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Telepathic Messages : Leonette Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Energy and Light
By P'Taah, Thoth, Leonette
May 7, 2009 - 1:09:00 PM

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This was Leonette's first work, and It's just excellent -C


Energy and Light

P’Taah, Thoth, Leonette


Wednesday 11the July, 2007 9:54 am.


I am at home today…I was sick during the night. I had pain to the back left side of my abdomen (kidneys??), my head hurts…my sinus is congested…seems as though I was being ‘gently persuaded to stay at home today, even though such was not my intention…Helen advises that I invite THOTH, into my awareness…THOTH HAS been in my awareness for some time since around March/April this year. But I ignored it thinking that it had something to do with ‘wishful make believe.’ These days, invisible hands are guiding me…my consciousness. Just as I finish  one aspect of learning, another falls into my lap to carry me further along...I have stopped looking outside of myself for guidance...Now I  observe what comes from within and immediately around me… Let me quiet my mind now…


Let me say the two names that come into my consciousness P’Taah is one and THOTH, the other.


P’Taah tells me (mentally), that we are linked and that he will be the precursor to the information that THOTH brings to me...

Whew! I am perspiring here and my head hurts…let me give this a go...


P’Taah  - Dearest Lighted being I am excruciatingly happy yes that’s the word, to embrace you in this dialogue…you see it has been painfully problematic to be ignored when so much is happening and so much needs to be imparted, nevertheless we are happy that you have availed yourself ….Miracles can only happen  when we both are engaged in the process…this is not a ‘One Man show”…this is a collective effort …you all are in the dimension upon which change has to be effected therefore you carry the awesome responsibility to do it in what you refer to as the ‘real world’ we can only nudge, guide,  inspire your memory,  cajole your awareness for  as long as we are invited to…..and a lot of this depends on your own  awareness of what you came to do  and your own self belief that you are all capable of so spite of what you think and perceive with your earthly eyes,


I am the father of Egyptian science …too old for many to have records of today.  Suffice it to say...that we are here to enable this information to you all again, so that you can carry on with the job…after the many interruptions, one of which you know as the Atlantis debacle…I will let the other aspect of myself present the information now …THOTH has been the creator of many of the edifices that you associate with ancient Egypt.  May I remind you that what you see as ancient Egypt is very new to what existed before that time in that part of the world so understand that the wealth of information is truly staggering in your terms of understanding but you have all been prepared…and nothing happens before its time ……you needed to be at this level of light awareness to be able to grasp the essence of what is to be projected to you all now…


My love to you and ALL the beloveds who have undertaken this task…P’taah signing out...



THOTH  -       My  Beloved….at last we have been reunited again…I am thrilled if I can use that word, although it does not do justice to describe  what I feel to be able to share so much with you again…


We will talk about those other things after but let us focus on the topic at hand…

Energy and Light.


You are aware that what you see before you is a projection of energy onto light particles…it is what you call a hologram…you have been reading about that recently and you have been guided to that information so that it will open your mind to the concepts and help you understand better so that you can impart …it also provided certain level activations consistent with the coming into such information..


Holographic expressions …are projections which are interpreted by the human body via what you think are your 5 senses…but you too, are a holographic expression that act as  a walking, talking and breathing transmission device …I am sorry to be so cold in such a description...but in a nutshell that is what you are…where you reside is not where you think you do…you reside in the non-local parts of the creator’s world …you have a projection here for purposes of testing and learning. Very much like a probe of sorts...which allows the Grand Creator an opportunity to ‘sense’ what it is like to be in such a dimension.


 Indeed it is the same throughout….when we say that we are ALL one…it means just that…you are many different aspects of the One...if you could wrap your mind around that, to borrow an expression from your culture…you would be able to appreciate the magnitude of this learning experience of which you are a sensitive part...sensitive in the sense that the Creator experiences through you through your senses, which you have so graciously given unto him/her.


Now, Energy in your world is made up of particles beyond what you can presently see...what you do see are reflections under certain conditions …reflections of these particles …they come in and out of the creative matrix... (Yes you may use those words)…the particles that come in and out of this matrix are sensitive to your thoughts and feelings…these particles are also fleeting. So that if enough intention is not generated then the particles void themselves before they can assume tangible form in your world….


This is in a nutshell the concept of creation…Therefore, the energy that abounds within and without  is  the ‘magic’ that is used to create…it is again formed of particles of Light which are invisible to the Human eye…but become visible when intent is strong and sustained…and because your world is a hologram, as the thoughts are held, they are projected from the non-local perspective into the void via the senses and take shape…but it is Light which causes the forms’  reflection  back to you…Everything without is within…you have heard that many times….but let me remind you again…All the components for manifestation in your hologram is already stored within you… the you in the non-local position…therefore …


(Me)                 I AM LOSING FOCUS...


Thoth -                OK we will stop for now and resume...


(Me)  -               Ok thank you THOTH...


Thoth -              Blessings to you my beloved you have done extremely well...


(Me)   -             Thank You


End 10:27am




11th July, 2007 4:32 Pm...


(Me)                 I resume... this time I write in my notebook...the contents of which I will type after completing ‘the dictation’…I quiet my mind here goes...



Thoth    -      I will re-start with conveying to you the different stages of the Human relationship to energy...


In the early days, before the Human developed technological abilities to effect change to his perception of the world, his response to his thoughts on how to change the physical characteristics of his environment, required him to employ physical and manual labour.


His next step as he thought of manipulating his environment, was to tie his physical labour with the labour of Animals to effect change in his world.


As his interface with his physical environment grew more complex and demanding, he effected change with a mix of manual and rudimentary mechanical energy.


As the Human evolved in awareness, he moved from physical to mechanical to electronic to robotic. Bear in mind this movement took hundreds of years in your time and there were many steps in between the four milestone steps outlined.


Now this is important to note…man effected change to the material universe utilizing methods which are rooted in Man’s LIMITED interpretation of his environment from a 3D perspective.


During his movements in development, Man was always granted hints and visions of potentials through the posting of specific information to certain individuals who came unto the planet for precisely that reason.


It would be what you refer to as ‘quantum leaps’ in consciousness – those junctures in time as you know it which separated one process of manipulating the physical environment from the other as in the case of moving from mechanical to electronic usage of energies to effect change within the physical environment.


This was specifically timed in the Human’s development process and even though it appeared as a normal graduation from one level to the other, upon closer inspection, one must realize that there was some influx of epic thought energy to propel the process forward.


You see the Human ‘had to THINK’ that he needed to do something better, faster and less arduous, to create the conditions for the influx of the ‘new knowledge’ to come to the fore of his consciousness. Remember the Human is a holographic extension, ‘sensing’ its way through the learning process of the third dimensional, physically dense learning environment.


As the Human comes into re-membering more and more of itself and what he truly is, more and more of his true consciousness comes to the fore.


I take this opportunity now to state that where I refer to the Masculine, it is intended to mean Feminine/Masculine. It is a terrible injustice to ostracize the Feminine in the course of Human language. The Feminine has been marginalized and referred to as being weak and inept, which is totally erroneous, yet when you strip everything down to its barest essentials you will realize that the cause of ALL of the conflict on this planet is because of  this interpretation of the Feminine energy…”. 


Only the strong will survive” are the watchwords of those less conscious beings who are rooted in Fear and justify their advantages against those who they perceive as being weaker or lesser in some form or fashion. If you observe you will realize that it is precisely those misguided concepts that are the basis for All forms of Violence against Human Beings and the other kingdoms on the planet,  by those who share those misguided concepts.


The Human language was intentionally fashioned to promote this form of segregation, but until we are ALL conversant with another way of communicating, I am forced to use the language that is consistent with your understanding. So I hope this little digression clears that up.


So it is with Creation, ever growing and expanding in awareness.


The Human has now reached on the doorstep of moving from Robotic to aerodynamic knowledge as it relates to altering the environment.



Break it down to its smallest components AERO = AIR, DYNAMISM = FORCE.


This concept seeks to harness the power (DYNAMISM) of the unseen air (AERO). Put another way, it is a concept of using thought force to manipulate “The invisible energy” which surrounds, permeates and sustains everything that is in this Creation.


I am now asking that you take a ‘QUALITATIVE LEAP’ IN YOUR THINKING NOW!!!

Aero is of Air. Can you see air?  NO, but you know it exists. It surrounds you, it flows through you, it permeates everything that you know. The densest of material that you know, at the atomic levels and tinier than that, is comprised of emptiness, which is air.


You know it can be felt as the wind, it can be sensed as an aroma or as heat or as cold, you know that it moves and can reduce to mere particles of dust, anything that stands in its way.


“AIR” is static and magnetic energy which contains Light Packets of data that is responsible for reflecting back to you, your sustained thoughts as it takes shape in your holographic world.


Air is intelligent and responds to WILL, The Will of the Creator of which you carry a Divine God Code by virtue of being an extension of Creator in the Holographic world.


What is DYNAMISM – the speed or velocity of energy, THE FORCE. You have heard of this term already in reading and in your entertainment. You combine Air with force and you have aero-dynamic energy.


Why have I gone through this much explanation? It is because the extensions of Creator are now beginning to realize that there is a need to move from robotic to aero-dynamic energy to effect quantum change. To do this, requires a LEAP in consciousness to embark on this path.


You are now preparing to effect that change by utilizing the power of the mind via thought processing, to ‘manipulate’ the energetic light data particles that surround you as AIR to produce FORM in your 3D world. Are you prepared for this? Are you excited by the prospect of what is before you? It requires a RADICAL SHIFT from WHAT YOU KNOW and HOW YOU DID THINGS BEFORE, Can you rise to the challenge? It is what You ALL came here to do, again….


A word of caution at this point, your physical bodies are adapting to enhance the thought processes that are being configured to facilitate this RADICAL SHIFT IN THINKING.

This process has, in the past, appeared to those less informed, as MAGIC.

There are those who knew this Higher form of ‘Science’, for indeed, this IS highly scientific, as can be attested to by some of your quantum physicists, who are bearing this out in rudimentary research.


Some of those, who knew of this, used it against the best interests of Humankind.

As those who were involved in those practices further devolved into Service to Self behaviours, this scientific knowledge was used to engender class divisions, cult worship, enslavement of the mass majority and warfare which ended in destruction.


You are being ‘purged’ of all the shadow elements which you acquired on your various sojourns to this density and dimension, as you grounded your energies for purposes of interacting in this time/space , in fulfillment of  your Divine purposes.


In the process of ‘grounding,’ you ‘took on’ bits and pieces of those energies that had proven not to be in the best interest of the ALL. This was a natural process in the grounding experience, as you adapted to the LEARNING MISSION.         



Your holographic expressions are being purged of these energies. As more Light energies fill your expressions that have been purged of these pockets of random shadow energies, you begin to open up your memory banks to re-member WHO YOU REALLY ARE.


When Light energy fills the Human expressions of Creator, a natural downloading of

Light packet data takes place. This in turn activates your imbedded SOLAR cells (Yes, Solar cells) and further activates your memory codes and you start to remember, slowly at first, but as your expression is ’purged’ even more and as more Light particles fill the areas which formally contained the purged energies, the sheer magnitude of the incoming Light particles, the proximity to already established Light particles in the human expression and the natural sympathetic behaviours that are expressed between these Light particles force an ignition and illumination of the Human expression, which causes a QUALITATIVE LEAP in the Human’s knowingness of its oneness with CREATION…the memory comes back on-line in a much improved capacity than before.



You should rest now…you have done well in taking this information. I commend you for stopping what you were doing to take these notes...your day was well spent.


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to connect with you. We will connect again in the near future of your time.


(Me) Thank You THOTH...









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