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Telepathic Messages : Leonette Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Understanding the MEME
By Thoth and Leonette
Dec 5, 2011 - 1:17:06 PM

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Leonette did this with THOTH but did not quite finish it last February during the Egyptian and other North African and Middle East issues.  She felt overwhelmed by the subject matter.  I would suggest reading her early pieces on the Neural Net, which informs life on this planet. I sometimes call it the "genetic mind."  You should look at the MEME's used also on TV and other public media to infect and train people a certain direction. They are everywhere.  You can research Meme on Google, but I don't think you will find the use of the Neural Net there.  But it will cover the others.

The Spirit of Truth bestowed by Christ MIchael on pentecost 2000 years ago after the crucifixion is a POSITIVE example of placing something into the Neural Net. This is done appropriately by Celestials. Those of you who remember James of Wingmakers, who started a website during which he would gather you together to do this and he was not long in the world after that. Johan's meditations with all of you, do the same.  But the dark have a "technology" to do this which as you will read here, is a lot cheaper and more predictable than the old methods of training opposing forces. This piece is a mix of the thoughts and understandings of Leonette with comments from Thoth. Since she did not prepare it for publishing at that time, I have attemted to label certain portions as being Leonette and some as being Thoth. If I blew it, forgive me, its a great piece anyway. This MEME operation is but one more reason to move forward at this time. -Candace


Leonette: These last couple days, based on my concern given what has been taking place in the Mid-East. I was given a sort of insight with respect to how the ‘handlers’ are able to ‘influence’ such situations as they attempt to gain total control of those areas. I was ‘told’ that attempts at this initiated before in other countries chiefly from the former Soviet Bloc. The ‘handlers’ are now adventuring into the Mid East because of obvious reasons.

THOTH: The purpose is not to realise the logical conclusion. The handlers are not concerned about the realisation of human rights and democracy as is marketed out there. On the contrary, it is about ensuring that they gain an absolute foothold and complete control over those areas and their resources.

Previous attempts by utilising ‘other methods’ were unreliable at best and required great amounts of resources to ensure that compliant leaders ‘towed the line’. In any event such compliancy was not guaranteed in spite of huge resources and more often than not the ‘handlers’ would find themselves in situations where they themselves would be at the end of the bartering ‘complaint leaders’ re negotiated terms and conditions in exchange for continued compliance.

The handlers realised that they needed another avenue that will remove such power from the hands of such ‘complaint leaders’ or any leader as a matter of fact. Their forays into Central America during the Nicaragua-Contra situation showed them that it was extremely costly to arm and support counter revolutionary movements and there was still no guarantee that their objectives would be realised . Factually it was discerned that they no more had control over their counter revolutionaries as those they were trying to topple and that often led the way to even more disastrous situations of which’ the handlers’ had NO control and worse yet no conditions to negotiate their terms to achieve their objectives.

It was during this time that a team of behavioural scientists and genetic experts were organised into a secret sessions to devise methods of controlling behaviours on large scale populated areas.

The intent was to find seemingly innocuous ways of controlling large sections of a society without the need to send in what can be termed foreign ‘control agents’ to generate changes necessary to creating desired conditions that would facilitate the interests of TPTB.

Leonette: This is where the term ‘meme’ arises. Not much is known about the meme and how it works but I was told that it works on the basis that one has to understand the concept of the neural net. The net is where the human being receives it’s stimuli and registers it’s response to such stimuli. It act as a feed back loop that informs the mental conditioning of the human species and the resultant response of the human species to such mental conditioning is lodged in the ‘consciousness’ of the grid to be played back again and again until the human species breaks free from conditioning of the Grid.

The Net is comprised of a series of ‘fibres’ that interlock. I was told to think of how fibre optics work. Fibre Optics transmit information. The Net is comprised of similar but different fibres that transmit information on ancestral memories racial memories, genetic memories cultural memories, behavioural memories, site and location memories etc. For instance a person living in a particular country and or a particular location will be influenced by the racial characteristics that make up the people who live there. And the cultural themes that flow from such.

The genetic inputs that determine how people survive in certain conditions for example why some persons with certain racial characteristics are pre-disposed to certain conditions as opposed to others who do not contain the same characteristics. How the land and environment hone the mentality of the individuals who live there and their interaction with same etc..How every thought form that inform the environment from time immemorial is locked within and whether the individual is aware or not, reacts to such conveyed essences All these inputs are conveyed from the information passing through these fibres that interlock and form this neural net.

Thoth: These scientists and genetic experts understand these fibro-active modules and their challenge was to determine how to insert a ‘command’ to harness the information stored in these fibres to effect a particular result. They understood that the right command into the fibres that influence a particular race or nation or location could influence a mass of people at any given time.

This gives rise to the meme. The meme acts along an electronic and organic corridor. It is conveyed primarily along electronic lines to an organic portal who then inserts the meme into a particular location . So an apparent human being is ‘mentally adjusted’ using a series of electronic messages and is then re-inserted into an indigenous population for purposes of ‘contaminating’ the population.

It is conveyed to the NEURAL net via radio waves and remains somewhat dormant until it is activated by the ’meme carriers’. Based on the stimuli-response feedback loop action of the neural net, the ‘meme carrier’ and the ‘meme radio waves’ by the process of ‘ thought –action-re-action-register’, the influence is activated and strengthened until it reaches a threshold, where the influence starts affecting individuals within a certain radius. Once it is enacted the commands can be effectively given and assimilated by a large part of the mass population who are borderline and over borderline sympathetic to whatever message that is being generated within the meme command.

So for instance if the meme command says that ‘you are unhappy’ then anyone who is between 50 percent and above unhappy then such a mass will become instantly morose for the time that the meme command is active. Needless to say, those who are below the 50 percent threshold will be affected over time by those under the ‘meme control’ by virtue of their being under the influence of the ‘thought-action-reaction-register’ feed back loop of the Neural net. Remember the Neural Net fibres have been activated and strengthened by the ‘meme-carriers’ so by and large it will be a matter of time before many more are affected or infected as the case may be.

That is why you will observe that it starts with a few and in short time, without any seeming connection, it swells to include many who would not have been associated in any form or fashion with the consensus of the few who started the action.

Because of the amount of energy that is required to sustain a meme the influence generally ‘peters’ out in a relatively short space of time. Once in place it can be quickly activated but sustainability is short-lived.

Now this process is attractive to the handlers. They use members of the indigenous population as the ’meme carrier’ receptors and disperse them back into the communities to be activated. They (the handlers) supply logistics and support to the ‘meme carriers’. They also provide the technological platforms to enable (i) the transferring of the radio waves containing the command messages to receptors positioned at certain locations. (ii) the marketing hype of situation for purposes of ‘softening’ and/or breaking down of resistance to the command (think mass hypnosis here), (iii)the reinforcing of the thought-action-reaction-register feedback-loop of behaviours (for example think of viewing information on the web-bots and or wiki-leaks and one’s thought/response and registration of such on the Neural Net).

These scientists had a theoretical understanding of how to effect change at a mass level. The problem was how they would insert the command into the fibres of the neural net. This is where the term ‘psyche-ops’ come in...
‘Psyche-ops’ operate on many levels from the basic marketing lingo to ‘thought insert schematics’.

From this narrative we are concerned primarily with the ‘thought insert schematics’ for it is at that level that the real control is initiated and then promulgated downwards in a series of step by step psyche support systems.
There are few beings on the planet who are capable of inserting thought schematics into the Neural net. It is not a widely known or widely taught ability, however it is known and used and this has been one of the methods used consistently over eons to control groups of persons.

The method is relatively simple, once the ability is harnessed. In this case the thought form containing the command meme is projected into the neural fibres. Once it is established there, it is activated by the meme carrier ‘on the ground’ or better said, the ‘meme carrier embodied in ‘flesh.’ As stated before, the ’ thought-action-reaction-register’ goings-on between the ‘meme-carrier in the flesh (on-the-ground) and the ‘command meme’ ( thought projected and inserted into the neural net, strengthens the activation. Such strengthening produces an energy which is palpable and can be easily tapped into by firstly, individuals within the fifty (50) percent threshold spoken of before and thereafter by many others who naturally are in relationship with the various energy bands of the neural net. 

To sustain the momentum of such reckoning requires phenomenal focus. Generally such a momentum is only carried for a period that is necessary to attain required objectives. Once the momentum is lost... the situation falls relatively flat, and many become confused in the short term especially when the step by step psyche support systems run the gamut of scripted techniques and come to an end or when holes are poked in the presentation facade.

This is the ‘stuff’ that has controlled many over time. It is not dissimilar to what is called ‘hocus-pocus’ or ‘black magick’. It is not dissimilar to what was behind the scripted slogans of “Yes we Can!’ As a matter of fact it was perfected in a way utilizing the current tools of the ‘step by step psyche support systems’, at your disposal, namely the social networking interfaces, which incidentally are currently used to ‘measure’ public discourse and inferences. Make no mistake though; monitoring and measuring of your networking pursuits are the most benign of the invasive techniques that are used against you!

You are wondering how then could you tell what is genuine from that which is not. Well, simply put, once you are tied into this ‘reality’ that is conditioned by the Neural Net, you ARE subjected to the information that is transferred through the ‘fibre optic’ wires...for a lot of the conditioning occurred at the etheric level with beings at that level passing on the know-how to beings at the physical level.



This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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