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Implementing the Conscious Evolution of Our Planet
By Daniel Raphael
Mar 27, 2008 - 11:11:00 AM

Implementing the Conscious Evolution of Our Planet


By Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.


The world has changed radically since our childhood, and we – collectively – are being forced into a radical shift of consciousness.  The greatest need mankind has at this critical juncture is to plan for the “conscious evolution” of our planet after “the great shift” of consciousness on our planet is raised.  But, what plans have been made for our post-shift existence? 

 One has to ask, “Who has perspectives global enough, historical enough, and compassionate enough for plans that would embrace the concerns of all people of our planet without agendas for political, financial, or power and control?”  There appears to be no individual, association, alliance, government(s), or any other body powerful, influential, or persuasive enough to provide a global solution to the situation we have gotten ourselves into...except the spiritual guardians and planetary managers of our world. 

 Hindsight is so perfect, so sure, so confident that what it sees in the past could have been avoided.  But, given the slow development of history in global terms, and the brevity of 80 years for a human life, we are incredibly myopic in the moment, now, to prepare for the future. 

 Some of us see disturbing developments on the horizon of the near future...using only our experiences of the past to help predict what we think may come into existence.  Some even say that we have already passed the “tipping point” by many years for saving our planet from our own destructive habits.  Our planet even now is incapable to sustaining a population of 7 billion that is still growing, with a burgeoning middle class in second world countries that is beginning to demand even more material benefits with its growing incomes. 

 The spiritual planetary managers have said what is to come is unavoidable:  Over population and materialistic priorities of life provide the underpinnings for the collapse of another civilization, for similar reasons as many dozens of civilizations in the past.  But this time it is OUR CIVILIZATION !!!  

 We can speculate that the immediate and obvious causes of the destruction of our civilization will be swift rather than slow and gradual.  At least it appears that way given how change is continuing to accelerate.  I suspect the major causes for the collapse of our civilization are already in place, and that a “transition era” will begin with the cataclysms of the collapse.  Wouldn't  it be obvious later in hindsight to see that global warming, shifting weather patterns, desertification of arable lands, a declining global economy, and the sudden appearance of a deadly pandemic would all contribute to a sudden and swift blow to world populations? 

 What the Spiritual Planetary Managers of our world have said through numerous transmissions, is that they have already begun to prepare for the “conscious evolution” of our civilization, beginning at the level of the individual and family...but it will only be accomplished in co-creative partnership with us, rather than by miracle or divine fiat.  (See: Planetary Management and Global Sustainability ~ The Revealed Future of Humanity As Seen Through Celestial Eyes, free in PDF at

 The remedial measures they have taken to prepare individuals, families, and communities through the “Transition Era” into the “New Era” are already in place — a program for co-creatively designing sustainable family structures, communities, and societies.  As the material sustainability of our world’s population is already compromised beyond being saved, they have begun to prepare us for building a sustainable civilization after the cataclysms. 

 Our celestial associates have guided the development of local teams to co-creatively initiate the design process for building a sustainable civilization.  That may seem like an incredible project, which it is!  Yet, this is the first instance that I know of where there is a conscious and intentional effort to actually build a sustainable civilization, beginning at the level of the individual.  Historically, there have been numerous utopian schemes devised by mortal geniuses, but they have all gone awry.  None had the conscious co-creative participation of celestial guidance easily accessible by team members working on the project. 

 After fourteen years of receiving celestial instruction, I was requested by my Celestial Teachers to read the twelve transmissions that began on June 11, 2006.  I was amazed to find a continuous flow in those documents that appeared as if they came from a single syllabus.  After reading them I asked, “Now what?” which is my typical question for the numerous spiritual guides in my life. 

 Their answer was simple and concise, “Devise them into a book that is easily readable by most people in your population.”  I did, and made the book available to many friends and associates in the spring of 2007.  This outreach resulted in me being invited to make a presentation of that book, (Planetary Management ....), at a conference held at Unity Village, Missouri in June 2007, sponsored by the Association of Light and Life. 

 My usual question, “Now what?” followed the conference, and the answer was again swift, “Prepare to teach people how to participate effectively in co-creative design teams.”  So, I wrote the outline for a workshop entitled, “Introduction to Co-Creative Design Teams,” that was held in October 2007 at Snowbird Ski Resort, Utah.  Since then a great deal of curiosity has developed for the book and workshops.  The next workshops are scheduled for July at the Woolman Hill Retreat Center in Greenfield, Massachusetts; a second in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico in August; and, a tentative third to be held in Richmond, Virginia in late September.  (See for details.)

 The greatest resistance for most people to participate in a conscious co-creative team environment comes when they understand that one of the team members is not visible to them!  Yet, when they read through transcripts of past Team sessions, they are less skeptical.  And, once they actually experience their participation in an operational Design Team, they almost always recognize that someone with global and longitudinally historic perspectives has a firm grasp of what is needed to guide us through the long rigors of designing a sustainable civilization. 

 The Celestial Teachers are currently working with a dozen of us in our Local Co-Creative Design Team, established in the Evergreen, Colorado, after the Snowbird Workshop.  We have kept transcripts of our sessions, and I have maintained a personal Journal of my experiences working between Team members and our Spiritual Consultant.  These are also available at 

 Our Local Team is currently working on sustainable relationships in six paradigms:  the procreative couple, the non-procreative young couple, the recent-empty-nesters, 50-70 year olds, 70+ elderly, and the single individual.  Our Teacher, Sondjah, has guided us to examine the value structure that underlies all sustainable relationships, including sustainable communities, nations, and our global civilization.  Three underlying values have come to light — life, equality, and growth.  Other values emanate from those, as well as beliefs, expectations, and criteria for behavior that support those values within sustainable relationships. 

 We have been advised that we will eventually be working on the foundations for sustainable education, health care, commerce, economies, governmental structures, and international relations, to name only a few.  At this point it looks like we will have to work more than 2 hours a week at our weekly Team meetings, if we are to beat the 2012 deadline given to us by the Mayans!
BIO:    Daniel Raphael is an active psychic, intuitive, spiritual counselor, and holistic life coach.  He has earned degrees in Sociol­o­gy, Educa­tion, and a doctorate in Meta­physics.  He is the author of SACRED RELA­TION­SHIPS, A Guide To Authentic Loving,  (Origin Press, 1999);  e-Democracy, The Develop­ment of Public Policy and the Next Step of Democracy for the 21st Century, (NBHCO, 1992/2002), What Was God Thinking?! (NBHCO, 2002), and Planetary Management and Global Sustainability ~ The Revealed Future of Humanity As Seen Through Celestial Eyes.  Visit,  and for more information about the author. 




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