that employ the mirroring method, and they can be discovered the same way. Agents who must gain trust before commencing sabotage or intelligence gathering may use the mirroring trick. Alternatively, those who intend to steal energy, intimidate, or deal with noncompliant targets use rapid switching of personalities or methods. The unusual nature of these 180-degree changes can be startling.

Both conscious and robotic agents are prone to making mistakes and can misread their targets because they cannot sample soul energy as accurately or perform calculations as quickly as organic portals can. Robotic agents are more likely to mirror imperfectly,not being as smooth or knowing how to avoid stepping across the target’s threshold of suspicion. Since the same hyperdimensional guided artificial intelligence network that directs organic portals also controls robotic agents, they are capable of truly outrageous synchronicities and mirroring. But unlike OPs, their mirroring is based mostly on intelligence gathered through surveillance and mind reading technologies and is therefore less effective.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. While OPs can mirror effectively, they have greater freewill than robotic agents because of their relatively greater level of consciousness. This makes them more difficult to mobilize and customize. Also, they require energy maintenance; when a hyperdimensional group of negative beings assigns an OP to steal energy from a target for their consumption, the OP takes part of that energy for itself and the second density soul pool. OPs and robotic agents are analogous to horses and motorcycles, or pawns and towers in the game of chess.

Robotic agents are virtually non-conscious and under the complete guidance of external control mechanisms39. This means they are not as limited, as they are cybernetic extensions of higher negatively souled beings. Nevertheless, they are susceptible to glitches when faced with situations beyond the parameters of their programming.

Organic portals are primarily passive agents, while robotic types are active agents. The strength of OPs lies in their numbers, approximately three billion40. Their primary function is to keep souled individuals too distracted and beat down in life to advance spiritually, to direct public opinion by functioning as “hired clappers”, to suppress and ridicule those who voice or think dissenting thoughts about the Matrix “reality”, and to function as portals for lower and higher density forces to reach through and interact with third density souled humans41. Hence their name, organic portals. They are like weeds in a field, crowding out and weakening the good crops42.

Robotic agents are active agents and their strength lies in their complete malleability toward negative external control. These are used most often to hone in on specific targets for sabotage, distraction, or intelligence gathering. What often gives them away is their impatience, forcefulness, single-mindedness, synchronistic appearance and disappearance, overly inquisitive natures on limited topics (to the point of feigned stupidity), extraordinary demand for one’s time, inflexibility at adjusting to conversations that span beyond certain parameters, and their relentless drive for propagating and advocating sources of disinformation. Most don’t share all these signs, but all share most of them. The more naive the target, the more an agent can employ these characteristics without causing suspicion.

Also, robotic agents are much more stable in times of planetary chaos than organic portals because OPs don’t function well when their mundane reality crumbles. They are apt to go into denial, shut off, or become uncontrollable. Robotic agents, however, react as they are remotely controlled to react.

Affinity for Mundane vs. Esoteric Environments

Returning to the subject of organic portals, they are only capable of acting or thinking within the realm of the Matrix. This realm consists of mundane ideas that are void of genuine metaphysical truths, truths that reveal a reality greater than the common worldview that has been programmed into the masses via education, culture, and the media. These irrelevant ideas that pressure one into conforming to the Matrix are called A-influences43; they are factors that have little or no bearing on one’s spiritual evolution, but rather serve as distractions, sometimes necessary ones.

The pressure to reproduce, marry, watch TV, subscribe to popular magazines, vote, engage in political activities, memorize sports statistics, recite lines from movies, explain away weird phenomena with orthodox rationalizations, and the drive to pursue money and power are examples of A-influences.

Piecing together the truth, observing one’s environment for glitches and synchronicities, meditating on problems to solve them, developing one’s individuality, paying attention to signs from the Higher Self, analyzing and learning from one’s mistakes, and seeking to develop independent thinking and creativity are examples of following B-influences44.

Organic portals are masters within the realm of A-influences. They can think, say, and act within this realm with perfection.  But they are incapable of conceiving or functioning within the realm of B-influences. They may occasionally pretend to operate there with words alone, but never follow with action. Their actions never match their words when it comes to B-influences, and often they won’t even talk or admit to such things45.

Their common refusal to acknowledge or admit to strange phenomena follows from two facts. The first is that they lack higher centers and therefore cannot even comprehend46 anything other than that which belongs to the realm of A-influences. The lower centers are more than comfortable within the Matrix, while the higher centers urge us to transcend. The second fact is that they are directed by the hyperdimensional hierarchy of negative beings, entities who possess cold calculative intelligence. When calculating risk versus reward, it is always advantageous for an OP to ambiguously deny the possibility of anything outside the Matrix. By being ambiguous, an OP can cloak its given agenda under the mantle of ignorance typical of an asleep souled person. By not admitting to anything out of the ordinary, the OP does not reinforce ideas of the waking souled individual. Usually, curbs are put in place to switch the conversation to something more mundane. OPs can converse proficiently about anything until an esoteric topic arises, then the OP hits a brick wall and either goes silent, rolls eyes, frowns, or switches topics instantly—any passive way of avoiding the discussion, for their proficiency breaks down at that point and reveals their true nature. They cannot argue logically about non-Matrix concepts because it is beyond their comprehension. They can fake the subject with memorized sound bytes47 and mirror their target, but such attempts lack depth and are never matched with corresponding action.

The difference between a sleeping souled person and an OP in this regard is that for a souled person, their words or actions do not sharply stop at the border between A and B-influences. Skeptical as they may be, they have the potential to stray past that border and grow while OPs are denied that possibility. They lack the hard _permanence _of ignorance that OPs display. Organic portals are not interested in ideas, but in energy and self-gratification48. When backed into a corner, or if it allows perpetuation of control, they can have a conversation in which they poorly simulate interest in B influence ideas or fake having learned a lesson, but their actions never reflect their glib words, and very soon they behave as though the conversation never happened. Even if rarely, a souled person will undergo inner change after learning a lesson, and this reflects visibly in behavior.

OPs have complete mobility to mirror the mundane aspects of their targets. But they are incapable of mirroring the B-influence details. For example, an OP can have similar hobbies, personal experiences, preferences for certain types of entertainment, political affiliation, and prefer identical sports or outdoor activities. But when it comes to spiritual progress, pursuit of truth, and questing after one’s destiny, OPs cannot follow and are usually programmed to dissuade their targets from progressing along such paths. Because the first set of shared interests are all they can mimic, they go to great lengths to emphasize these to cover up their inability or non-allowance to follow the second set. Thus, a targeted person attempting to awaken spiritually can often be entrapped by someone who has so much in common with them, not realizing that all they have in common are A-influence interests. All the while, they are deterred from gaining B-influences. Once again, the difference between a partner who is an OP, and one who is an asleep souled person is that the latter doesn’t continually hit brick walls at every turn when it comes to ideas that transcend the Matrix. Sometimes they will ponder a non-Matrix idea or two, and it will stick in their minds. An OPs inability to cross that line should raise alarm for anyone who observes such consistent behavior in others.

The behavior of robotic agents does not follow the delineation between A and B influences, however. Their limits merely fall along the perimeter of their programming or the ingenuity of their controllers. What characterizes them is that when they do engage in discussion of seemingly non-Matrix topics, from spirituality to alien abductions, alternative health to alternative science, and philosophy to metaphysics, they propagate _false _B-influences, or disinformation49. Robotic types are slicker than OPs when discussing esoteric things, and as mentioned earlier serve more specialized functions as active agents rather than passive ones (OPs) whose strength lies in number.

To summarize, when it comes to esoteric subjects, OPs generally tend to ridicule, distract, and suppress, while robotic agents push disinformation and commit sabotage. Respectively, these functions follow from their passive and active natures.

Origin of OPs and Robotic Agents

Robotic humans, also known as reanimated humans, are manufactured or created from existing human bodies by altering the nonphysical component to suit a mission or agenda. Whether souled or an organic portal, anyone can be a candidate for this process which involves expiration then reanimation with a new soul, reprogrammed soul, or remote cybernetic interface. Generally, OPs are easier candidates because they lack Higher Selves and have no protection in the sense of divine intervention. Among other factors, souled humans are easily susceptible if they have a negative soul frequency, were going to die anyway according to life script, or have damaged their soul-body connection through extensive drug use50.

Because OPs are controllable anyway in their common state, there is little need to reanimate them unless special circumstances exist that absolutely require it, such as when a particular individual must do what only a robotic human can do. One such application might involve covert military operations that contain esoteric, hyperdimensional, or occult factors. OPs cannot comprehend such things, would give in to primal fear, and would therefore be ineffective. But through reanimation, they can perform their duties as intended.

The history of organic portals predates souled humans by hundreds of thousands of years. They are the original humans, a natural evolutionary progression from our ancestral primates. Like most animals, their evolution happens collectively and slowly rather than individually and within a single or lifetime. This is why early humans produced no culture or agriculture and only the most rudimentary stone tools for such a long period of time. OPs lack creativity, and left to their own would not be capable of building a cultured society.

Periodically, the physical evolution of mankind who were all organic portals at the time, was genetically modified by extraterrestrial/hyperdimensional beings to increase their manual dexterity for use as slave labor. Nevertheless, after the initial modifications, the soul structure of mankind remained the same,
that of a group soul.

Eventually, there came the introduction of a higher density soul matrix into human bodies. This was accomplished via an agreement between a higher density soul group desiring physical existence, and hyperdimensional aliens who genetically prepared human bodies for their incarnation. Being of a divine origin, the new humans contained the spark of individualized higher consciousness. They were brought to an earth already populated by OPs, and over time intermixed with them to such a degree that today, OPs and souled individuals can be found even within the same family51.

The Larger Perspective

In the grand scheme of things, organic portals serve a beneficial function. They are bridges between densities, particularly second and third density52. Souled humans possess higher centers, and are able to produce higher energies. When a lower density being is exposed to such higher densities, its evolution is accelerated53. Second density group souls evolve more rapidly into third density individual souls if there is an influx of higher density energies. Organic portals serve that function as “energy scouts” of second density that exist in third density, sucking the energy of souled humans. This energy is funneled into their second density group soul, accelerating its collective evolution. At present, the Matrix takes a large share of that harvest. The 50/50 ratio between OPs and souled humans on earth is the optimal ratio for maximum energy transfer between densities.

Unlike animals, which evolve in their own second density realm, OPs are simply energy scouts in third density. This means that an animal has the possibility of evolving into third density in a single lifetime, while OPs cannot. Organic portals are mere feeding tube extensions of their group soul, and exist primarily to collect energy for that group soul. An animal, particularly those who become pets, may acquire sufficient experience and soul essence from their owners that they individualize and split off from their group soul54. They may then incarnate in third density as a souled human, though a very poorly developed one at first. Because of the impersonal nature of OPs, it is impossible for them to individualize within a single lifetime, at present. Not until the group soul evolves from second into third density as a
whole, can individualized souls spontaneously incarnate from it.

There are differences between OPs and lower evolved souled humans who are first time incarnates having recently graduated from second density. The latter have souls containing a divine spark of individuality with as much potential for full soul development as all maturely souled humans, although it will take many more lifetimes to mature to the same level. OPs also have this potential, but not on an individual level and not within this current cycle of human evolution. An animal can graduate to third density independent of its soul group, but as mentioned, OPs cannot.

Souls who are new to third density take on crash courses in the basics of this realm, and so their lives tend to be basic and often primal regardless of where they live: whether inner city, suburbia, or the rainforest. It would be reasonable to say that they live a primarily emotional existence because their lower centers dominate over the newfound intellectual and embryonic higher centers. They may even have residues of their former animal essence, which can reflect in their personality. Because of their vulnerable nature, having not learned many third density lessons yet, external forces easily influence them.

The portal-like nature of OPs makes them even better agents of the Matrix. It employs them as feeding tubes and passive suppressors to keep souled humans in line and connected to the milking machine, as well as open doors through which the Matrix can directly interact with them. Being a milking machine is the Matrix’s primary function, a way for higher density negative forces, who are disconnected from directly accessing the creative energy due to atrophied higher centers, to continue their existence.

Through agents and the Matrix, souled humans are kept in place as an energy source, as metaphorically portrayed in The Matrix except this energy is actually of a higher etheric kind rather than electric. This is man’s place in the cosmos55, much in the same way cows have their place as providers of dairy and meat.

One might disagree and say that cows do not deserve to be in farms, but the truth is that they are being milked and slaughtered because most never contemplate resistance or escape, or have the ability to do so. Likewise, humans do not deserve to be enslaved for use as a natural resource either, but this is where we are because most people never contemplate resistance or escape. But just because most cannot, doesn’t mean certain individuals with determination are denied escape56. Thus, while OPs, humans, and the Matrix serve evolutionary and metaphysical functions, individual souled humans have the choice of whether to participate in this plan or attempt to transcend it. It is the choice between being a slave and being a sovereign being. Some enjoy being slaves of comfort, but others see the illusion and are trying to wake up and reconnect to their higher centers. This job is difficult because life on earth is designed to oppose awakening and escape in every way.

Role of OPs in Society

Organic portals form the backbone of the Matrix’s social control infrastructure. They are what keeps society running in a state of preoccupation with the mundane. From cradle to grave, souled humans are pressured to stay with the status quo and not ask dangerous questions. Those who try to wake up are targeted by the Matrix to be put back to sleep, lest they face opposition from those around them who have been purposely inserted for that reason57.

From mechanic to professor, salesman to actor, pizza man to president, OPs can be found in every level of mainstream society. In general, whether they work in business, science, government, or religion, they tend to occupy the upper management positions. This is because their lack of compassion, knack for deceit, and hive mind nature allows them to make it to the top in every common institution or corporation.

They are favored for advancement by other OPs already established in higher positions. From such positions, they are able to implement Matrix control tactics in very effective ways. In schools, for example, they are instrumental in enforcing oppressive educational climates, influencing school board decisions to adopt sterile teaching regiments and programs for indoctrinating or preoccupying them with garbage. In universities, they influence peer review committees and reject any research that goes contrary to what has already been accepted. In government, they do as told by higher authorities and manipulate the voting population—half of which are organic portals—into re-electing them. Souled people can do all these as well, but have freewill and the potential to evolve dynamically while OPs perform the same routines statically and never change on a fundamental level.

The hallmark signature of an organic portal is his or her absolute devotion to the orthodox and mainstream. Whether it’s orthodox science or mainstream fashion trends, OPs are immersed in the realm of the mundane like fish in water, and fight or ignore anything that lies outside of it. Sadly, many souled humans are programmed to defend the Matrix as well. As stated, the difference is that they have the potential to awaken in this lifetime while OPs do not.

It must be emphasized that they exist in a broad spectrum of society, from the lowest scoundrels to the greatest academicians. Their adept use of the intellectual center gives them flexibility in what position to occupy within the Matrix-controlled social system. Their charm and disguised ruthlessness helps them infiltrate and subvert the upper levels of any organization run by naive souled humans, ones whose kindness, compassion, or reticence makes them underestimate the intentions and capabilities of the newcomers. This is the main reason why institutions that begin with honorable intentions are eventually corrupted.

The only people who can consistently beat out OPs without knowing their nature are souled humans with extremely negative psychopathic natures. A true psychopath is anyone who is incapable of feeling empathy or has a twisted sense of empathy; all organic portals are fundamentally psychopathic even if they disguise it with seemingly normal behavior59. The souled psychopath has the advantage of using ingenuity and creativity in his pursuits, as well as having soul energy that may be bartered with negative or demonic forces for power.

The social system forming the third density manifestation of the Matrix is designed to promote OPs and anyone who acts linearly, and punish or oppress those who express true creativity, originality, and individuality. Of course, organic portals are merely mechanical enforcers of the Matrix, the pawns in the game. Ultimately, they are part of a system engineered by negative souled beings, ones who possessed the creativity necessary to design and command it. The ones who really run the show in this world are therefore souled, although of a very negative soul frequency. OPs are simply the workhorses of the Matrix.

Role of OPs in Families and Relationships

Their presence in our lives is not limited to impersonal sources of authority. They can be quite personal, occupying places within even our own families60. When placed close to us, their primary function is to keep us too oppressed or distracted to notice or pursue B-influences. They are not aware of their roles as agents because their level of individual consciousness is quite dim anyway; they simply do what is in their nature to do, and what they are manipulated into doing by the Matrix. It is fitting that the best way for the Matrix to access our lives is through those who are closest to us, whom we spend the most time with. And if we are tied to such people through financial, legal, or emotional obligations, we are on a leash with the Matrix holding the other end.

These personal agents are the greatest source of energy drain we may encounter. If one spends too much time (many years) with an organic portal as a spouse or lover, one’s energy can be drained beyond recovery. This involves the death of one or more of the centers61. Such a targeted souled person is bled dry and becomes an empty shell, virtually indistinguishable from an OP. The organic portal and Matrix cannot be blamed in such instances, only the souled person for once being too stupid, ignorant, or naive to know better, having given in to the temptations and desires of the lower centers.

Of course, one has close to no choice in the case of an organic portal parent. It is difficult, if even possible, for the Higher Self to script the presence of OPs in life because organic portals themselves have no Higher Selves with which to negotiate. This job is left to the Matrix. Therefore, as far as one’s life script is concerned, OPs are the wildcard factors that can slow things down. Regardless, lessons will be learned whether it’s the easy way or the hard way; the unheeded presence of OPs in one’s life ensures that it will be learned the hard way.

It is therefore important to know about Matrix agents, their methods, characteristics, and how to counteract their influence. Without such knowledge, souled humans make the false assumption that everyone else is like them, which puts them at a significant disadvantage by underestimating potential agents placed into their lives or misunderstanding their motives.

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