The Doors Have Now Become Closed
By Lucia / Soltec
Mar 16, 2010 - 7:30:13 AM

Translation: Eve, into English from German Original

Lucia writes: all over the weekend I've been trying to get some info out
of Soltec, but he was always giving signs that there was nothing new. I got the impression that he was quite tense. This morning he was
cheerful again and informed me that now the "doors had become closed". I
wanted to know whether all the waiting would have been worth it, and he
answered YES, they had succeeded in pulling some people to the other
side of the fence.

This is his message:

The doors have now become closed, as GAIA has reached her limit and
things have to proceed. It will get gruff. We cannot yet say in which
manner exactly, as we ourselves are not in the position to accurately
predict the development. We try to stabilize but in spite of this it's
going to be uncomfortable. Please do not become desperate. Stay anchored
firmly and trust. You roughly know what happens and why it does. Faith
and belief is what will make you proceed, giving you stability. It is
NOW that you are truely the lighthouses and rocks amidst the breakers.

We are with you, supporting you. Many will get into their full potential
only when greatest misery is around them. This will bring their true
potential to the light. It will start soon, won't be long now. Another
hint: Imagine a human birth. You the women can imagine this best. It's
the way GAIA feels. When the baby has finally been born all hardships
and pain are forgotten. What remains is simply the joy and nurturing,
caring for and growing up of the baby - and this is how it will be with
Gaia. The new is being given birth and the new civilization must be
cared for and grown up. Don't be afraid, remain balanced, remain
positive and concentrate on the new.Soltec


Candace: the doors being locked, means no new incarnations.

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