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Telepathic Messages : Leonette Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Easy does it....Steady as She goes!
By Thoth thru Leonette
Feb 23, 2010 - 9:20:40 AM

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Easy does it....Steady as She goes!

 Thoth and Leonette


 11:20 am 22 February, 2010


Dearest Thoth ...I open up my circuits to receive...please go ahead.


Beloved...It is good that we chat again and it has been a long time since we have done this most natural of services that we can both provide to humankind.

This has been a somewhat difficult time for you as the clearing process continues in earnest. You mirror the Great Mother and as she purifies so do you and many others Gracious in your knowing that this is a most natural process...the cleansing ...and purging of all that does not suit your Being and the levels where you are heading.

Let's get down to other matters...

What I am going to say is for your edification will also help others as they navigate the paths of doubt and/or avarice. We have always said that the time is soon ...that the time is now and so it is...I know you don't want to hear that ...but it is as I if we go any faster than we are at this point...there will be too much loss which will require double effort to make whole again....

Too fast carries the process to a place where it becomes disastrous even for those who so look forward to some modicum of salvation ...You already know what the steps are to the advancement of people on this path.

  1. Earth and cosmic changes...


  1. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes on a personal level that will mirror earth and cosmic changes ...yes you mirror that which your corporeal body was made from....


  1. All institutions of man including those which have relatively less corrupted input will also be changed...those that have been severely corrupted will be destroyed. Those that have moderate corruption will be changed and amended ...those that have the least will be reconfigured to suit the ascendant direction in which the Earth and her population are heading.


  1. Facilities of commerce and trading WILL be changed and in some cases obliterated to make way for another method of providing sustenance. Candace provide some information on Cuba it will behoove you to continue to research the methods of not only surviving but living in a manner where care of citizenry and country is paramount, profound and revolves around the question of respect for the dignity of humankind. This has been largely achieved in that country despite the political machinations that have been put in place, to isolate and destroy that model of human cooperation.

In addition to what has been stated before, you are going to have political upheavals, religious controversies and embarrassing scientific exposés of the kind that will challenge your perception of what you hold as dear and sustainable. There will be revelations of clandestine activities in your medical world that have been responsible for making you ill and keeping those who profit from your continued and varied illnesses, in charge of your medical programs and the food re-engineering industry.

You will come to know all those who mis-use ‘elements' in music and entertainment that have opened you up to and kept you feeding at the trough of debauchery. That have enslaved you in lifestyles of hedonism and addiction that do not serve your best interests, whether physical mental, emotional or spiritual.

You will be made aware of how your tastes and desires, your beliefs and tolerances were orchestrated by carefully staged and managed propaganda ploys which allowed for insensitivity and acceptance of issues which are inimical to your advancement as you journey to re-connect your Divine Self.

You will be shown those who profit from stoking the fires of war for the sole purpose of enhancing their financial empires and those /78 who you perceived as enemy combatants in the arenas of war are actually purchasing their war armaments from the same Suppliers. Suppliers who employ minions to portray roles that feed off the imagination and fear of the users of these weapons. Speaking of war there will be attempts time and time again to use this age-old distraction to


  1. As stated before to enhance their finances


  1. To reduce populations to amounts from which there is adequate choice from a pool of resources that can be manipulated accordingly. However the reduction will be in accordance with age, race, aptitude and attitude. Said another way those who are most apt to see through the masquerade are those they are hoping to remove unless they believe that they can control such persons to do their bidding...


  1. To remove people who are indigenous to areas that possess natural resources such as oil, gas water precious minerals.


  1. To steal from nationalities, priceless artifacts, treasures and ancient libraries while claim is laid to areas of the earth, which have been known to possess portal and gateway energies.


In their minds they believe that if war does not accomplish the above then they will employ other avenues to achieve their objectives. Other avenues such as flooding the psyche of earth's human populations with a cocktail of dangerous and addictive narcotics, while stimulating the root chakras using various forms of triggers to exploit the sexual energies of the most vulnerable. Separately drug and sexual abuse retard spiritual growth. When employed as a mix it becomes extremely addictive and damaging to the growth of the human soul of those attempting the path of ascendancy. Not only that but it provides a control mechanism for those whose aim it is to assure that freedom does not prevail.

Now,  few humans know this information but the vast majority of earth citizens are completely unaware of what I speak. It is for this reason therefore that when these things are revealed that the response to such by the populations of the earth will be so overwhelming that great care must be taken to ensure that imbalances to the energetic consciousness is minimized in an effort to avoid extreme energetic lopsidedness which will cause the situation to become more challenging  to rein in...

Some of what is mentioned above is intended for your viewing not all but some...and the magnitude of the some will cause consternation and that is putting it mildly.

In the midst of this...there are some attempts by some ‘movers and shakers' on the world stage to attempt to forestall the inevitable...they do this because they want to have some bargaining power...but that to will be to no avail. Yet these machinations as seen through the eyes of the populace will further expose the deceit and cunning that these ‘movers and shakers' are attempting to mask behind utterances that are mired in political duplicity.

You must realize that ALL responses to the stimuli of the world is registered as energetic impulses that course through the consciousness grid that envelops your world and informs your perception...therefore too much fear and anger at one time can cause a ripple effect that would disturb the fabric of your matrix that might do more harm than good...In other words this has to managed in manageable doses to allow for assimilation, acclimatization and foundational preparation for movement to higher levels of perceiving what you call ‘your reality'..

Too fast, in too short a time  puts too much strain on the delicate forces of balance...when balance becomes overly skewed in one direction or another, it becomes exceptionally difficult to maneuver and achieve the desired results.

I felt this was necessary to state at this time...Know that there are many who guide this process as there are many who observe and advise and tend to and administrate to all who are enduring these pangs of labour ...we are not sipping champagne and being armchair demigods while the earth and her populations are going through these upheavals. We are committed to the successful emergence of earth into the dimensions of Light and Life and those who accompany her on this journey are equally assured of our dedication to this mission.


I AM Thoth....



Me ....Thank you my Beloved Friend for your words of assurance.


Thoth: I will always be here in tending to the need for explanation and elaboration.


Me......Thank you......



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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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