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Telepathic Messages : Leonette Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Frequency Fence & The Neural Net
By Thoth, P'taah, and unknown? by Leonette
May 4, 2009 - 7:56:00 PM

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My friend Leonette sent these, and my, are they excellent and I hope she has some more hiding somewhere. Really clear telepathy, and she wasn't sure about putting them out there.  Well, I am sure!!!!!  Great work Leonette!!!!!!!!  I am placing these together, since they are related. James of calls all this the genetic mind, and it must be fractured, and that is what we came to assist, lets be about fracturing the thing!



The Frequency Fence  with Thoth and P'taah

By Leonette


0615: 13th July, 2007






Thoth continues….


“Your thinking about the ‘frequency fence’ is what is going to bring you into liberation. Think of the frequency fence as a surround of the Mass Consciousness

Programs that have kept you in check for time immemorial.


All that you perceive as your reality, the do’s and don’ts of your existence, is programmed into that mass consciousness frequency that surrounds your perception of the world.


Put another way it informs your way of thinking from the foods you should eat and why. to what you should believe and why.


To be truly liberated your frequencies have to rise above that, the more of you who do this will ‘shatter’ this frequency barrier that holds you down.


The reason it could not have been done before is because your light, your frequency range has not been sufficiently activated to expose the machinations of this mass consciousness gridlock. Any attempt to have it done before would have caused those who were not sufficiently prepared, to disintegrate mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually to the extent that you could become lost to the essence of who you are and for ‘shadows’ to encompass your ability to rise to the fore.


It has been the intention, as sufficient of you increase your rates of vibration, that in itself would start the shattering process of this most conscious energy program that has kept you in check.


As you return to your true consciousness in the Divine, just that very thought and comprehension of what it really means, begins the process of freeing yourself.


You may choose to look at this mass consciousness energy in a negative way.


Truly, while it imprisoned you, it could only do so with your belief and intent. It could only do so to protect you because of your belief and intent. Once you begin to change your belief and intent and by extension raise your vibrations and alter your frequencies, you begin to generate an exponential response right across the mass consciousness frequency fence.


Said in another way, your ‘rising frequencies’ begin to compromise this Mass consciousness fence by altering the programming that projects to you what you perceive as your reality.


The program, to use terminology that you are familiar with starts to develop

‘glitches’, it starts to become corrupted. Think of the scene in your popular movie‘The Matrix,’ just when the program is altered, at that very moment in Neo’s reality, he experiences this alteration as a ‘déjà vu’ moment.  Just when the program is changed a window to another reality appears.


For most of you, who experience these glitches in the Frequency fence, you have had feelings of ‘hmmm something is strange here’ or “all is not as it should be’ or“there seems to be something more to this, but what can it be?” All the proverbial A-ha moments are also indicators that the frequency fence that programs your way of thinking, has begun to break down, to disintegrate,

causing you to perceive through those windows of consciousness that allow you to peer through the frequency net in just that non-second of time as you know it.


I can give you an example of how this Mass consciousness program informs your daily life and as such has programmed your consciousness accordingly.


A simple thing like the foods you eat and what it does to your body.


What is food? Broken down it is comprised of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, broken down further it is hydrogen, oxygen and carbon that are formed into acid and alkaline configurations. Broken down further it is a mass of atoms= molecules=mono-nuclei (???)…Broken down even further it is simply space= air=cosmic energy.


Now the way you have been programmed to think, is that if you eat too much fat or carbohydrates or proteins or calories or whatever is the newest diet fad combinations out there, you will gain or loose weight and your following of the particular diet fad, works initially as the ‘programming’ controls the mental outputs that control the physical responses. However, you soon realize that something is amiss because after a while, you cease to experience the same results as the initial attempt at your eating ‘program’ (yes, see how it is all tied to the programming of your thoughts)... yes your eating program or your eating regimen (see again the programming features in the words that bombard your everyday life), might have suggested.


While you may have become disgusted with your attempts that were no longer bearing positive responses as before, unknown to you is that a ‘glitch’ occurred and your consciousness began to question your eating  regimen, your eating program. This could have been triggered by simply reading about or overhearing a discussion that questioned the particular regimen that you were following.


At just that time the Divinity within you prompted you in a particular direction, regardless of how you came to be questioning your belief about your eating patterns (programming again)..The very act of questioning what you have been conditioned to think, produces within the extension of your selves here, a ‘whirp’ or a better description for you would be a ‘warp’ in the signal from the frequency fence that informs your thinking in the holographic world.


Foods are neither good or bad for you…it is energy…composed of the same things that make up yourselves and everything you perceive with your senses including the parts of your perceived reality that you can’t see, touch, or IS energy…what you attach to it will determine how your holographic expressions that are exploring this paradigm, respond to it…


If you raise your frequencies high enough, where the mass consciousness programming is unable to affect your thought processes, then you will not be subject to the patterning matrices that enforce the perceptions of this holographic expression.. In other words you will not be bound to the inevitability of woven holographic signals that give rise to your perceptions of your reality.


Let us stop here…


(P’taah adds)….Do not think that the mass consciousness frequency fence that informed your world did not serve a useful purpose…think of it as a developing embryo in the womb of its mother…the baby is surrounded and kept save in an amniotic sac, which contains amniotic fluid, that cushions and protects the unborn child in its mother’s body.  In that state of development or under-development as the case might be, the child is protected, cushioned and fed, while it learns to develop its vitals. The amniotic sac prevents what could be considered as harmful ingredients which may be imbibed by the mother, from reaching the child…


When the child has reached the stage for life outside of the amniotic sac, a ‘quickening’ occurs, even before that the mother can tell when the child is ‘coming of age’ because she senses that the child is becoming ready to be less constrained…she herself feels it physically…she grows weary and mentally she ‘wants the child out’…when the child has reached the stage of ‘awareness’ in the sense that it IS ready  to emerge from its cocoon, the labour process begins and the birthing occurs…


What is happening in your world...very much mirrors what I have just described.

Creator has always made things simple for Mankind to understand…everything that abounds mirrors the acts of creation, you can see it in all the forms of nature that surround you…however the Ego of man seeks to complicate things for its own survival…when things are complicated, then it becomes complex and when it becomes complex it takes an ‘intellect’ to sort it out...and that sort of ‘intellect’ feeds the Ego...then the Ego continues to have its place in the grand scheme of things…but Creator made all things simple and elegant and Man as an extension of God, in his purest form without the control of the Ego  can determine the grandeur of the simplicity in all walks of life.


Your world is in the ‘quickening’ stage now…the labour pains are approaching unbearably now…know this then you are near to being birthed into a new paradigm. These discussions are preparing you for your roles, not necessarily for the birthing process but for the new born…the new born that has to live in the new world…


Thank you for allowing us today…”


(Me) Thank you both for providing this information.


“We ask that you allow us to provide more discussion points on a regular would do you good as you continue to develop your skills and you will start to re-member also.  It would also serve your group in its endeavors of which we ARE a part...we ask that they too open up, so that they can serve in whatever capacity that they are called to...We are here in service to All of you and We are here in service to ALL THAT IS…We are open to all in your group as they seek out knowledge to help them on their paths…We will continue the dialogue with you and we are happy that you have allowed resonation with us so that we can help you on your path..


Blessings to you and the group...we will communicate again…


Adieu and signing out.”


(Me) Thank You.


 The Neural Net

by Leonette


17th February, 2008


-                      JERICHO’S VENGAS


-                      DREAMING TO AWAKE


-                      DREAMS TO LIBERATION


 (Candace: the above were three titles Leonette considered for this piece, and sent it to me as the Neural Net, so that's what I used as the title. I like that the best based on the material.)



The Grid         Beliefs and thought forms surrounding the Earth.


The Matrix     Spiritual laws that have been informed by beliefs and thought forms and imbedded through out the Neural Net.


The Neural Net   - An etheric manifestation of a frequency net that has breadth, depth, height and length, with Separated holding cells super-imposed on one another and  also expresses a tapestry  Perceptual images.



The Grid is in essence human consciousness - beliefs and thought forms of Humans -  that encapsulates the Earth.  The Grid gives rise to the thought patterning of those who are and who have been on the planet. It impacts the Matrix.


The Matrix is a set of spiritual laws that define the thought processes of earth and her inhabitants.  It was set in place by ‘ the interlopers’ and it prevents other sounds/light from penetrating the Grid.


The Matrix influences all aspects of life and learning on the Planet. It is likened unto the womb that surrounds the fetus and provides a ‘cushion’ to any other influence that might seek to penetrate.


The Matrix is also ‘enamored’ by the thought processes of the Planet and her inhabitants.



The thought forms and beliefs of the Earth and her inhabitants  form a GRID around the outer layers of the Earth and act  like a MATRIX to inform the behaviors of the indigenous Earth Population.


The Grid is held in place by the continuous re-enforced

Thought patterning by the Earth and her inhabitants AND

The  thought patterns of the stepped down essences of light beings.


These essences operate at lower frequencies consistent

with the lower dimensions closest to the 3rd Dimension.


These lower dimensions are the dimensions of Space, time, individuality and polarity. These are the dimensions that provide the lessons of duality.


The Neural Net which surrounds the Earth is the dense

 manifestation of the Grid. This density can only beperceivedthrough carefully trained eyes that can peer beyond the 4th - 5th dimension. It is similar to the honeycomb of a beehive in appearance.



Thought projections support this Matrix both form ‘the interlopers’ and the Earth and her inhabitants.


The interloper’s projections are designed to keep the Matrix in place.Earth and her inhabitants’ projections are at most times NOT designed but are belief systems generated by emotional responses to the manifestations of the Matrix suggestions.


An example of an external projection into the Matrix from without that can and do trigger emotional response projections from within the Matrix is the question of SCARCITY, once projected into the Matrix, it informs the Net which triggers the emotional bodily systems of Earth inhabitants. This further generates coded messages within the Human that informs the senses with perceptions of LACK. The Human by virtue of observation of the Causal World , ‘sees’ ‘evidence of such LACK.


Such observations can induce a state of FEAR – FEAR of not having enough. This FEAR  can play itself out in a myriad of responses that range from selfishness on the part of the observer to all out war and genocide. The cauldron of thoughts that spring up from the initial fearful observation to the thought forms that emerged from the manifested acts in response to the perceived condition generated by fear, projects into the Matrix from within and further informs the mental suggestions of other Humans whether or not they were part of the initial feelings/thoughts of lack during the original observation.      


Therefore it can be surmised that the maintenance of the Grid is done both on a VOLUNTARY and an INVOLUNTARY basis. VOLUNTARILY by those outside of the GRID and INVOLUNTARILY by most of those within the GRID by virtue of their responses to the suggestions by those outside of the GRID. It can also be said that it is a massive exercise in Illusion and Hypnosis and that suggestions and auto-suggestions provide a continuous LOOP to fuel the energies that make up the GRID.





The Neural Net is a NET…a frequency net that encapsulates the perception of the being in each ‘walled-in’ cubicle/space that comprise this Net. It supports a holding pattern of sorts for the occupants of that ‘walled-in’ cubicle/space.


Imagine a net, it consists of a space, bound by ropes or fabric, it causes separation or isolation of one cubicle/space from another. It also serves to identify differences contained within one cubicle/space from the next. That concept is similar to this Neural Net. However his neural Net has length, breadth, height and depth. It’s cubicles/spaces are superimposed on one another and each cubicle/space contains elements from the infinitesimal to the grandest. The Neural Net also acts as a 3 Dimensional tapestry upon which all perceptual life is transposed.


Imagine a work of embroidery and this embroidery has the Earth, her inhabitants and every planet and solar system embroidered unto this fabric. Now give this work of embroidered Art a 3D perspective. Instead of viewing it as a flat impression, view it as having DEPTH and then you get an impression of what this Neural Net looks like.


Our very existence and everything that is known to us from a 3D perspective is embroidered unto this Neural Net.


The Neural Net  ‘coagulates’ the thoughts and ‘fixes’ these thoughts into a cubicle/space within the Neural Net. It is held in place by ‘projections’ from outside what we call time and space.


The ‘interlopers’ however have masterfully manipulated the Net by utilizing a series of thought frequencies and they have emboldened the outer layers to prevent penetrations. So the Net maintains a fixed consciousness that influences the beliefs and thought patterns of those ‘held captive’ within.


Each cubicle/space holds a specific frequency. This enables the contents of each cubicle/space to be different from the next, as identified before. This specific cubicle/space frequency informs the perception of the consciousness that is enveloped within that cubicle, as such, the consciousness that peers out unto this superimposed embroidered tapestry of 3D LIFE is influenced in accordance with the frequency range that sustains that particular cubicle/space.


When the consciousness begins to ‘vibrate’ at a tone that is higher than the tones of that particular frequency of that particular cubicle/space, it causes a ‘collapse’ or ‘erosion’ of the neural fibers that surround the cubicle.


This is what causes what is referred to as ‘the 100th monkey effect’. The consciousness that exist within the surrounding cubicles/spaces are impacted by the fractured fibrous walls which occupy side by side proximity to the cubicle/space which is experiencing the frequency changes. It is this erosion that facilitates the frequency shifting patterns of the neighboring consciousness and generates growth whether or not the consciousness within those cubicles/spaces were actively pursuing any such change to their frequencies. 





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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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