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Telepathic Messages : Leonette Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

By Thoth thru Leonette
Jun 24, 2010 - 4:01:37 PM

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Thoth thru Leonette

June 24 2010.


Me: Hello Thoth, I feel at ease and I am able to connect with you today. How goes it?

Thoth: I know that you want to know about everything that is happening around you, but this you can see for yourself, for as I said before It is Here and Now. The precision of effects has to be measured to ensure success. How it works is similar to how you effect anything of importance. You initiate action then you stop and measure the response to the action and decide if to maintain the pressure of the current action or to decrease or increase accordingly. All to ensure the finality of what you are trying to achieve is NOT compromised to the point of INVALIDITY.

Me: for the last few months I seemed unable to ‘tap into your consciousness'
and I felt frustrated by this inability...I felt cut off.......

Thoth: I was able to ‘tap into yours' and I know that you are aware of such.
your feeling of alienation was just that...your feeling...and that came about because you were clouding your space with the ‘What, How and When' of
your expectations and you were seeking to foist that on my awareness. This of course contaminated your field and colored your emotions which in effect
prevented you from 'reading me' clearly as I tried to adjust your ‘frames of reference' to help you perceive what was happening around you.

So not only did you ‘feel' alienated from me but you also ‘felt' alienated from everything that was and is occurring around you. I hope you realize that your perceived alienation is very much a figment of your imagination, as is your perception that everything is ‘hunky-dory' in your world.


Your curiosity about the role that I play in all of this is prominent in your mind,
Suffice it to say that as part of the Hierarchy with a focus on liberation of these realms, WE all play our varied roles in this ‘mission' as you would think it to be.

Our efforts appear individuated, yet a better description would be that each focus is a small part of the Collective foci and the Collective foci is about bringing these ‘out of sync' realms into the bosom of Prime Creator. Now achieving that eventuality is beyond your current ability to perceive in terms of the time-span for such an endeavor and the various steps to achieve such. However part of the initial steps to such an objective begins with the bringing of these realms into alignment with the ATON consciousness paradigm.

Therefore, as a consequence, Aton is the prime co-coordinator and evaluator of what is to be done to achieve such a feat. After all, these realms are HIS manifestations. He has divested of Himself in different forms and as such HE ‘EXPERIENCES" the discordance of lesser energies gone awry within His overall consciousness. By the same token though, His consciousness has the ability to ‘measure' accordance in the energetic structures that make up his consciousness template.

Hence the reason He is the ONE who guides the process as he sees fit because ultimately he experiences the energetic surges, be it of malfeasance or bliss within the essence of WHO HE IS. HE bears full responsibility, not only, for these creations of His but also for the returning of these creations to their Original blueprints that are the overall patterning of the Grand Cosmic Design emanating from Prime Creator.

The other ‘aspects' of the Grand Cosmic Design" patterning, such as the essence that you refer to, as Thoth and many others are part of the support mechanism in place to assist in this undertaking. Similarly, you and many others, whether they are aware or not, are part of this same support mechanism.

We are aspects of Prime Creator, operating as Group Collectives at a higher frequency, closer to Source.

You all are splintered aspects of US, downloaded behind the ‘veiled enclosure' of what you would describe as your MATRIX consciousness, as vibrationally, stepped-down versions of the many varieties that make up our whole.

In other words, we have ‘pitched' or rather ‘pulsed' aspects of ourselves behind the ‘Veils of Forgetfulness', to further this mission of support.

As connections to you all who are positioned behind ‘the veil', we provide vibrational support to you and it delights us, when we recognize that, you, in your amnesiac condition, become aware of this vibrational support.

We also orchestrate particular energetic influences at this level that filter through ‘bands of energetic layers' to permeate and transform the energetic matrices of those discordant realms. We also ‘pulse' those energetic influences to you and through you via your individuated energetic systems that surround your physical beingness.

When you come into awareness of this process, you take a vibrational leap forward.
The support that I provide as part of the Collective Consciousness to which I belong is multi-faceted. What I convey is primarily in the domain of cosmic truth, which includes scientific and esoteric wisdom. I am also involved in the art of cosmic civilization building, from the very primary, for example in the case of basic consciousness, the activating of the awareness of the importance of co-operation and structural organizing to the more advanced cosmic systems of inter and overlapping influences, connections and assimilation processes in facilitating merged thought and group consciousness.

I am also part of the Council that deals with Cosmic Systems planning, development, re-structuring and adjudication processes. My other foci, I will deal with at another time when it will be best understood.

I relay this information to try to help many to understand that this process of ‘liberation' is actually the ‘coming together' of many inputs from many quarters and many levels of consciousness participating in this mission.

It is NOT one solitary effort but a collection of MANY towards an ULTIMATE.

The Supervising Coordinator is Aton in whose essence all of this is transpiring. HE is in charge of the orchestra. He hummed the etude into existence, selected the rhythms and he developed the stanzas. More than that though, he conducts the orchestra and he also performs within it.

He internalizes the melodic highs and lows in a piece that is melancholy at best, when it need not be so. You all are parts of this very ATONIC expression and even though you may NOT be in TOTAL awareness of EVERYTHING, as is ATON, you are possessed of the same qualities of forbearance and determination that are some of the attributes of Creatorship,

Perceived lulls in activity are just momentary pauses in the orchestrated piece so that other parts can emerge at the coordinated and appointed times.

When ALL the parts are ‘tuned to perfection' and the various chords harmonize to sound the Grand Crescendo, the playing of the piece achieves a rising resonance, which elevates the particulates of your world from the mundane to the sublime.

I have tried to describe this current scenario using terms of sound and energy in the form of music. I believe it is easier for most to appreciate what is happening and how your own roles impact the WHOLE, from the vantage point of orchestrated music.

If all the parts to this orchestrated piece are in the process of tuning to perfection so that the sound that is projected is in harmony with other sounds in the creation of the Grand Crescendo, then the question that must be asked is if each and everyone is diligently ‘tuning' their instruments to ensure such ‘near perfection' is achieved.

I will advise that in order to achieve that 'near perfection' that attention must be paid to:

1. The Objective (The grand crescendo)

2. The enhancing of your Be-ing (tuning to perfection)

3. the elimination of that which distorts the clarity of your sound.

4. Identifying that which is NOT in your best interest and ‘pulling the plug' on it.

5. Remaining focused in spite of what you see or rather what you don't see.

6. Keeping aligned to your Atonic consciousness that contains attributes of forbearance and determination, which are attributes that will get you over the ‘hump' of your disappointments.

Remember, you are embodied in vessels that have been created out of Atonic consciousness and encoded in the blueprint are those attributes so they are not
foreign to your level of consciousness.

Me: Thank You Thoth

Thoth: The pleasure is mine, however we will follow up on this discourse at another time.
Me: I look forward to that time and thank you!


This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.

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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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