Regard to the Actual Events on Earth
By S333 thru Lucia
Apr 23, 2010 - 4:46:56 AM

S333 with Regard to the Actual Events on Earth


Channelled message through Lucia

English version: Anja Shakira


S333: Good morning, my dear. I know you are never undisturbed for a long time and therefore, I'll make it short.


Lucia: Great.


S333: The earth (Gaia) is now going into a new phase. When I'm saying now, I really mean now, while I'm speaking. You need not  be fearful, as everything is being taken care for. Things are heating up, even if you aren't able to recognise this yet. Everything is moving towards the grand finale. We are still trying to soften the "natural disasters" so that there won't be too much damage for you, the humans. There aren't only upheavals in nature, however, but also in politics, economy and religion. Of course, the responsible ones still try to maintain their position, something they won't succeed in. Open your ears and your eyes, much is happening already, the only thing is that it is not public yet. Read between the lines, look deeper into the things for sometimes it is only the details that indicate the changes. Just dig a bit deeper.


Lucia: I would love the journalists to finally come out with the truths, as in the end they harm themselves, too. They are the same human beings as all the rest of us. Therefore, they don't derive any benefits from their behaviour. It is just like the farmer cultivating poisoned food. He himself has to eat them, too.


S333: The courageous ones are still being held back, but it will come, don't be afraid. You may already rejoice silently. Soon, the deepest sleeper will see it as clearly as glass that the whole life is changing. We on the other side of the veil are jubilating already.


Lucia: I can feel a big relief. As if a huge project had been realised successfully.


S333: Yes, I'm happy that you can feel it. Thank you that you were able to find some free minutes.



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