What it means to travel the tunnel of darkness and emerge into the Light.
By Aton thru Leonette
Mar 28, 2013 - 11:21:01 PM

What it means to travel the tunnel of darkness and emerge into the Light.

Weariness is just a by-product of activity and a signal to take rest and recuperate in order that strength might be regained. It is not a signal that all is finished and lost...You mistake the signals of your humanness in times of immense stress… for vital to your growth and awareness are the dual purposes of pause and reflection. Weariness is just the means by which allowances can be made for rest and respite which facilitate pause and reflection.

It is important to realize this because too often…there is mis- interpretation of sensations and this can lead to mis diagnosis and resultant remedies.

Ask what do you aspire.. Is it not towards the ‘Brilliance’ and magnificence of the TOTALITY of THE ALL? And how would you achieve this? Not by the stripping and purging of all that is dross? And what is dross? Not all that is heavy, unhealthy, dingy, untrue, tainted, corrupt, maligned and mis-aligned? And where is ALL of that stored? Not in your physical world, your experiences, your thought patterns, your behaviours, your belief systems, your physical bodies, your interactions with others, your lusts, your desires and your skewed perspectives.

Would you prefer to remain in the blindness of your comfort rather than be exposed to that which will loosen the fetters that bind you and keep you entrapped? Are the Revelations that seek to remove the scales from your eyes, so that you can better assess everything and everyone around you, too powerful for you to bear?

You said that ‘things were not happening fast enough’ that there were ‘too many delays’...Everyday upon rising from sleep you thought “Are we there yet? And then proceeded to become demoralized when no evidence of changes was apparent to your eyes…Treating with ‘that which is dark-intentioned’ does not apply only to the systems that govern your perceptual physical world, it is also applicable to the ‘dark-intentioned’ within and without your physical, mental, and spatial energy systems…your body, mind and interactive surroundings. How could it be different?

This phase of ‘treating’ with that which is dark-intentioned’ IS required in your here and now. It is meant to bring ‘on-line’ the ‘righting’ of your perceptions, those very perceptions that determine how you judge your world and your resultant interactions…

This is required to be conducted while you are here on the planet for the major reasons being

1. To assess your responses to the varied stimuli which result from the ‘breaking up of your world as you knew it relative to your previously      held views on all interactive scenarios which have occupied your essence in your time and space.

2. To monitor the responses within the “Neural Network” that surrounds and supports your evolutionary belief systems as it ‘feeds off’ your bio systems that are being ‘treated’.

3. To determine the ‘gaps’ that exist between where you are and where you optimally should be relative to the linkages that exist between your biological, mental and spiritual bodies.

4. To ascertain further methods for closing such gaps and to determine whether such can be administered on or off planet and/or before / during stasis.

5. To ‘re-wire’ the Neural Net where change patterns have occurred in order to prevent abrupt collapsing of the energetic patterning that sustains the ‘genus’ of the planet.

6. To set the stage for the re-linking of the biological strata between the planetary body and that of the enhanced returned stasis.

As you can surmise from the above and be it known that the above is but a very condensed outline of what is occurring, you would realize that you ARE in the tunnel so to speak and are about to emerge.

As you are aware tunnel conditions are restrictive and dark but tunnels DO lead to somewhere and in this case one can expect to emerge from this tunnel into a volley of Light.

From a Valley of Darkness into a Volley of Light.

This is your destiny and bringing this light to engulf the renewed, re-wired and re-aligned Planet...ALL done through You and By You, is your most blessed mission. Bear with strength these difficult days, in the knowing that what lies at the end of this long dark road is that which is unimaginably glorious.


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