Updating from Candace and Leonette/Ashtar
By Ashtar thru Leonette, Teaching by Candace
Dec 30, 2010 - 6:43:54 PM

Candace:  We will hopefully provide an update tomorrow sometime, that was the goal today with CM. Things are very intense.  Ashtar provided this to Leonette just this evening, and it's a nice refresher to all of you, to remind you of what is being removed. There are some items we may not have covered and if we did, some of you are new and may not know it all.  I can make the statement that the announcement period is going to be up to 3 months in length, and that you are to continue to be prepared for your special roles that you will be stepping into.

Other than that, I must be quiet until Christ Michael prepares a formal update. I did place some comments at the end and teaching within Leonette's piece.   For some readers who may not know, Ashtar commands the evacuation fleet amongst other duties including teaching.   Evacuation would include transport to other destinations as covered in this piece.  The command ship for Ashtar Command is the NEW JERUSALEM.  You have seen that in the bible as coming down from heaven in some way or the other.  The New Jerusalem craft is huge and has a huge computer system, that handles all the details about soul and soul placement.  It has a complete copy of all the soul records of folks form earth in event there is say, nuclear damage to souls.  It also provides the sorting of families, because when there is evacuation, you get aboard and sort out everything else afterwards.

Each lighted being incarnate on this planet, carries a hidden chip within the physical form, and these computers keep track of where you are at all times. This is particularly important in the case of any potential nuclear devastation, because in those cases ONLY the children of Light are removed and there is only about 15 minutes to do so.  In this case people are picked up, body usually doesn't go, but the soul does. Nuclear bombs destroy or seriously damage soul.  We have stated often the planet is going to be completely Cleansed, and this list is a partial list of those activities.

****************************  Leonette *************

09:54pm 30/12/2010
The name Ashtar comes into my head.

Me: Commander Ashtar?
A: Just Ashtar will suffice.
Me: Ok... Let me make an adjustment here... (Making myself comfortable to take a message)
A: Are you ready?
Me: I think so...
A: Let us begin...I come to you under the command of Gabriel, Commander in charge of the celestial forces that are a part of this rendezvous. We are in place to facilitate the process of removals. There will be a number of scenarios that will take place. I wish to update on some specifics.  (Candace: for Urantia Book Readers, this is THE GABRIEL who is the CHIEF executive of Nebadon, first created Son of Christ Michael and Nebadonia. He is NOT an arch angel. There is no Arch Angel Gabriel acting on earth at this time, just to counter other stories. This same Gabriel IS however the one that appeared so long ago to Mary, and also to Mohammed. )

1. As has been told before there will be removal to specially designated craft for purposes of sleep, adjustments and preparation for re-occupation of land masses. (Candace: these are in general the 1 billion we have spoken of that are returning to earth after the stasis who have earned that right by cleaning 51% of their karma.)

2. There will be removals to special places within the interior of the physical Earth plane which have been specially prepared to hold hundreds of thousands securely and safely. (Candace: Some of the ones there are ones of inner earth, whose areas may face destruction from the earth changes and also there are many underground areas those 1 billion will use after stasis, while the surface is rebuilt by them and made habitable again.)

3. There will be removals to ship for those who will be moving unto other way stations in the galaxy for purposes of returning to their substantive abodes.  (Candace: This means the ones who are going "home" who are finished with their work here.)

4. There will be removals that will be for purposes of bringing such removals to the Grand Courts of Nebadon for purposes of adjudication. (Candace: The universe has legal COURTS folks, that is how "judgement" is carried out. There are many on earth who will be facing such, and their very survival of their souls will be a big topic of discussion at that time. These courts are under the higher supervision of the Ancients of Days staff of Orvonton, especially in the cases where the outcome may be uncreation of the being.)

5. There will be removals of an ‘ unphysical’ nature...primarily for purposes of harnessing disintegrated essences for purposes of cleansing, renewal and re-absorption.. (Candace: these are thought forms, disintegrating, well what is the words i want here, there are many energy forms that are not whole, are damaged, and the like. These are generally cleansed of sour programming and put into the pool for new creation. Electrons and Protons store a lot of data of fragmented "beings" and the like. Difficult subject, source in part of the "demon" belief system from religion. These cleansed particles become the basis in part of new evolutionary systems. God recycles everything, that should help the understanding! )

6. There will be removals to places that are unknown to your current awareness. These places are to facilitate the development of the less than criminal elements amongst what you may call your robotic population. (Candace: the decision was made to allow these ones which we have covered from time to time, another opportunity, the best of them. Those fully criminal will not receive such an opportunity, and their mind structures come under the topic in #5 above.)

7. There will be removals of those who have chosen to be released from a physical existence and journey to the mansion worlds.  (Candace: UB readers should recognize the mansion worlds. These are entry level worlds to "heaven" which are specially built, like all other spheres in "heaven."  All beings live on spheres or in craft. Heaven is not a condition of floating in free space, or some nebulous place.  )

8. There will removals of life forms such as viruses, pests and bacteria (biological, manmade, intra-terrestrial and extra-terrestrial and various other pathogens) which are inimical to the best interests of the righted planet and its population. (Candace: we have extra diseases here because of contaminations from space during the periods of Seeding of the earth that are one reason for conditions such as cancer presenting in hereditary DNA patterns.)

9. There will be the removal of the thought energies that populate the Neural Net that informs the current behaviours of the planetary population. (Candace: Leonette did a piece or two with Thoth on the Neural Net.  These are also called "thought forms", and the neural net essentially contains energy patterns that are involved in minded organisms which can be very informative, or pretty awful.  You can use the term for the time being as "the genetic mind" of GAIA, and it is contaminated and needs cleansing.  All planetary genetic minds require this during various end time scenarios. This planet has way in excess of normal, particularly contributed by the intense warring on this place. The dark ones are really contaminating the Neural Net right now, as they rage from being "cornered" in these final days. )

10. There will be a removal of the space junk, digital and computerised hardware, some of which you know as satellite stations, ballistic platforms, trajectory and propulsion oriented combat craft stationed in the atmosphere that surrounds the planet. (Candace: should be self explanatory.)

11. There will be a disabling of Terra to Satellite transmission beams,, radio signals, microwave frequencies for purposes of ensuring that emissions from our craft to appointed receiver modules (Ground crew communication devices) are tamper free. (Candace: This is going to be untaken shortly in fact.  We cannot have clean teaching without doing this, as much of the teaching is going to come from craft and there are other wondrous activities planned.  There are going to be live TV broadcasts for example.)

12. There will be dis-armament of flight range controls (automatic and override) to prevent the launch of craft attempting to leave Terra either from Sea or Land. (Candace: Our bad ones are not going to escape.)

13. The Celestial and Galactic forces are in charge of the portals. We determine what leaves and what enters these dimensions. (Candace: this should be an end to all that stuff about the stealing of portals over Yemen and similar stories in the "new age" genre about the internet.)

I have presented a minuscule portion of what is intended. As the project advances you will be informed of the other plans as appropriate to the success of this mission.
Be at Peace and Adieu.

Me: Many Thanks.


Candace: as you can see, there is still some things pending on the to do list.  The later items on the space junk, and clearing everything for clear broadcasts are still pending. Please be patient. If we run a short time over DECEMBER 31, there is NO problem, this is going to be done right.  Some of the items on the early part of the list happen during the announcement period, regards removals.  Other are being done now.

Please dear ones, those of you who watch TV regularly, please NOTE ALL THOSE replacements that are now here and operating.  As we have stated they are putting in "clones" of the dark, inhabited by highly advanced star fleet personal, because the dark ones cannot handle what is to happen during the long announcement period.  They would vacate and run and the chaos that would ensue would be untenable. PATIENCE please.


YOU CAN DISCERN the ones that have been replaced.  For example in my country, I have studied then and compared previous memories and images off Google, and these include Hiliary Clinton, Obama as we have already covered with Michelle, in the US ofA, with various media I have noticed on CNN. There are 8000 replacements now functioning on this planet, some in plain site and others awaiting their time.  These replacements are global as necessary so you readers should be paying attention right where you live. there are going to be some earth changes during this time, loss of some tranportation and delivery mechanisms and more.

We must have a plan.  There is stocking heavily of food and important things, like TOILET paper and much more. Man will experience a lot of changes in his life, luxury is going right out the window. PLEASE read the most recent post by Rosie if you have not.  There is going to be a lot of shedding of tears as people face what they have allowed to be created.  This is all part of the preparations and essential that people SEE what has happened, it for their soul experience.  You are going to be MOST busy. We will likely cover a bit more tomorrow.

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