Feel it. Feel the warmth radiating from within your Bodies.
Jul 12, 2014 - 11:30:16 PM

1200pm 10th July, 2014.

SAAD-JE-PAT thru Leonette

Feel it. Feel the warmth radiating from within your Bodies. Know that it exemplifies that which comes from the Galactic Core. Know that your Bodies are micro centres of the MACRO.

Your Physical Body, Fleeting as it is, Mortal that it be, yet everlasting is the primal essence that gives rise to its Being. For it was always intended to be as 'beacons' and 'radiating towers' once the necessary energetic conditions became actualised.

It is the 'Body' which serves all of you to master the elements of your world. To help you practice dominion over your thoughts. To 'school' you in the ways of that which is of Light while affording you the opportunity to eschew that which is no longer in service to you at any level of your development.

Feel the  HEAT. Radiating through you and out of you that brings feelings of tiredness, that brings exhaustion and fatigue, that brings dizziness and short temperedness. Combustion, it is of the Body that processes the pulses of the Galactic Core.

That which emanates from the physical on the planet fuses with that which emanates from the Galactic Core to produce a  swirl and dance of passionate energies that wash over everything. 

Yes, wash. Yes, cleanse and clean shall it be..

You feel it, the planet feels it, all on the planet feel it. Such radiated output gives rise to that which appears at best to be 'overwhelming anxiety',  to that, which at worst, reveals the very extremes of what can be considered dastardly.

You feel that, which you have to bear. There is no other way.

It calls to all of you the very experiences that are necessary to transform ALL life from that which is of 'no service' to that which is of service to ALL.

You are in the 'processing stages' now. There is no other way.

All of You have been chosen for this experience for it is your desire and because you have been fortified to bear these changes in service to ALL.

Know that, as your Body changes, so does the World..

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