More WONDROUS Detail on the Norway Thingy
By Thoth, thru Leonette
Dec 31, 2009 - 11:54:00 AM

"This project was collaborative in nature. The manifestation of the spiral was an acknowledgement that the work 'on the ground' was successful.
Even though this was effected by Man, it was not without the Blessings of those who are responsible for 'the Causal Elemental Forces' that surround your world.
In other worlds the project could have terminated in failure if it was so decided. Given the situation though, it was felt that the manifestation of this 'celestial wonder' would suggest many things, which included a 'wake-up call' for mankind. It was thusly timed to effect messages to 'those who continue to betray circumstances in pursuit of personal aggrandizements.
The apparition was also an indicator that Knowledge of these processes will NOT be entertained for purposes of warfare and by extension the willingness by 'the Forces' who overseer such to allow the manifestation of success, was a further indication that NO opportunity will be provided for Man to use the FREE WILL option to undermine the terms and conditions under which this effort was approved and enacted...." END
 Please beloved readers pass this around plus maybe the one I where I said what I was allowed to say, on various boards you work on, because as I have said before, THIS WAS NOT A WEAPON demonstration, and this backs up that the thingy was done by man of Earth, which in this case, was the much more spirtually advanced Russians. -Candace

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