" The guidlines " from ATON (CM)
By Aton Christ Michael
Apr 30, 2011 - 9:40:02 PM


From Aton (Christ Michael):

Beloved Ones of the Eternal Flame which glows inside each of you who hearkens to these words of advice.

You are needed to ‘feel' what is going on within the energy world of which your physical and emotional selves are significantly attached.

You are asked to allow the following guidelines for short periods preferably in what you call your times of early morning, midday and late evening.

It is suggested that you NOT entertain these guidelines before your most profound sleep period which may be at night for most of you. Reflections emanating from such guidelines may prove difficult for some of you to have deep and restful sleep, when you need it most.

However these guidelines can be entertained around short naps as you see fit.

You will have better results if you are in a setting that allows for contemplation.

Contemplative settings could be a Zen garden or a bed or an easy chair or a shower or sitting on a commode or as some would call it. ..a toilet... (smiles), anywhere that allows the mind to ‘quiet the chatter' a bit.

Your physical body should be ‘at ease' as best you can! If some contemplative settings are not conducive to one's body being at ease, then other settings can be chosen. Some of you may have ‘difficulty' in achieving contemplation while doing ‘toilet duties'. (Smiles)

Humour is employed here although there is much seriousness in what is being asked in spite of the very imagery that accompanies the said humour.

Remember you are being asked to do this occasionally. You are not being asked to give up your ‘daily fix'.  However you are being guided to utilize your physical and emotional bodies in a way that will help you to MONITOR what is happening around you. This you will do by ‘picking up the signals' that ‘ping' off your physical and emotional bodies. The more diligent you are in these efforts the greater your understanding will be in how energy works.

You will be able to ‘know' when the energy ‘builds-up'   and respond accordingly.

Remember your physical and emotional bodies are a part of the material existence that also informs the make-up of the planet and her surroundings.

Once you understand how energy works then you will realise that ‘time' as you know it is of little consequence in the momentum of ‘cosmic movement'.

Great and momentous times are upon you and it will auger well for you to be ‘in tune' with what is happening. To do so will put you in service, not only to yourself but to those around you.

The Guidelines.

  • Best done early morning, midday, late evening. Avoid at times when you want a sound and restful sleep.
  • Remove thyself from thy stop watches, time clocks, calendars and other ‘time measuring' paraphernalia.
  • Detach thyself from thy sources of news information which includes thy internet and social networking media.

Relax and ‘listen' to the ‘feelings' within and on your body.

Initially you may feel ‘nothing'. Give it some time.

  • You may feel ‘tinges' , tweaks, swirls or twirls, (light-headedness), flutters, buzzing and the like within the body especially in the hands, the feet and the crown of the head.
  • You may feel wafts of air gently around your body, on your skin or you may feel heat for no apparent reason.

Initially you may feel nothing. Give it time.

  • Do you see or sense the changes in the atmosphere and environment around you?
  • Does your body respond to the atmospheric pressure changes around you?
  • That headache, sinus pressure, neck and upper shoulder pain, aching joints especially ankles and knees (grounding energy) seemed to have increased... yes!
  • You experience them now and then they subside and you experience relief only to return again, perhaps in a different way or intensity?
  • Are you experiencing bouts of nausea and/or constipation and/or bouts of eating binges.
  • Are you experiencing ‘heat' and/or perspiring profusely at times...
  • Are you experiencing difficulty in being around people and places that never bothered you before?
  • Are you developing a preference for your own space and at most times, solitude?

Close your eyes if you can or de-focus your eyes if you are in a position so to do.

  • What are your emotions, turmoil and frustration or are they mood swings that make you feel that you are suffering from some sort of bi-polar disorder? Peace, bliss, combinations of happiness and joy with anger and hatred being experienced almost at the skip of a heart beat?
  • Extreme weariness of going through the everyday motions, pet subjects losing their appeal, now and then, sometimes or most of the time?
  • A sudden burst of creative energy followed by a precipitous drop of enthusiasm.
  • A wanting to start something new followed by... ‘Why bother,' ‘don't care', ‘does not make sense', ‘don't give a damn,' feelings.
  • Or similarly, feelings like ' nothing makes sense anymore' and/or ‘I give up' and/or ‘I don't want to be a part of this or that anymore!... and/or ‘Father, why hast thou forsaken me' or better yet...‘Father why hast thou forsaken me and this world' and/or ‘Help, I just want to get out of here'.
  • And depressing as that may sound, it is all followed by healthy doses of daydreams where one enjoys the beauty of creative ideas and living in harmony with that which resonates with one's being..

Well the WORD has gone out and as such the WORD was made flesh.

Translated, that means that the Sound Wave which was issued is now reverberating throughout the material worlds which include manifestations of flesh, bark, flora, mineral, rock, gas, liquid, air, etc.

Technically, this reverberation seeks to align such manifestations which can be aligned, to the essence of the Word!

As such everything of such material manifestation experiences the peaks and troughs at varying levels..

If you note in the above design...there are no ‘timed' intervals or no absolute measurements in the spacing of the peaks and troughs. There is not one (1) level experience of the wave nor is there a start time or an end time.

Your state of Being is following the same design of this Wave. The Ups and Downs and varying levels and differing intervals are manifesting in the experiences of your physical and emotional bodies.

The energetic manifestations of your physical and emotional bodies ‘weave and flow' just as energy wills itself into a state of being to achieve its purpose.

Frequent attention to the guidelines above will help you to get an appreciation of this energetic wave.  You will be able to synchronize with its essence. You will be able to sense it and feel it. Such knowledge will help you to ‘ride' the wave instead of being a ‘victim' to it.

When you become astute at feeling the energetic bumps and plunges, only then can you gauge the increase and/or decrease of the momentum.

So, unplug from the ‘artificial' means by which you measure what is happening in your world.  Once you practice at following these guidelines, you will KNOW when energetic pressures have ‘upped' the momentum for ‘situations' to happen. You can then use your ‘artificial' means such as news media, internet, time pieces etc.  to determine the what, the time and the place of any such occurrences.

Remember your heightened awareness will serve you, your dependants and your communities as these momentous times progress. Use this opportunity wisely.



Me: Thank You Aton for your help and guidance in taking this message...

There was some more discussion but the message basically ended here.

Endit 11:13 am.

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