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Telepathic Messages : Leonette Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

By Thoth thru Leonette
Jun 29, 2010 - 3:40:32 PM

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Me Hello Thoth, we are continuing this dialogue.

Thoth Yes, are you comfortable?
Me As best as can be.
Thoth Well, let us proceed then,
Me By all means please go ahead.


In the previous discourse, I attempted to provide to you imagery to help you to sense your roles here and in this time. I attempted to show you that in the grand scheme of things each has a role to play and each role is interconnected and valid towards the outcome that is envisaged for these worlds. Worlds that are locked in to a vise or a grip that require effort, both on the parts of those who orchestrate the event and by those who manipulate the physical domains in pursuit of those goals.

Now many of you are unable to picture ‘the goals' of this Herculean effort, for you are by and large in amnesia. There are a few who have been given a ‘glimpse' of this goal but even they cannot visualize the magnitude of such an event. Some receive a small part of the picture from one direction whilst others receive another part from yet a different direction. All these images are based on how ‘tuned up' the receivers are. So from this statement one can realize that the more ‘tuned up' one is the better one is able to comprehend the ‘vision' at the end of the tunnel so to speak.

Now, to get ‘tuned up' requires effort on the part of the one who wishes to be able to come into comprehension about the nature of things. Even for those who may have certain ‘faculties' on line or better said those who may have some ‘gifts' available, gifts such as clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance etc., ‘Tuning up' is an absolute requirement.

What do I mean by ‘tuning up,' simple, the practice, whether consciously or subconsciously of perfecting your thinking patterns, in other words bringing your thinking patterns on line with your Atonic consciousness.

Now whether your ‘gifts' are turned on or whether you are clueless where these things are concerned, matters not, this is a journey for each individual who is yearning to be aligned to supreme consciousness which manifests in these dimensions as the Atonic consciousness so named after Aton who breathed life into the worlds.

Each journey is as varied as the individuals who travel that path and no one way IS the right way, however at a certain point one comes into recognition that alignment occurs at the juncture where falsehoods based on matrix socialization patterns, begin to disintegrate. Most Humans identify this point when the various stimuli in their worlds no longer fascinate or seduce them and for many, especially those who are unaware of what is happening, this is a time of extreme upheaval that manifests as depression and self-degenerative behaviors.

When a Human decides to ‘take the path' and it may be accurate to state that when the Human's consciousness has been activated to fulfill its potential in service within these realms a number of situational triggers occur. Many would attest to personal and emotional crises that forced them to come to crossroads in their lives. If the incorrect decision was made at that particular crossroad, then more challenges followed until the Human chose the paths more conducive to arriving at their intended destinations.

Some may think that these personal and emotional crises are crude and uncaring machinations of an unjust God. I assure you that God has nothing to do with that!
The best way to describe such is to point out that built into the ‘blueprint back-pack'
of each individual on the journey here, are a series of ‘check and balance' switches that become activated under circumstances when energy fields become ‘out of sync' with the individual's energetic blueprint..

When those ‘check and balance' switches are activated., the individual's energetic blueprint starts to realign the energetic components surrounding the Human Body, as such, the characteristics of energetic patterning start to align differently.

As you know the energy that you radiate outwardly from your fields of cognizance, configures the energies of situations that surround your perceived reality. However once the characteristics of the energetic patterns start to re align in a differing pattern based on the ‘check and balance' activations, then you will experience changes in the situations that surround you in your Life experiences, because the energetic patterns are different from the patterns that sustained those experiential perceptions before..

So you may find that you can no longer tolerate certain situations that before posed no significant problem, or you may start having health problems or worsened health issues. Or that the institutional supports that nurtured and sustained you, begin to fall away or deteriorate. Such institutional supports include your career, your religion, your family and your educational systems.

Now these ‘bad things' happen because the activated ‘check and balance' systems which are built into your energetic blueprints, (and let me remind you for you have forgotten, THESE CHECK AND BALANCE SYSTEMS WERE INSTALLED WITH YOUR FULL APPROVAL), have this essential responsibility of ‘stripping' your Essence of contamination as you sojourn here.

If you review your own lives, each and every one of you who read this, you would recognize that your perspectives started changing exponentially, once seemingly insurmountable challenges were placed on your paths. You would have been forced to cling to any modicum of assistance to help you to deal with any given traumatic situation. This process allowed you to forego that which was not helpful and forced you to pursue other avenues for assistance, avenues you would have never considered if your blueprints had not realigned because of the energetic activations.

You would have continued using this methodology of trial, selection and elimination as you continued to deal with the issues that were placed before you. You would have also discovered that what might have worked for a particular situation at a particular time, was no longer applicable if a similar situation challenged you again.

You would have found that whatever your religion taught you, what your family values might be, how your professional life may have shaped your outlook, what your education system supplanted in your mind, how your society socialized you, how your politics controlled you, how your desires jailed you, all these things and more you would have found created challenges in your life for you to explore the truths and untruths of the nature of life as you know it.

I have said all these things to give you an example of how the process of ‘tuning up' works. This ‘tuning up' process is a built in mechanism as stated before and is a part of your ‘back pack' that accompanies your energetic blue prints to these realms...You are largely unaware of this as it should be, because your responses to what your ‘back pack' has in store for you, is what determines whether your ‘tune up' will facilitate your alignment to your ‘Atonic Consciousness.'

You may think, well I can condition my response to fast track my alignment. Well that may be your theory but in actuality it does not work quite that way... the conditions that present themselves in these realms continually prod you to experience your ‘base' selves. Your ‘base' self is tied to your emotional self but acts instinctively and at times, remote from your emotional self.

Your ‘base' self is self-explanatory. It is the self that is least pretentious but it is the self that most Humans mask. The ‘base' self is what forms a repository for Atonic consciousness. Once the ‘base' self acclimatizes to the conditions under which the ‘tune-ups' are warranted, then everything else is as you would say ‘icing on the cake'. Put another way if your ‘base' self, the least pretentious of all the selves, is conditioned by the consciousness of Aton, then the foundation is laid for the honing of the process towards alignment with the Supreme consciousness, which Aton represents in these realms.

The reactions to the activations of the ‘energetic blue print back-packs', are ‘hard-wired' into your ‘base' selves. It is not lodged in the Ego self, however the Ego self: the self that masks, can and oftentimes determine the responses and if the ‘base' self is not on the road to alignment with the Atonic consciousness, then Ego directed responses to the ‘back-pack' activations can be looped into acts of degradation which make alignment more elusive.

The ‘emotional' self, while connected to the ‘base' self and also connected to the Higher Self, tends to be conditioned by the Ego Self and also by conditioning brought about by societal value systems. So, for example, let's say that an appropriate Atonic response to a situation might be to ‘Not turn the other cheek and to stand in one's shoes and stand against a particular situation. " if the ‘emotional self' is conditioned by religious fervor that says to ‘turn the other cheek,' the ‘base' self, might be inclined to
recoil and become retrograde in its ability to respond appropriately.

Similarly, if the Ego Self influenced the ‘emotional' self, the ‘base' self may respond in a manner that will bring nothing of consequence to any of the parties involved in that particular situation.

One can only understand the merits and demerits of any approach by application and
diligent learning from the outcomes.

The ‘base' self is where the upgrades are done and that sets the tone for the willingness of the various energetic selves to merge in consciousness as attempts are made to align to the God consciousness.

Now you may ask how do I get my ‘base' self to respond in the appropriate manner, well all things considered...the ‘base' self is where you practice and test a number of responses to varied reactions until you find the one which leaves you in a state of balance. Although as you progress in the refining of your responses you will become aware that what may have left you in a state of balance at one time, may not do so at a later time. This is because your changing awareness elevates your consciousness and this in turn changes or rather resets your perceptive fields. You spiral in growth in these realms and you would be constantly challenged to hone your ability to maintain your centre so that you will effect the best judgment, at any given time, in any situation that confronts you!

Be not afraid of this!

This forever-changing paradigm of what you consider truth will be just that in these realms because of the nature of the forces that operate here. By engaging the process of learning what is appropriate and supportive of your alignment, automatically jump-starts your alignment process and once you have resolve and determination you will KNOW, when you are in alignment and when you are not.

Now I tie all of this back to what I mentioned in the previous discourse. Remember when I indicated that you all are ‘pulsed' aspects of ourselves, ‘pitched' behind the ‘Veils of Forgetfulness' to further the mission of support to reclaim these ‘out of sync' realms? To use an analogy let us say, you were the owner of a small fish aquarium in your home. One day you noticed that something appeared to be wrong in the fish tank. Maybe a couple of the fishes died, maybe the water appeared somewhat cloudy and you figured that something was wrong with the supply of oxygen within the tank.

At this point, you don't want to empty the aquarium completely because you figure that you can adjust the problem but you will need to remove the dead fishes and after you will need to locate the source of the problem. So you gingerly put your glove protected hand in the water, while you try to recover the oxygen hose at the bottom of the tank and at the same time not disturb the decorative stones and other elements in the aquarium.

Wearing gloves makes the task somewhat cumbersome because you don't have the feel of your fingertips and you are hampered by the need to be careful with the fishes and other elements within the aquarium. Your hand being in an awkward position becomes uncomfortable and cramped. Your fingers appear to want to do its own thing to relieve the discomfort but you know that to do so will make matters worse and force you to have to empty the aquarium completely which you are trying to avoid.

Well, I use this little story above to describe the relationship between You within the ‘Veils of forgetfulness' and US above and beyond ‘ the Veils of Forgetfulness'.

You as our hands in the Fish Aquarium and we as You standing looking down at the aquarium with our hands in the water of the aquarium. We are trying our best to save the aquarium and the contents but because the tank is so small we can only place our hands within the aquarium in this uncomfortable position, to force our entire arm in will cause the aquarium to shatter and everything to be ruined so we are using our hands to try and fix the problem. Due to the nature of the situation though our hands are hurting due to discomfort and cramps, wearing gloves in water takes the discomfort to another level and soon enough some of the water gets into the gloves...

This causes the fingers to cramp even more and a decision has to be taken whether to take the hand out of the water and empty the aquarium or to stay the course.

For the time though, you decide to stay the course because you feel confident that you can fix the problem but the fingers are unresponsive because they are uncomfortable and cramped plus the gloves are proving counter-productive but it's necessary to wear them to prevent the fish from nipping at your hands. You are thinking that you need to let your fingers know how crucial they are to saving this entire aquarium, so you try to communicate with the muscles in your arms to relax.... And so starts the process of communicating with your fingers...

If you can understand the roles that are being played by this little story, then you are well on your way to understanding you roles here and how you need to align with your God consciousness to facilitate that which you came here to accomplish.

Whew...this has been long.

Thoth: Yes and I know that you are tired but we cleared your desk to facilitate
this. (Sensing a smile) This is important!
Me: Well I figured that much...

Thoth: It is important because while we appear to have some ‘time', every available opportunity will be utilized to ‘pull many up,' to have them raise their vibrations, to stretch their minds, to plant the seeds, so that it becomes easier the next time around when they encounter elements of what we are discussing, whether in word or in actual form.
Me Thank you for the opportunity to assist in this regard.

Thoth: Thank you for availing of yourself in this mighty effort.


This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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