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Becoming A Messiah : Mission Ideas Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Finding Strength Around You Now, for after Stasis
By Candace
Mar 27, 2008 - 11:53:00 AM

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Finding Strength around you NOW, for after Stasis.

by Candace


Hi all, to begin with, about  1 million people have been selected to be taken aboard ship or inner earth retreats at some point during stasis. Esu has been aboard the New Jerusalem looking over soul records, as it is desired to have people in every community if possible around the globe to assist in the chaos after the Jupiter Event and stasis.

Please don't write and ask if you were chosen to that team, as I don't know and I am not going to ask.  However, whether you attend or not there will be a lot of work afterwards.

What we are advising you to do is make a list of strong people that you know all around you. It doesn't matter who they are or their awareness at this time. It matters that they are "go getters" and problem solvers. Also begin to evision, if you have not, what the needs of your immediate area might be when it is awakened after stasis, and how you can pitch in.

Regards your missions, it is more important at this time to focus on assisting your areas through the chaos that will be very apparent when everyone wakes up. We have to get through the chaos first, and then other missions can be developed according to needs.

Of course the plans will be thorough according to divine models after stasis, but people are going to be shocked as s*** afterwards, and this is obviously first priority. We will be in stasis for months, and it is highly possible in the Northern Hemishpere that food crops will not planted, or if they are, not nutured and at the mercy of the climate. This is but a suggestion of an idea to consider.

There will be plans around this, of course, but immediately people will notice others missing from their lives, and much change. As a simple example, grocery workers if they are at work might well notice all the produce has dried out and is useless, being unaware of the passage of time.  Small example, but go all sorts of places and imagine what people might experience, should they awaken at home or at work, or anywhere else for that matter. You know your towns and cities, and also the economics of your local areas. They could be enjoying a nice spring day and wake up perhaps with the leaves all fallen off the trees, with fall in place, or perhaps even snow. There will be wind damages from the process also. The planetary seasonal weather changes will continue.

You must, along with the announcements taking place on television and radio around the world, call these people and offer to get together to form plans. I realize almost none of them would get together now, but I think they will then. So have all the phone numbers you can collect, because we do intend to have the phone systems working afterwards.

Include some churches and ministers on your list as these ones are looked to by their constituants, and most certainly well be contacted by their membership really fast. Hopefully some of the 1 million suitable people will be clerics. But you should include clerics and houses of worship in your areas to approach afterwards. You may also wish to gather if possible, phone numbers of your bosses and the like.

Understand that while star fleet will assist in many ways, it is also for man to assist himself when it is over, and this will go easier if there are organized people in the first place. It will be quite a different world. I remind you, this is not the big magic ascension, for the entry light and life must be built by man, in co creation with God and his celestial assistants that have come for this purpose. I suggest reading the piece I published today, in this same section by Daniel Raphael. Take care, Candace


Additional note, after reviewing my email:  Someone wrote to ask me about why the food mentioned above would be dried up, because it has been put out that the tea in the coffee cup would still be hot, when one awoke from stasis. Well, there have been more meetings since then, and it was decided, as far as I am aware at this point, to only put a certain freqency range into stasis, which would included humans and higher animals, because pets and food animals would not be able to care for themselves over this time. 

The rest of the planet will NOT be in stasis, so since the water in the cup will not be in stasis, it may very well have dried up from the cup!!!!!  Weather patterns and life not sleeping will continue naturally in response to the usual seasons, and the changes from Jupiter etc. The planet continues to go round the run, and turn on its axis. If this should change, I will let you know, if the readers are to know that is.


Just as there are different radio frequencies etc, so there are different vibrations of the life forms and elements on this earth. Take care, Candace

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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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