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Telepathic Messages : Leonette Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Let the Sun shine in!!
By Thoth and Leonette
Feb 25, 2010 - 9:02:44 AM

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Let the Sun Shine, Let the Sun shine in, Let the Sun shine in!!


11:05 23.02 2010

Thoth: You seem better today, your spirit is lifting and that is wonderful.Our link will not be so tenuous as it was yesterday.

Me: Yes I am a little better but somewhat apprehensive about todays information...I just want to do justice to it.

Thoth: My advice to you is to stop judging your ability and just BE.

Me: I'll try...

Thoth: Don't try just BE! Relax into it. I will take the complication out of Complex, so just BE!

Me : Ok...It makes no sense arguing or complaining so just go ahead, do your thing and thank you for the confidence...

Thoth: Hmmm, must have the last word...I see...


(I sense a smile in all of this to-ing and fro-ing so I relax and let go or rather let's go!)

Thoth: The Sun that you know as the giver of existence is about to take on another responsibility...One that is larger than Life and one that is about to usher into your awareness the meaning of everything that ever was and everything that is to come. Your Sun for which you depend on, to know night and day, to know time as you perceive it, to provide you with nutrients to sustain you and your world is about to unleash such potent forces upon your planet as to render your perception of everything that you know distant and shallow.

Remember in a previous discourse I mentioned that your Sun was being impacted by the rotating axes (axis) of universal frequencies, well more than that your dedicated Sun is also taking on an enhanced role in the ‘stepping down' of much higher frequencies as they come in from the Great Central Sun. The frequencies from the Great Central Sun are so potent that they will obliterate everything that you know in your perception of time and space. As such there is a need to filter those frequencies to an extent by having your dedicated Sun absorb those higher frequencies within ‘His' body and then filter those frequencies in such a way to reduce what may be extremely harmful to the lower energies that reside at your dimensional level.

What do these frequencies do? I can hear you ask without you saying such. Well imagine if your sun with an iota of the strength of the Great Central sun can hold sway over life and death in your world, just imagine what a re-energized sun could do if it is not properly managed and coordinated.

Your world is being flooded with intense photonic energy ...the cells of all life forms are being re-calibrated.

The carbon blueprint that informed your flesh and bones is being transmuted, first to crystalline structures and then as the crystalline structures become fully on-line they become extremely receptive to photonic ‘particulates' which produce an alchemical effect and change the fabrication and roles of the cellular structures.

In other words your cellular structure starts vibrating to a higher frequency!

Crystals and photons are carrier essences. In other words they can transmit and receive information of a finer nature. You will start to become more receptive to energies that are subtle. These are energies that you could not process before in the mostly carbon make up of your physicality. Understand this WILL have profound effects in how the perception of your world is processed. Already you are gradually tuning into imagery that was previously out of your range of perception.

Those that guide your well-being are allowing you to view alternative imagery in non frightening ways. One such way is within the dream state. You are also impacting your immediate environment by your thoughts and words in ways that were extremely difficult before. You think it and if like an instruction that goes out, the universe arranges to suit. This access is tied to your spiritual development. In other words, as you ‘mature' in your spiritual development your ‘abilities' become more definitive and more dependable.

The wonder of it is that those, whose crystalline structural processes are accelerating and advancing, are the ones who are having more success with this perceived ‘phenomena' as this crystalline acceleration and advancement is tied to the Being's own advancing spiritual awakening and growth process.

This is NOT a coincidence.


It is a fail-safe method to ensure that those whose growth processes are in line with the acceleration of the cosmic will, are the ones who are changing their core structures to receive the incoming intense photonic energies.

Now this is the method whereby the wheat is separated from the chaff.


Those who are not in line with the cosmic will cannot process the alchemical transformations, which absorb these incoming photonic energies. As such they become vulnerable to what you may perceive as ‘harm' from these incoming energies.

You may think that you look the same as before...but those with trained eyes and/or those with the technology can see the glow of photonic light emanating from your bodies...The quality of the light which is emanating from your cellular structure differs in quality and quantity from what obtained before. It is Radiant and there is a goodly exchange of information within the particulates of this radiation and the Cosmos. At a finite level, these photonic particulates pulse, oscillate and spiral outward in a continued motion of what can best be described as a cosmic in-charge and ex-charge or better a cosmic in breath and out breath.

Previously, anyone with such a ‘brilliant field' would have attracted certain energetic beings whose sole purpose would have been to ‘destroy' such brilliance. However at this ‘time' such ‘negatively oriented' energetic beings are themselves in great distress and turmoil as they are being impacted by these incoming photonic energies and they lack the wherewithal to withstand the brunt of what is coming into their space, as such, in their weakening positions, they are unable to orchestrate any attacks against those who are literally ‘of the light.'

This is how change is effected in your physical world. The work is done ‘on-the-ground', by spirit encapsulated in physical form that is then transmuted to receive cosmic energies that altogether affect the mental processes of those who have taken on physicality for purposes of shattering the thought form matrix that informs the consciousness grid of the perceived physical reality.

Now you have seen the images that show ‘strange craft' around the Sun. Your senses tell you that these craft are of extra-terrestrial origin and that they must be doing something to the Sun.

They are there in part to aid in the filtered emanations from the sun. They sort of....for want of a better word...‘tweak' the intensity of the energetic solar emanations. They also assist in keeping the Sun in a state of balance....because the energy from the Great Central Sun is focused in a ‘corridor of sorts' or better yet it comes in a ‘laser like thrust' and absorbed by your dedicated Sun. This pure and immense energy has the potential to throw your Sun ‘off-course' when it comes in. These ‘craft' aid by providing stabilization and grounding fields so that the Sun maintains its equilibrium as it receives the energies from the Great Central Sun and disperses it in measured amounts to the Earth's atmosphere.

These craft also conduct...let's see.. aahh... ‘readings' ascertain the velocity of what is projected towards the earth...they allow for more intense or less intense velocity based on their assessments of the impacts that are taking place...they are also monitoring ‘readings' taken from the earth's atmosphere and the sentient life contained therein which is assessed and escalated to other galactic quadrants and spiritual orders for inputs and decisions.

You are thinking what about Jupiter...well Jupiter is a ‘player' in the grand scheme of was felt that because of the vibrational link between the Earth and dedicated Sun that has existed for eons, that the bulk of the Earth's extreme makeover, be handled by the dedicated Sun...similar to the concept of a relationship between a parent and a child with the parent engaging in the growth process of the child in a way that only parents can.. the role that Jupiter plays is like an elder sibling to the child. A bit junior to the parent when it comes to providing a comforting but firm grip as the child navigates the challenges associated with the movement from childhood to puberty.

Jupiter will be allowed a visual impact just on the cusp of the planetary crystalline upgrade when it reaches seventy-five percent capacity in most humans who have a dedicated role in moving with the earth to dimensions of Light and Life. This is to ensure that those who are to survive will not be severely impacted or extremely discomforted by the combined incoming energies of your dedicated Sun and Jupiter-the Sun.

Once the FULL impact of the showing of the two Suns escalates then you know that other steps are going to be taken to preserve what needs to be preserved.

The crystalline upgrade is averaging 65 percent in most cases some more some less, when the average is about 75 percent then it would be relatively safe and/or less uncomfortable to expose the planetary populations to the combined experience of both Suns.

The final say in this rests with ATON who will determine the ‘whether we do' or the ‘whether we don't' and the ‘when we will', as the case maybe. However, given the parameters that are being worked with, the above percentages and scenarios are the ‘breakpoints' for visibility of Jupiter.

I have taxed you sufficiently for the day, even though you have the capacity to go much longer. I will let you rest now.

Me: Thank you Thoth. For me this is an honor and I sincerely wish togrow in my knowledge and ability so that you can have a less limited palette from which to draw your analogies.

Thoth: The knowledge and abilities are already there and with the incoming Energies the re-emergence of the memories will be greatly forthcoming.In due course, if not already, many people will be or are able to tap into this process without it seemingly exclusive to some. However until then, the honor is mine to be able to share as best I can, through you.

Me: Thank You.







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