14th June, 2011:12:09

Thoth enters my space, regal but not overbearing. He begins:

I will speak not in prose,
That which must be uttered in time,
For your heart is full and morose,
For fleeting are words that bind,

To those in sorrow and in pain,
Henceforth the moment has come,
To remove the evils that gain,
The uppermost all around.

From pillar to post sounds the echo,
From ocean depth to skyward climb,
A note so pure and low,
A sound, so sweet and sublime.

To soothe and calm troubled souls,
To dry the drenching sweat,
Of those who toil in lower worlds,
Out of duty and regret.

This echo sounds like music,
To those who want it most,
But shakes that which is static,
And hurts those who are lost,

Because you are in it, not of it,
Even if blind to what you are,
Feel you, in measure and in spirit,
The echo from afar.

As it bares the hidden within you,
You see what must be healed,
Purge and purify it must do,
Before your sacredness is revealed.

For carry you within your presence,
The power to absolve,
Mis-creations done in innocence,
By misguided ones you love.

For they too will be affected,
By that which is in-coming,
Great will they be afflicted,
In these times of a healing.

Purified you become the Sacred,
With hand outstretched you save,
From mental anguish imbedded,
In loved ones still enslaved.

To free them from their guilt,
And release them from their burden,
So they to their own paths drift,
To help their souls awaken.

All this you do and more,
All this you suffer through,
As the healing echoes pour,
On every one of you.

Chosen were you this time,
Chosen from amongst the many,
From realms rare and sublime
To come to depths so murky,

This, the time of troubles rife,
For which many heard the call,
To help souls to light and life,
To reclaim many lost in the Fall.

So with this knowledge, be in strength,
As you are purged and refined this rounds,
Though stretched to limits, breadth and length,
Your Divinity knows no bounds.