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Telepathic Messages : Leonette Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Vibration and Frequency
By Thoth thru Leonette
May 10, 2009 - 5:09:00 PM

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Vibration and Frequency

Thoth by Leonette





Lessons #3


Thoth: Let us look at the elements of VIBRATION and FREQUENCY.


They are not the same although they are used interchangeably at times.

Vibration in essence, is the ’rate of spin of molecules’. For purposes of what we are learning here, it would constitute the rate of molecular spin of the particular holographic projection within the void...which you perceive as your reality.


You have read where a hologram is a collection of miniature parts that make up the whole. Each miniature carries within it a replica of the entire holographic expression.  Let us see how we can bring that to your understanding of how this works dimensionally and inter-dimensionally.


Each of the miniatures that make up the entire picture of your reality comes complete with what is, what was and what could be…the miniatures together, make up your entire perspective of the experience that has been projected in this space-time continuum...or the void as some will say…

You, in the non-local dimension...the dimension from which you project your conscious expressions of yourself, employ the method of experiencing aspects of expressions simultaneously, while employing the position of ‘an observer’ in the non-local dimension…while I use the term observer it is more complex than that because it encompasses other attributes other than the ability to observe...but for intentions here we will use the concept of observation...


So the non-local you, project several aspects of itself into the void, utilizing the concept of holographic projections. These projections are beamed via your thought processes which you utilize, by virtue of the fact that you are a creator and by extension a multidimensional entity. The holographic extensions of yourself are beamed via thought in the form of light particles...those micro packets of encoded data particles that take the form of what ever dimensional experience you wish to observe.


You decide to have several dimensional programmes running concurrently...these programmes can be experiences that run the gamut of different times from your linear perspective to spatial time that is experienced as other words you can experience projections of yourself in the time of Atlantis and/ or many civilizations before that and after that, while at the same time you are experiencing life in the 30th century, before that and after that…while at the same time you could be a monk in Abyssinia, a gypsy in Romania, a scientist in India.. a soldier in Taiwan, a prostitute in Central America, a belabored mother in North America, a soldier in Iraq, a president in Russia, a Pleiadian galactic commander, a grand council member of the league of planets with responsibility for all sentient life forms in this particular quadrant of your solar system. You can be experiencing the grand aquatic cultures of the planet Venus, while you are an inter planetary scribe and teacher administering to a civilization that is about to become enlightened and ascend….Yes all these experiences you are having vertically and horizontally through time and space as you know it.


You are not what you think you are…keep that running in your mind at all unlock the memories you have to re-program your thinking from the smallness that you have been indoctrinated to believe to the Grandness that you are, this you have to try and imagine in spite of what you may perceive as your reality…your imagination will unlock your subconscious.


You are no longer the embryo in your mother’s are about to be birthed into your true consciousness....try to wrap your mind around this from now on… (I do love to use your expressions...they are quite interesting)…


Now the Creator You from the non-local dimension, projects these light packet data particles into the void using the concept of thought creation. These light data particles are beamed through portals and frequency fences that ‘colour’ the projections in particular ways…these portals and frequencies give these thought beams ‘flavour’ and according to the experience that is being sought…these frequencies can have very profound effects on these projections. It will take another essay to describe the nature of these frequencies, why they are there and what they do...what you need to remember at all times is that...just like the previous analogy of the pregnant mother and unborn baby…the amniotic sac which we will liken to these frequency fences...can keep out certain ‘unwanted’ Influences...but always the mother can communicate with her unborn child through her feelings, thoughts cannot be stopped by the amniotic sac...just as frequency fences cannot stop communication between the You in the non-local dimension and the expressions of yourself in the holographic world…the baby always receives soothing, comforting thoughts, sensations and words from its mother…just as you, as an expression of your true self, receives guidance, direction and love from beyond your visible range of perception.


Now in the holographic world, each micro self-contained portion of the various experiences that make up the macro experience, possesses a rate of spin that keeps it separate from the other experiences in the other micro self-contained worlds… we tell you...your experience of space does not occur more than where you are…The rate of vibration keeps you locked into that particular experience of your reality. However at certain times when the rate of spin alters ever so slightly either from you generating a change or some experience that impacts

the velocity of the spin…your awareness can become in tune to another vibrationally different micro self contained portion of the hologram…So for experienced an ‘altered reality’...some people do that by imbibing hallucinogenic substances or perhaps your kundalini became aroused...your vibration as a consequence alters and you begin to experience some extraordinary perceptions…If you have not been sufficiently prepared for this, it can take you to the edge of your sanity and beyond…the changing of your vibration therefore, is something that is a gradual event…this is to facilitate your growth and maintain your groundedness…


Another thing to note about your vibration, in each particular micro self contained portion of the hologram is that...a change of vibration in one particle affects the whole...across space and time as you know it… This is known as the ART of Sympathetic Resonance...We ask that you bear this in mind also as we will come back to this...


So to reinforce what has been said so far we reiterate...the rate of spin or vibration determines the reality that you will perceive in any given micro-self contained particle of the holographic expression. Each micro self–contained particle has the bearing or the seed of its existence that will play out in accordance to a particular vibration that informs the spin of the light data particles of that particular self-contained portion of the holographic expression.


Put another macro holographic expression contains micro expressions or miniature pieces that contain a vibration of a perceived world that is self-contained with everything that the expression of you would experience.


These ‘miniatures’ are vibrationally different expressions from each other yet under certain conditions for instance when the vibration is altered, the experiencer, in one miniature, can have access to information in another miniature. Also a change in the vibration in one miniature can affect the vibrations in the other miniatures and as such affect the entire macro holographic experience.


The real you that is lodged outside of this dimension beams its thoughts through the portals and frequency ranges within the void to produce the holographic expressions that informs the parts of itself that it chooses to engage the experiences in the hologram...It projects itself in a multi-dimensional way to these holographic worlds that span time, space and dimensions for purposes of growth and experience..


Time and space occurs in the now and in one place...the rate of spin separates the experiences and produces a natural barrier from encroachment of one experience into another...unless some alteration of the spin occurs.



The ingredients or ‘stuff’ that make up these worlds are light data particles that coalesce in accordance with the particular thoughts that inform the creations contained within and without the entire holographic projection and by extension the experience.  The different vibrations allow for each experience to be localized in one localized  ‘time/space’ without ‘bleeding’ into one another...unless of course the alterations of the vibrations occur.


This in effect allows you to experience a whole range of characters, scenarios and potentials at the very same time in the very same space.


Through the art of sympathetic resonance you can affect the scenarios in both what you would term the backward and forward linear experiences of yourself

You can also affect the scenarios across the spatial elements of your myriad experiences.


So understand, as your group and other like minded humans who are expressions of Creator, raise your vibrations, you effect change up and down and straight across the entire spectrum of the holographic world as you know it…


Remember VIBRATION is the rate of spin of light particles that move in and out of the void and reflects to you what you are thinking in your mind as it relates to the experience of you in this dimension. The You in the non-local dimension used its creative thinking to bring your world into existence in the form of a holographic extension…the you in this holographic extension by virtue of the fact that you are an extension of the Creator, you are also ‘imbibed’ with the thought creator capability and as such the you as an expression of the creator can use your thought to change the vibration of the particular expression that you perceive as your world…





Frequency is the range of resonance and comprised of levels…


 2                                                      3


6                                                      9

 8                                                     12

10                                                                 15

12                                                    18

14                                                    21

16                                                    24



(Candace:  The second column above is all the numbers by 3’s. The 6 got lost when I tried to align the column, and the 15 will not align. So please understand there is supposed to be a 6 between the 3 and 9.)


Let us apply frequency to your perception of the world…looking at relationships…we can tell when two people resonate with each other …they can be at different levels but they find resonance and a person might be a 2 and the other one a 6...their frequencies are compatible and there will be an ease of transmissions of energetic molecules between the both parties….Now let us say in another couple the  frequency is 2 for one party and the other party is a 5…2 can go into 5…twice with 1 as an odd…so you see in this relationship  there is twice the compatibility but there is an odd….which produces an energy that is in dissonance with the compatibility of the two persons……



Now as a holographic projection of yourself you may enter a relationship with another projection of yourself ….for purposes of growing together or for purposes of growth full stop…. People who grow together …belong to the same side of the frequency range...they are either 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 etc or 3,6,9,12,15 etc….People who are in relationships for growth full stop...cross the frequency ranges…for example one may be a 2 and another a 9… an even number and an odd number relationship…this one suggests that while 2 can go into 9 at least 4 times...the distance between the level 2 and the level 9  will pose a challenge for communication  along with the extra 1...which will  be a quality that will be inconsistent between the two parties…..


Now you can cross the even spectrum and achieve compatibility with someone on the odd spectrum let’s say …6 from the even spectrum can achieve compatibility with a 12 in the odd spectrum...this will be a relationship that will challenge the individuals but they will be evenly matched in their responses to one another…and grow other words this is a relationship that is made for growth and to grow together…if they narrow their communicative levels...


Now what does all this mean with respect to frequencies is that...the human projections …vibrate at a particular frequency…each frequency combined with the particular vibration of the light coded particles that inform your essence here, is your unique is what is referred to as your energy stamp...that which is unique to you...that which causes your separation from others and from your source…it is when you alter your frequencies and your vibration by raising them, then you are on the way to achieving oneness with one another and with the ALL..


The number 1 which you know as THE ONE...can go into all the numbers in either frequency spectrum...the number 1...which you know as THE ONE can go into either of the numbers in the even and odd frequency ranges…It takes a number of 1’s to make up any of the numbers in  either range…


Take 1, take the top of 1 which is the Alpha and take the bottom of 1 which is the Omega, join other words join the Alpha and the Omega you will get a “O” a circle (in geometry) or a zero ( in math), in reality you get the unification of All into the ALL THAT IS. That is what you achieve when you surrender your energy stamp as you achieve oneness with the Divine which is represented as the Alpha and Omega, The beginning and the End ,The One, the Void, The 1 That is in ALL that becomes the Circle  that translates into the Zero point from which ALL creation begins…



You are tiring…but before we end this discourse...the numbers 5, 7, 13, 17 are numbers which ‘divine’ (?) the way...we will leave that for now..


Thank you Beloved...this has challenged you but there is much to read and absorb here…We will continue another day….


(Me)    -  Thank you THOTH…


P’Taah…-  Leonette these are principles that ALL of you are very familiar with, as a matter of fact, they are like second nature to all of you…but bringing this information through the layers of density...will be a challenge as you are attaining mastership of yourselves...just trust that all will be well and it will become easier as your codes are activated with the passage of time as you know it….rest well…


(Me)  - Thank you beloved teachers…








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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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