Events are unfolding as it should.
By Monjoronson thru Leonette
Jun 30, 2014 - 11:34:02 PM

Events are unfolding as it should.

All pieces are in place to deliver the various possibilities of what can be considered a ‘show down’.

To your frames of reference, what I say may seem impossible or not near ready.  However behind the scenes, much has been dissolved and what is to be revealed is ready for manifestation in the ‘exterior world’.

For purposes of demonstration and for purposes of witnessing, it has been decided that some of the ‘grime’ must be shown, must be revealed, so that conclusions can be drawn by ALL who are parties to these ‘earth bound’ lessons.

In anticipation of the above, preparations are being made to honour and recognise the services of those whose roles as ‘vanguards’, precipitated this phase of the process towards adjudication.

Many steps are required which allow for the integration of understanding at the Material/Physical level straight to the Cosmic /Immaterial levels.  For the results of the process allow for learning at several levels of existence.

Actioned results ripple through ‘eternity’, when viewed from spatial experiences. Such action oscillates from the worlds of the material to the existence of the Sublime and back again.

For to truly cleanse and re-set the ‘cosmic patterning’, such must be done at all levels of existence, not just in the temporal worlds. To adjust on temporal worlds solely would allow for energies to continue existence without definitive form. This will eventually lead to manifestation into that which is definitive, where conditions and hosts present themselves.

A ‘clean sweep’ is necessary to fulfil the Divine Mandate. In so doing, a thorough and compassionate purview is required in the adjudication of all affairs. For as you may well surmise through the limitation of your material eyes, ‘nothing is as it seems’...

Given that you are the ones heavily vested in the understanding of these experiences,  the onus is on you to be fully ‘in the know’ of all conditions and events that surround decisions that are taken in response to situations that have given rise to what can be deemed ‘out of harmony’ to the original plans.

The roles of ‘Celestial Adjudicators’ are not confined to purely extending measures, punitive or otherwise, to those who have been cited as authoritatively responsible, for leading experiments of planetary life, off course’..

While such decisions are painful, they are fairly easy to accomplish.

The real painstaking work, which is required in this endeavour, is to bring to your attention, your own co-participation in this process.

For while it is true that you may appear to be a ‘victim’ of the circumstances into which you have ‘found yourself’ and that in many situations you may feel ‘powerless’ to effect any change to what you perceive as unnatural and deviant, you have been endowed with the harmonics which guide you when interpreting the world around you.

You have been gifted with the ability to ‘sense’ beyond your ‘frames of reference’ and because you act as a ‘tuning fork’ of sorts, your responses to your ‘senses’ vibrate way beyond your own perceptions.

This co-participation, contrary to what you may think, resonates through the very ‘fabric’ of your many levelled existence.

For it is in the promulgation of your affairs within your existence as ‘separates’, that you have embodied and in some cases transduced the effects of what can be termed aberrations in the ‘patterning’ which resulted from beliefs that did not uphold the Divine Laws.

You may surmise from what has been said that adjudication spans many levels and does not only involve dealing with ‘the bad guys’.

This also involves the clearing and reconstituting of the WHOLE, which involves YOU, acting in full cognizance of the fact that YOU too, are capable of being in adjudication of that which serves you and that which serves you NOT within your fields of experience.

That which serves you NOT can then be brought up for healing and/or clearing consistent with the principles of Cosmic Laws and Justice.
To this end you will not be mere bystanders of events for which the stage has already been set to unfold.

You will be affected, for as cited above, you are intrinsically connected in one way or another to that which is about to be returned to a foundation of Cosmic Order.

Be prepared and prepare Well.


I AM Monjoronson

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