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Telepathic Messages : Leonette Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Thoth Provides some easy science on the WAVE
By Thoth thru Leonette with teaching by Candace
Mar 10, 2013 - 7:14:18 AM

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Candace: I am going to add some small examples of the power of sound at the end that may help some of you with the concept.

Thoth thru Leo, a Science perpsective on the WAVE.

Commenced last night (10:00pm 08/03/2011) and continued today....
I asked Thoth to give some information on ‘the Wave’ in a way to help us to assimilate what it does and how it will affect our world.. The following is what I received.

“The Wave is a projection from Source that occurs in tandem with the ‘closing off’ of a period of activity relative to a planetary system’s growth and development.

It is a ‘pulsing rhythm’ that attenuates from the ‘Primal Sound’ and builds up in layers like a series of Sound Waves to a level where the intensity of the resultant vibration is strengthened to a point of implosion. That point, however, is only reached when circumstances have sufficiently been ‘fine tuned’ to ensure ‘that’ which is being calibrated’ can ‘see the face of God’ without losing consciousness.

All planetary systems which extend outward from Source will be ‘bathed’ in this Primal Sound. Those most separated from Source will be subjected to the more acute ‘tuning’ elements that accompany this ‘Sound Wave” for that is really what it is.

The “I AM’ issues forth the ‘Primal Sound’ and it is rhythmically discharged in a series of ‘pulsing sound waves’, with the lowest intensities being the first to be discharged. As the issued ‘Primal Sound’ ‘tunes up’ whatever it comes into contact with and some density is cleared, the issued sound reverberates in the form of a secondary echo and returns to the ‘I AM’ or Source who in turn projects another ‘pulsed sound wave’ of greater intensity than the one issued before. This to-ing and fro-ing of sound waves, moving from lower to higher levels result in an eventual ‘breaking down’ of density. With the breaking down of density, all that remains is Spirit, for all density has been dissolved and as such the dense forms that added to the illusion of ‘separateness’ become ‘unglued’. However that particular situation is some way off and it is best discussed and understood during the period of stasis.

For the moment though the first rhythmic waves are the least intense and are designed to ‘shake’ everything up at its core. At the higher Cosmic levels the waves will feel like gentle breezes on one’s cheek. At the lower levels ALL atomic structures within density will vibrate intensely.

These “Primal Sounds’ from the ‘I AM’ or Source which move through Creation as Sound Waves consist of super-charged particulates which ‘roar’ through the Cosmos. You may picture it as an image of mighty waves rising up out of the oceans and crashing onto the beach, gradually breaking down anything that stands as a resistance to the ocean’s waves.

These ‘super-charged particulates’ are comprised mainly of electrons which literally attach themselves to each atom that is encountered and ‘electrifies’ or ‘charges’ the atom even further. The ‘electrifying’ or ‘charging’ process involves the ‘harmonizing’ of each atom to the frequency of each attached ‘super-charged particulate which carries the frequency of the ‘Primal Sound’. This is similar to how a ‘tuning fork’ works. Automatically the atom begins to {{vibrate}} in resonance with the particular level frequency of the Sound Wave of the ‘Primal Sound” which was projected by Source.

As you know all matter as you see it, is comprised of atoms, held together by sound waves vibrating at different frequencies. Additionally each coalesced sound wave emits its own tone...Once the supercharged particulate ‘electrifies’ or ‘charges’ the atom to which it is attached, it effectively changes the nature of the atom......the tonal quality changes and the now ‘supercharged’, electrified atom emits its own sound or tone. Each supercharged atom making up particular forms of matter be they humanoid, plant, animal, planetary or celestial... (Yes, celestials, elementals etc. carry form even though it is less dense than human form) release new tones or sounds unique to the now supercharged, electrified atomic structures of their being.... The I AM or Source responds to these released tones by emitting an even higher level tone of the Primal Sound that ‘washes’ over all creation again.. The process is repeated in a rhythmic pattern until the desired objectives are achieved (which will be explained during stasis).

So to simplify then: ‘The Wave’ is one of many to come and it is ‘pulsed’ from the ‘I AM’. It is like a Tsunami of Radiance pouring over all creation and embedded with ‘super charged particulates’ which consist primarily of electrons and which attach to the atomic makeup of ALL matter. The super-charged particulates, comprised mainly of electrons attach to each atom, ‘electrifies’ the atomic structures causing such to vibrate in accord with the frequency conveyed by the super-charged particulates.

This causes changes in vibration which facilitates density changes and/or transformation thereby resulting in frequency changes to ‘matter’. The changed matter, now emits a new tone which signals to the ‘I AM’ that the first level of clearing has been completed. This signal prompts another round of higher level projection of the ‘Primal Sound’ from the ‘I AM’. Each clearing/transformation to matter is considered an ‘upgrade’ and this upgrade solicits a higher version ‘Wave’.

So to bring it to ‘home’, the first ‘spray’ of this initial wave has already ‘hit your shores’ and you are now awaiting the ‘crested wave’ to touchdown. Once that happens all of Life will be prompted, one way or the other, to find the Divine within.

In spite of what your initial response might be to your perception of what is about to happen, be reminded that the ultimate objective of this initiative of ‘waves’ is to cause ALL creation to vibrate at the same frequency with the ‘I AM’. To realise that objective requires a gradual build up of ‘vibrational’ changes in ‘matter’. Once ‘matter’ is altered in this way, higher frequency change is inevitable. At the highest frequencies, one can then be in the presence of the ‘I AM’ without becoming overwhelmed by the intensity of the Absolute Love and Glory of the Source. Surely then, this is what it all comes down to, therefore be in gratitude for the Act of Grace that is being bestowed on all Creation.

I AM Thoth.

Candace:  OK, now for the first simple example of the power of sound. Most of you know that a soprano opera singer, can shatter a crystal glass.  It is the HIGH frequency of sound that does this, besides also the force of her voice that carries the sound faster. A high pitched squeaky noise doesn't do it, the force of the high frequency sound wave does. Each octave of music has a higher vibration, as measured on a GRAPH, and the same is  true of matter on this worlds as it responds to these energies, the vibration is increased. Each level of DENSITY and the dimensions within, can be compared in this way to the piano which demonstrate visually so well, the increasing octaves of the creation.

Your DNA is light and is crystalline, become more of a crystalline nature as it carries more light.  While animals are not going to yet have 12 strands of DNA, their DNA is also becoming more crystalline, and vibrating higher also. I should become easier for all of you to thus see their aura's.  There is even change even with this early wind that I am seeing aura in MATTER right now.  Recently  my bathroom counter was glowing in green one evening, and there was not a green towel or jar which would have reflected the green.  I was in a meditative  state and saw it.

Another example is from the bible in the power of sound, the story of bringing down the wall of Jericho by the army going around it and stomping their feet.  In face, in the case of explosives like dynamite, it is the sound (scalar waves) generated that do the actual destruction. Scalar energy was used to help bring down the towers too, amongst all the other stuff that was done to make sure, and make them easy to haul away.

Science has always been wrong on what holds together the atom, and I knew this in my early science classes, but I could not remember actually the mechanism, but I knew the so call centrifugal force or whatever we were taught was not correct.

Now, as a reminder, it is simple enough to say that spirit fills up all that space in the atom, it is not "empty."  As your frequency rises, you are still made of atoms, but the atoms take up more "space" because they acquire more spirit in them. This is why some beings you may see, are light and fluffy looking of sorts, some you can actually see thru them. This is why spirit beings grow larger, your real being, your real form, those of those incarnate, these are NOT your real forms,   but your real forms are larger.  There is more spirit, bigger atoms in them.  All beings still have some atomic matter in their form, but it's full of spirit.  We don't have the right language, I can only use what we have.

The God particle that is being covered, there are 100 of them, the Ultimaton, in an electron. And electrons collected together, make up the protons and the neutrons in the nucleus of the atom, simply stuck together by sound so there is more "mass" of sorts.  This incoming wave of sound can vibrate all that stuff apart, thus leaving just the spirit, as above.  This is extremely simplistic, but we have to work somewhere.

You can often hear wind, can you not?  some of that is the wind rustling leaves and the like, but it has a sound also, as it quickens.

I am hearing the WAVE for several weeks at least now.  This is a different sound than that I hear when the BZ is negative during solar storms. It's a different pitch and I hear it more in the evening, because sound is carried more when it is dark.  AFter a time of hearing this, I began to realize from memory that I was hearing THE WAVE.  it's picking up.  Eventually, not long from now, which is why we are covering it real fast now,  more and more people will perceive it.

I am seeing postings on GLP by people feeling and hearing something different.  Lots of people are picking it up. some are feeling terribly pressured already and fear of the unknown of course increases discomfort, so as people begin to wonder around you, you must start explaining the wave, which may be as simple as this is the incoming energies predicted in the so called end times and these usher in the new times, may be enough initially.  Do not force the knowledge if they are not receptive, they will have their time to see, plant your seeds in fertile ground.

I can promise you pretty much that crabby people are very likely as it comes in to get more and more crabby and either stay out of their way, or attempt gently to put them at ease in some way.  It will be helpful for many to go exercise or walk to work down or expend that some.

Here is an interesting You Tube video a friend sent to me last night.  While this isn't the wave per se at all, its the wind bringing down a bridge built back in the 1940's,  I think the way the bridge waves, and the music the person added to it, will awaken something in you. This is a nice choice of sound with the movie, has lots of interesting octaves in it.  This wave coming may FEEL a bit like this to you.  However, it will not do this to the bridges!



This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.


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