It is imperative that YOU ALL understand what is occurring
By Aton/Christ Michael thru Leonette
Mar 4, 2017 - 9:00:59 AM

4.13 pm 15th February, 2016.

Aton here.

it's been a long time Leonette Thank you for hearkening to this call..

It is imperative that YOU ALL understand what is occurring for it will soon be your time in which to manifest your potential.

Above all else...the position that is to the benefit of all... must be improved to the extent that earthly relationships evolve in accordance with esteemed celestial junctures that herald beginnings and endings.

To these points of reference you must become aware that things are likely to prevail in ever astonishing measures which will solicit meritorious acclaim, once the full 'playing out of scenarios' is allowed.

The 'mish-mash' of forces in the arena are playing out their eventual crisis roles towards a particular crescendo. 

None are 'holier' than the other ..All that matters is that at whatever given moment... .the 'role player' stepping into the appointed position... comes into a sudden realization of the momentum in swing and by 'actioning'  a particular response could bring an alignment in thought with those of the the 'scriptors'...

From your perspective, there is utter confusion..much chaos ..incoherent babbling..and inconclusive and inconsistent messages being projected...

Positions on matters of principle appear to swing 'back and forth' as if out of 'mere' convenience....

So too... there is 'backsliding' of solidly held positions and much 'swinging back and forth' on principled issues  ...  essentially complicating on-going narratives which come into view and within earshot.

It is almost like if ALL of YOU are being forced to form YOUR OWN PERSPECTIVES based upon YOUR OWN AWARENESS AND YOUR OWN SOUL SEARCHING as opposed to 'riding' on somebody else's opinion...regardless of who that somebody else might be...

Certainly..this is NOT ACCIDENTAL..for these times demand YOU ALL step fully into your SOVEREIGN SHOES. 

Allow me to explain further... for this transmission is for the benefit of ALL who may be somewhat unable to detach, even momentarily, from that which is considered 'comfortable' and 'non-contentious'...or otherwise said..ALL who are not prepared to 'rock the boat'...

Part of this overall charade is to weed out  certain characteristics that need to be fully seen...It must be ventilated in an obtuse way so  that the contents within the proverbial 'genie bottle' could be aired...Such ventilation is necessary to expose weaknesses. 

In order to move 'the ship' forward..weaknesses within a VESSEL ..MUST BE brought to light and if possible..repaired, strengthened...or reconfigured accordingly. This congruence must not only apply to the 'Vessel" that is about to sail but also to the Cargo and the Crew including the Captain.

I know what ails your heart relative to the available 'line-up'  to sail this 'ship' through these turbulent straits.

Remember many of these persons would have had to be tried and tested in many conditions which you may consider  'not conducive' or 'becoming' to carry  that mantle of responsibility that has now been foisted on their shoulders. 

We expect and so do they at their 'higher essences' ...that experiences and exposure gained through years of navigating ..oftentimes tarnished environments  of 'wheeling and dealing'  have fortified such participants with an ebullience and rigor that is not easily gained in other circumstances...

In ways... that can be considered revolting to those whose principles often remained aligned with their 'higher essences.. 

However get this job done...there is a requirement for certain skills to be deployed under such nebulous least to bring the 'project' up to a phase where the 'worst' of the conditions have been neutralized.

'Tangling' with the worst of the conditions..requires 'brute' and oftentimes callous, belligerent approaches which 'inspire' equally responsive attitudes.. 

As the opposing forces charge each other, chaos may seem to ensue.

Be prepared... for elements on both sides of the 'divide'..if not awakened to the underpinnings of their higher essences, will succumb  or 'fall back' on uninspiring behaviours which they 'honed' in order to survive  their sojourns... within those environments that prepared them for their current roles...

For they too are being tested to determine the truthfulness of their words, as evidenced by their consistency of action.... by their declared their humility in the face of revealed truth. the Sun pours out its rays into the open sky and upon the earth...their intentions will become projected unto the panoramic screen of Life..and everyone gets to learn and measure sincerity and truth in accordance with their level of awareness....

You too...are ALL being tested on a similar score...

Shifting perspectives can result from a number of conditions...either from lack of proper understanding or misinformation or fickleness which ebbs and flows in accordance with personal perceptions. 

Becoming resolute requires self-exploration at deep levels.... it also requires facing and bit by bit overcoming rooted fears...which can stymie unbiased vision. To truly know... is to free oneself from biased vision, which can only come incrementally...

This is part of  'risk management'..which is always part of the overall consideration. 

The Sovereign Integral is always asked and tasked with examining that which is under observation.What that simply means is that everyone, including those that are perceived to be operating at 'higher levels' are likely to have distortions in perspectives. The 'set play' always is..but the 'players' alone determine the roles and the 'glitches' in the outcome.

From a higher level, the observer can see the eventuality and the set pieces are in position in accordance with the play, however,, from a different angle the 'set pieces' may or may not be the original pawns, even though from a higher perspective the formation on the 'Board of Life'... REMAINS the eventual outcome.

The moral of this little teaching is an old one..many will be called but few would be chosen and further..... from those who have been chosen... many will falter and others will emerge to take their places.

Not because ONE is chosen means that they will not falter and while GRACE is given to them to re-align accordingly..if for one reason or another,,they fail so to do...then a reckoning occurs that will remedy such a situation.

As Sovereign Integral, the sooner proper discernment determines a problem that needs identification and rectification...the better the overall outcome will be. However, as you will surmise, it is a most difficult task to identify AND rectify that which is being heralded to be 'without scrutiny'...

These are 'testing times' but once embraced these 'testing times' will enable ALL Sovereign Integrals to be truly worthy of their titles.

Adieu..This is ATON.

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