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Telepathic Messages : Leonette Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Heeding the Call
By Thoth Thru Leonette
May 17, 2009 - 6:15:00 PM

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10:55 am 12th May 2009.






(Me)… My Dearest Thoth, I give you free reign so that the information can be as pure as it needs to be, so that those who receive it can be moved to their highest capacity in service to The One.

Let me settle now and be at PEACE.


Thoth: It is I, Thoth, scribe of ages, ministering unto thee. My languaging is reminiscent of times past when things were simpler and honour was a sought commodity. You know of those times. You bring that energy into THESE times when such an energy is no longer a ‘by-word.” Values have lost meaning and in a world where souls are lost, simple values have taken on new meaning. It is time for man to FREE himself from the dilemma into which he has sunk.


All through the eons of time, men have sought wisdom from far and wide, in an attempt to reach that Light, which they can barely see but oh… can they recognize. Observing this Light, man looked out of himself but not within and within has all the components to effect change…change not only within himself but also to effect change outside of himself.


Now this is easier said, because while one may look within and let us say observe what is occurring, it becomes quite obvious that in looking within something else must take place. Observation is just one part of the analysis involved when looking in. Comparative analysis is another. Determination of cause and effect still another. Seeking appropriate remedial action quite another.


So you see, to “look within’ is quite a clichéd term and it is a term that has been used by many, however true introspection is not quite so simple or put another way true introspection becomes simple to those who can master the universe within and when you can accomplish such a thing then you can understand the properties of creation.


Those, who are called to this service, will instinctively know of what I speak.






You cannot Master the Way, unless you Master yourself, your own Universe.


Now I want to be careful how I use your language because the term ‘Master” suggests a ‘slavish’ component. The polarity of your world suggests this.


From the perspective of the higher realms to be a Master means that you are in resonance with The One or you are AT-ONE. When that becomes your dominant resonance, then you are on the path to your Liberation.


I know that you have concerns with what I am about to teach. You are concerned that it may fall into the wrong hands ‘just like before’ (Me- receiving a prompt that suggests ‘just life before’ refers to the days of Atlantis) Let me set your mind at peace with this. ‘Before” was allowed for purposes of testing how far or rather how deep the human personae will sink.


This time, however, the allowance for such testing is almost to the point of obliteration. Those who are NOT AT-ONE and as such are NOT resonant with A-TON CANNOT, no matter how they try, realize success with what I am about to give, so do not concern yourself further with this!!!


Before going further, let us summarize what was spoken of prior to this message.


We spoke of Light, Energy, Vibration and Frequency. We spoke of how your presence here as a sensory, holographic probe is imbued with the essence of the Divine in the form of particles of Light. We spoke of your presence here as being informed by your thoughts. The thoughts of ‘you in the here’ as encased particles of light and the thoughts of ‘the You in the non-local dimensions’ within the purer domains.


We spoke of the ‘Non-Local You’, who occupies the pure domains, projecting itself through frequency bands to the level of material creation. We spoke of the dropping of consciousness, the closer we got to the astral and physical realms, where the Earth and other like spheres vibrate.


We inferred that at a level within the downward spiral, ‘the probes’ assumed denser forms and as they became denser they became skewed to what their true essences were. We inferred that as ‘the probes’ became denser the thought patterns became obfuscated (bewildered) and reactionary as the ‘light quotient’ became less the further ‘out’ and lower they went. As ‘these probes’ reached a certain level, they ‘fractured out’ as they descended deeper and deeper into conscious matter.


Think of a pyramid. At the top it is like AT-ONE.. ALL ONE...United as ONE. As the pyramid moves downward, it's mass of building material increases in divisions as it expands in space. In essence it fractures and spreads out the further down it goes to BASE. However, the opposite is true as it moves upward to its APEX.


The portions of the probes who remained on the periphery of conscious matter placed a ‘neural net ‘ around their continually fracturing essences as these essences multiplied and descended further into matter.


The ‘peripheral probes’ having become skewed in their essences because of their ‘apartness’ from  their origin as ONE and  because their pure cosmic light had become somewhat ‘dimmed’ when compared to their original Source Light, became vulnerable in their confusion. 

You are aware that when you join with those of similar spirit in pursuit of a particular endeavour, the bond that is created is very strong. The more noble the pursuit the stronger the bond. When you become fractured or separated you become disunited in Spirit. You therefore become vulnerable and your Spirit becomes prone to contamination one way or another.


The 'peripheral probes' in their descent into the worlds of matter, believed that they were protecting their continually fracturing essences from their ‘warped’ interpretations of the Cosmos. For indeed, as they saw it,  if all life is fractured, then by extension it is separated from each other and in order to protect its’ separated components or 'turf', then the law of survival must be implemented.


So those who remained on the periphery, by virtue of the fact that they were least fragmented than their descended aspects, were, by the very nature of their positioning in the less dense layers of the Net and by virtue of the fact that their power was more concentrated as opposed to their more fractured aspects…retained a great amount of control over the lower, heavier dimensional layers and the extremely fractured aspects contained within.


 So now you understand a bit more, of how and where the concept of hierarchies originated and why the Master concept was used to suggest one of a higher status against one of a lowly status…


I needed to reinforce and clarify the differences in the ‘Master’ concept as enunciated and interpreted by those of the pure lighted realms and those who have separated from the purity of Light, and as such, have lost varying degrees of their light quotient.


When your dominant resonance is AT- ONE (ATON) you are on the path to being a MASTER and being a MASTER means you master the Universe within. When you master the Universe within then you master the Universe without.


This is how those of the pure lighted realms view Masterhood!




Part II







Now let’s move to some themes I raised with you in a previous communication. ‘JERICHO’S VENGAS,’DREAMING TO AWAKE’ and ‘AWAKING TO LIBERATION’..


As ‘time is nigh’, I will incorporate all information relative to the above in one discourse. Although the titles provide different components to the outcome…they are all interwoven and in the interest of ‘time’ from your concept, I will ‘weave’ the information to provide textural meaning and synthesis…. This approach will inform the whole as the objective.


Jericho’s Vengas is my little term that I use to convey a phenomenon of the advancing of sonic frequencies. In other words it is the manner of projecting sound, as a vibration at particular frequency levels for purposes of impacting matter. (Think about the story of how the walls of Jericho came tumbling down).


Dreaming To Awake is about imaging in your mind a Net like fabric and you know that a net is a mesh and consists of a series of spaces, each bound by material of some sort, which isolates one space from the other. You are imaging you, as an entity positioned within one of these spaces.


Awaking to Liberation is about freeing yourself from the limitations of the Matrix, using your attributes as a God-Man, (resonance of At-ONE) while vibrating sound at a particular frequency and holding an image in your mind.









When sound is vibrated at certain frequencies and advanced throughout the Neural Net, it causes fracturing or shattering and the illusions that are upheld and impatterned begin to dissipate. This dissipation begins the act of liberating you from your imposed perceptions of ‘reality’.

  At each level of change in the composition of density and space, there is a sound at a particular frequency that holds the dimensions of the configuration in place. You must note however, that not all sound…in fact most sounds are outside of the range of your hearing in this material world.


If you could ‘hear,’ you will know that the universe has sounds and tones, planets emit sounds and tones…what you perceive as empty space emits sounds and tones and each dimensional layer has its own quality of sound and tones… sound is vibration and everything vibrates at a frequency and tone unique to it.


Remember the ‘probes’ we spoke of earlier …well…clearly it is obvious that they had the capacity to fracture or sub-divide themselves. The fracturing is initiated within the world of sound…That is, sound within a particular frequency band…however there are two opposites that work here in the polarity worlds sound that unite and sound that fragments and the skilful mixing or blending of the two is what creates matter (?)… Holding the image within the blending of the octaves brings the matter into being…In other words imaging (or picturing) held within sonic vibrations (frequencies) brings the dream (energetic matter) into reality (being).



However those probes as they became more and more fractured as they moved into the etheric layers of the material world could not hold the sonic vibrations necessary to keep their essences in tact.

There are a few who can fracture and not be vulnerable to contamination. One such was He who you call Yeshua, who was literally ‘flesh enveloped in AT-ONE’. He is light that was changed into flesh and was changed back into Light again. (Me – I am given an image of a seed of Light within a Pod. This Pod represents the Father Figure of At-One).


There are some of you here who are of that same configuration. Of that same base seed of Light.  It is to you that this information is primarily directed. It is your role to shatter the Frequency Fence. When you do such it will tear the Neural Net.


The Frequency Fence represents coalesced Thought patterns that are held in place by certain frequencies. The Neural Net is the manifestation of these coalesced thought patterns. It is etheric in appearance. To affect the Frequency Fence, the Frequency patterning has to be altered and/or shattered depending on what is hoped to achieve.


The use of sound is a method of vibration that will alter the frequency patterning. Less intense and more audible sound results in a ‘rearranging of the particulates’ that inform the Fence. The more intense and less audible sound causes the frequency patterning to shatter!


You know sound vibration is like colour vibration. You know colour inhabits a spectrum but you can only perceive the middle ranges and within those middle ranges only some values. It is the same with sound.


Now you may ask how do you create a sound that is less audible or inaudible. Well….I am communicating with you now, but you cannot ‘hear’ me, I am not audible to you through the medium of your ears. What I am doing though, is pitching ‘sound vibration’ to you on a particular frequency range.


You have been particularly thirsty and that is because your bodily mechanics are adapting to receive this frequency. Previously, your last attempts at receiving on this frequency caused you some physical discomfort. Now, you can tell the difference between your physical then and your physical now.


Clearly your physical module has improved where, but for the exception of the thirst, you are not experiencing discomfort that you formerly associated with the receipt of transmissions from the Higher realms.


(Candace: I would like to interject that when I am doing a longer telepathic work, I am extremely thirsty and I keep a mug of warm tea handy, but when I have finished the tea, I take a needed break to move and get another. On a long piece I may require several mugs of tea.)


Now this is a clue to what I spoke of before. Unless your ‘within’ is purified and you are in resonance with the At-ONE, it would matter not your chancing upon this transmission. ONLY the ones filled with INTEGRITY and encapsulated within the Energy of AT-ONE can utilize what I am imparting. Extremely fail-safe measure isn’t it!!


"...Now this is directed to Jess. You are one who uses sound in harmonics. I stopped Leonette from reading your message because she is still unsure of herself and I want her to develop confidence, so I am asking that you use this as an experiment in your sound harmonics as it relates to healing.

You will understand easily what I am imparting because you already have the basic knowledge of sound + harmony + healing!


In one of the previous transmissions I spoke of certain numbers on the frequency band that "DIVINE THE WAY". the numbers are 5, 7, 13, 17.

Jess I want you to use these numbers to create 'octaves' at those frequencies and to compile them into a harmonious piece. It need not be a masterpiece..the emphasis is on  the  'blending' of the range of octaves. Then use the harmony of these frequencies on yourself and those closest to you. Record your observations and provide feedback to your group on these observations...


This is my message to You..."



Pulsing Sonic Vibration through the Grid

                                                Tearing the Neural Net

Now we get to practice…now we get to the fun part.


It is simple really but requires dedication, commitment and belief that what you can conjure up in your mind is real!


Intend the highest frequency you can imagine. You don’t know what that is but your super-consciousness does. Your intent acts as a command to your super-consciousness and all the levels of you straight down to your physical consciousness.


If it helps, intone the highest pitched ‘hum’ that you can muster but  ‘think’ this 'hum' as a vibration and take it to the highest pitch that you can while intending to your spiritual consciousness that the sound be vibrated at the highest frequency. Your intent advances the thought outward and it is this thought which produces the inaudible sound at the very high frequency.


Now, picture a series of high frequency sonic waves emanating from the core of your Beingness. Picture energy waves in bands leaving the core of your body and reverberating against the walls of your personal space in the Neural Net.


Imagine these high frequency sonic waves, echoing outwards to the adjoining ‘cubicles’ and vibrating the ‘organic’ walls on the entire Neural Net. Hold the image of the world as you know it, whether it’s limited to your country or whether you can expand your mind to include the universe. As you can picture it, imagine a ‘mesh’ super-imposed on your images and see your sonic waves vibrating throughout while intoning your ‘hum’ in a high-pitched frequency.


Again, if it is easier for you to image this and use an audible hum while utilizing intent to charge the atmosphere with a high pitch frequency, you may do so…your intent guides your super-consciousness. Use the intoning of your high pitched frequencies to shake down the walls that lock you into a particular vibration.





Flipping the switch with practice



Now this is not going to dismantle anything overnight. However you are being trained to ‘handle your part’ when the breaches of the frequency fence reaches a point of no return.


Those blasts that are coming in consist of work that is being done from a hyper-dimensional field. Your work is to be done from the inter-dimensional field. Put another way the hyper-dimensional blasts work the exterior of the Frequency Fence.


The inter-dimensional blasts or rightly the individual pulses from each of you, work the interior of the Fence or more specifically the interior ‘lining’ of the Fence, which is the narrowest but densest part of the Frequency Fence. This lining is the closest to your world and it is from this ‘lining’ that the most potent of impulses emanate. Many have come “on the ground’ in recent of your times for purposes of ‘pulsing’ these high frequency vibrations. “They have been working the interior field particles of the Frequency Fence.


This is responsible for the ‘collapsing’ of your hierarchical structures that have been imposed on you. This is why you are witness to the disintegration of the societal institutions before your very eyes. The ‘eating away’ or erosion of the denser areas of the Frequency Fence is causing the collapse of the structural bondage of the Neural Net, upon which your perception of the world is determined.


So understand this is NOT to be taken lightly.


Some of you though, are being instructed now and prepared for when the disintegration of the ‘Grid’ reaches a point of ‘no return’. Remember this ‘Grid’ supports your thought patterns and belief systems and it also informs the superimposed structures on the Neural Net.


Those who are staying will be protected by a ‘Force Field’ that will reduce to almost zero, your capacity to respond to your perceptions of the traumatic events around you.



Integrity, Integrity, Integrity



However there will be others who will be required to go within, centre themselves, stand in INTEGRITY and pulse these sonic waves to not only hasten the process but to facilitate the coming into being of a New World.


When the Frequency Fence reaches a critical point in the dismantling process, the pitch of the frequencies change to a ‘fine-ite’***(Me.. - I did not know what this meant. Checking the dictionary it appears that, one of the meanings of “Fine” is ‘…a place where a piece of music finishes in a repeated section, rather than at the end of the score… whereas the suffix ‘…-ite’ suggests a scientific or chemical composition...hmmm


That ‘fine-ite’ frequency…though inaudible to the human ear has a profound effect on the composition of molecular structures. As the pitch reverberates with the dismantling of the fence, any essence that is not in resonance with At-ONE will become off-balanced, dysfunctional and vulnerable to the ‘rush’ of incoming hyper-dimensional vibratory particles, which are encoded with the commands to ‘right and balance’ but you will interpret as ‘chaos and destruction’.


That is why your roles as ‘Pulsars’ (?) become critical to the entire process of cleansing and righting of the world around you as your pulsing of these vibratory sound frequencies will ameliorate the vigorous ‘cleansing’ on your side of the inner lining of the Neural Net.


Now you can understand, why some will survive and others will not.


The force field that reduces your physical from responding to what is happening around you, protects those who are in resonance with At-One, from the onrush of the cleansing frequencies, once the ‘fine-ite’ frequency completes the dismantling process. Remember it is not audible to the human ears but it is potent in what it has to do!


You ALL are mighty Beings. Part of your Beingness is enclosed within a Blood and Flesh, physical capsules. Do not mistake these physical capsules as the TOTAL OF YOUR SUM.


You must imagine the sum total of who you are, in other words in ‘Dreaming to Awake’ you become aware of that which is responsible for your imprisonment within these astral and physical realms. Thus, this realization prompts your consciousness in ‘awaking to its liberation’.


It is time for a rest.


Me – Thank You.

End 3:00 pm




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