That Which You Long For, Is Upon You Again
By Thoth thru Leonette
Aug 18, 2012 - 11:50:30 PM

16th August 2012
THOTH  thru Leonette

I am come today to speak,
To the weary and forlorn,
What you perceive to be is not,
What your eyes alight upon..

I will not speak of that to come,
It is for you as Masters in know,
To act upon that which avails
Your knowing to bestow,

Travails are aplenty,
But none that you can’t bear,
For rising within your purpose,
Glows your essence pure and clear.

For this  you came forward,
For this  you toiled and strained,
To make manifest the righteous truth,
Of what stokes suffering and pain...

As the storms rage on and on
As the pressure takes its toll,
You are reminded of those follies,
For which a cleansing must unfurl..

You witnessed the resetting.
Of the Divine plan many a while,
Manifesting as destruction,
Of the gross and of the vile.

From each attempt you grew,
From each attempt you rose,
Stronger in your yearning,
To Master the light-less you oppose.

Now comes the time of reckoning,
Now comes the time once more,
To shine the light of wisdom,
Amidst the turmoil that’s in store..

Prepared are you in earnest,
Prepared are you in wait,
Tired though you are,
Of destiny and of fate.

Just a while in perfect timing
Just a while, not when or then,
To ensure the need for order,
Should there be a need to rend.

So to you, stand in your glory,
With your eyes cast here and there,
At ready to move in motion,
Once the awaited moments appear..

For you will know that which to do,
In the moments that are come,
Prepared for long have you been,
In past times that have gone.

As I now take my leave,
For you to ponder and reflect
Upon the roles that you have chosen
Despite memory loss and regret..

For these roles are in service,
To the order that is Divine,
And propels you forward.
As you awaken on time.

To your call to duty,
To the vow that you made
To reclaim that which had fallen
Into entrapment that was laid.

So fret not in anger,
So worry not in vain,
For that which you long for,
Is upon you again.

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