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Telepathic Messages : Leonette Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

More Detail on the Process of the Magnetic Reversal
By Thoth and Leonette with comments by Candace
Sep 7, 2009 - 5:23:00 AM

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10:57a.m. 9th August 2009.



Leonette:            I sense you wish to speak with me.


THOTH  -            I always wish to share with you, not just to speak, we are one always and my journey is

                        also yours and vice versa. Consider me as an elder brother, guiding you along the way.


Leonette            Candace wanted to know about the pole reversal/tilt…how is it going?


THOTH  -            The tilting of the Earth has already begun, as a matter of fact your Earth has always

                        tilted to and fro, however, this time we can consider it as a swarm of tilts. This, some

                        of you  experience as dizziness, vertigo with the attendant symptoms.  (Candace: it tilts normally each day, as can be observed by the movement of the sun, and also seasonally.)


                        What happens to cause the reversals, well, the tilting is like what you refer to as…say

your ‘rocking chair’ it goes backward and forward, yes, well that’s it, your Earth going backward and forward as it seeks to get a balance on her ‘new poles’ (?) that have realigned with the spin of the Northern and Southern vortices. Once the tilting steadies, then the earth hangs in balance, to move to or fro is not going to allow for the ‘reverse spin’ so she stops after tilting and hangs in BALANCE. This will begin your time of Stasis.

Hanging in this balance without moving forward or backward will produce atmospheric and environmental responses. You will refer to them as disasters, but it is part of the re-righting of the Earth’s axis.


She stands in balance, steady and unmoving while that which is not in vibration with her ascending movement is released from her gravitational forces. The magnetics at the Earth’s core will release and trigger propulsion that forces the involution of space and time as you know it. With such an involution the vortices will ‘suck-in’ or pull to one another and combust at the Earth’s Centre.


This combustion will produce an ‘energetic whirlwind’, the force of which will propel the Earth into another direction forcing her to spin clockwise. The clockwise spinning projects the Earth’s body upward in an extended spiral, aligned with a new vortex.  It is this clockwise spin that will chart the Earth in an ‘upward’ direction to the ‘first rings of the spiral that leads to the “Eternal Light’.


Leonette            Thank you Thoth. I look forward to traveling with you in my dreamtime.


THOTH  -            Yes, we have much to explore and recall.



The above ended at 11:14, However I began to receive a graphic of the process which I attempted to

reproduce in a diagram.


Candace:  use this link to access the pdf file diagram.  I could not find a way to place the diagram in this piece.  When the file downloads, there is a little thumbtack that will produce a copy of the above work. That’s how Leonette sent it all to me. I am asking Giuseppe, as I accidentally somehow got the diagram into an email, and sent to him, to see if he can add the drawing directly to this. When the file downloads, don’t forget to save it to your computer if you wish to look at the drawing again.


OK, guess what, you can teach an old dog new tricks!  Friend Deb sent me a jpeg of Leonette's drawing and I figured out how to upload it into this piece, after it still would not copy and paste. I remembered seeing a feature for uploading images and after some trial and error, not too much error, I got it to work!!!!  So, the image is now at the bottom, and should copy to your word processor, I hope, because I was able to place it in my word doc. So, you don't have to download the pdf file below, unless you would like to do so.


The following is an explanation of the diagram, which was conveyed to my mind.


-          A ‘shearing’ takes place at the north and south vortices.


-          Because of this ‘shearing’ activity’ there is an extreme reduction in ‘protonic’ energy data

entering through the North and South poles via  the respective vortices.


-          This reduction of energy data causes the vortices to become non-functional and ‘Flat’.

-          The Earth stops and balances as it tethers on the ‘X’ column of energy already contained within its body.


-          The Earth loses its ‘static’ as a result of the ‘Flat-lining’ of the North and South vortices therefore she drops ‘density’.


-          As she drops density, that which is not compatible loosens it’s attachment to the Earth.


-          This loosening of attachment will be represented as removals from the Earth’s being in one sense or the other.


-          This will be accompanied by a massive re-alignment of the Earth’s surface.




Candace:  I am adding a little commentary of ways to view this process that I was working with for teaching.


Some of you watching Real Time  may have noticed there are occasional sudden “jolts” to earth, which we often discuss  in the Holy Shit thread.  Notice the part by Thoth above,  about the extreme reduction in Protonic energy, that I bolded. When the protons coming in drop too much, earth gets a “shot” of them by Starfleet, from for lack of a better word, a “proton shooter.” High tech technology.  This helps delay the inevitable. There is a sudden increase in protons, which the pressure image on Real Time usually turning white for only a very short time, usually under ½ hour, often only 15 minutes. I like to reference this as a shot to help lift up Mother earths “depression.”  Besides the decreasing sun activity and thus fewer protons, there is also many other factors bringing about the magnetic pole reversal.


Now, here is another visualization you can do. I assume all of you at some point have played with a child’s “top.”   Now, as the top begins to loose it’s spin, it wobbles. Will, earth has TWO tops, (vortexes ) that are spinning in opposite directions.  These are depicted in Leonette’s drawing as vortexes, north and south. .  Imagine the “tops” points meet in the center of earth. Both these tops are wobbling because the spinning of the energy vortexes are slowing. In part because of the greatly lessened energies coming in.  But there are other factors.


Now when a top stops spinning, it just falls over.  When earth’s vortexes stop spinning, they will collapse upon each other. I call this “pancaking” and I have been watching this also in my mind. So I was happy to have Leonette’s drawing.  Now, when these collapse on each other, as Thoth says above, the energy, he uses the word, will combust, because it has involuted and bursts forth, restarting the vortexes (or tops) in the other direction, thus restarting earth’s rotation in the other direction.  You could also imagine compressing a spring. When you let the spring go……… it will expand again. When you greatly compress something, heat is produced, which is why Old Faithful at Yellowstone Park goes off periodically, the great compression of the water produces a lot of heat, and it “explodes.” 


Do you remember when CM was discussing that Jupiter must involute before becoming a sun and the involution process did not occur “on time” winter of 2008, so they had to wait another year. This was a similar process. Jupiter’s two vortexes had to do the same thing essentially, except that the size of Jupiter and it’s being a gas planet, the process, aided also by star fleet technology, produced a sun. Earth is not a gas giant, and thus will not burst into a sun, but this will however raise the vibration and spin on the planet. 


I have covered some the oddities in my recent updating post, but I am not finished with that post yet, needs the erratic tilt and rotation data I have recently observed. I will re-date that piece when I finish it.


vortex image





Ok, Eve wrote, not sure what a top was, and I forget, some of you speak other languages, and her dictionary did not provide a word. After I described it, she knew, a KREISEL in German.  Then when she used the English Germain dictionary for Kreisel, it produced Top, in English.


Here are two links with pics of Tops for those not understanding for any reason.


 The top I had as a child and one I also had for my kids had a pump to make it spin. I see some of the current ones with pumps have a flat bottom, so they aren't doing to have the same effect. Mine had a point, so it wobbled as it slowed down.  Also pushing that pump to start it, is a little like the pushing pump that will form in the center of earth, to start earth's vortexes spinning again. They have collapsed with great pressure and HEAT that re start the spinning.    Here is a wiki article that explains them a bit more. 


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