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Telepathic Messages : Leonette Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Earth is Birthing A New Opportunity to effect the Grand Design
By Thoth thru Leonette
Jun 26, 2009 - 4:36:00 PM

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Earth is Birthing A New Opportunity to effect the Grand Design


An Opportunity to Get It Right, Once Again.


9:00 am 24.06.09


Me        My dearest Thoth …I feel a bit guilty as I have not been in touch with you over the last few weeks…it is just that I was so busy and it seems that time is not what it use to be….but now I feel the pressure has subsided a bit  and  well I think we are due for a chat.


Thoth    My Beloved NEVER consider that we are ever a part ...we, You and I ..and I use the experience of separation because that is what you can relate to …You and I are a part of a sliding scale system...some times you slide closer to me sometimes you slide further from but whatever the proximity we ARE A Pat of this sliding scale. (His interpretation is different from what I know as a sliding scale). So for all intents and purposes we are never really far apart or distant from each other ….I do not see it but your perception has it as such.


Me        Well,  cool…now I don’t particularly have anything to ask…I am relaxed and comfortable in that which I know, but I give you full reign to raise with me any topics that you consider appropriate at this time.


Thoth    Time is a human construct in linear terms, but I understand what you mean...Let us talk of the role of the Earth at this time. Your globe (the Earth)  is a part of the galactic propulsion system. Think of it as the crankshaft in what you call your automobile…this crankshaft propels the forward movement of many densities as expressed by time and space…so understand that the Earth is not just a little orb situated at the far reaches of your galaxy…Tiny as it is, when compared to giants such as Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, and believe me there are many gigantic globes that are beyond your ability to comprehend presently, this Earth has a responsibility not only to the various kingdoms that are on and below her surface but also to an infinite array of existential energies that exist in this part of the quadrant of time and space.


Me;       So what you are saying is that there are huge responsibilities for those of us on earth who have some level of consciousness in addition to the Earth’s responsibilities…


Thoth   All sentient life carries responsibilities….the   Earth’s responsibilities differ from the responsibilities of those who inhabit her body only by the fact that she has significant awareness of what her role is now…She knows that she is birthing a new paradigm, a new situation that will give rise  to the heralding of a new day, which will give those who choose to stay with her infinite opportunities to be a part of that new beginning. She also knows that she is giving birth to another opportunity for the Grand Design to be effected and this has very far reaching effects throughout, within, up and down of the entire Cosmos, This is no infinitesimal project that We, all of us have embarked upon.. It is an opportunity to GET IT RIGHT once again.


Me        Hmm.. I am trying to formulate questions here…explain to me how this works, break it down so that I can understand.


Thoth            Leonette, believe me you know these things quite well, but coming in under radar was never easy, it required that you cloak yourself in a mantle of forgetfulness. That forgetfulness is a dark shroud that masks that ‘they’ will not see as you ‘streaked’ across the Cosmic consciousness to be embedded here. It is the same for many of you, who came into these parts to aid and abet the Grand Design and Re-awakening.

            With that said, I will break it down and explain.


 Hidden from your physical eyes are 2 vortices that spin clockwise and counter clockwise. Think of 2 cones of energy, the top one is north and slightly west leaning, the bottom cone is south and slightly east leaning. The tips of the cones touch and your Earth is superimposed at the ‘touching tips’ of these energetic cones. Where the cones touch is where the earth’s core is situated. The energetic tips swivel on a magnetic ‘ball joint’  which is located at the earth’s core.


Me        I need to stop and drink some water…


Thoth            (Continues).. Now these vortices are a part of an elaborate energetic system of spirals that maintain the appearance of a structure of your galaxy. Creation spirals out and there are spirals within spirals   and the spiraling of energies creates vortices that build ‘pressure.’ These pressures create a ‘Force’ and the force produces a velocity that ‘hold’s the energetic patterning of anything be it a planet or an energy being into place.

            We are speaking of your Earth now, and how she is held in place by these 2 vortices which are a part of a network of spiraling energy bands that also provide the same support of other planetary bodies as you perceive them in your galaxy.


            Now, these vortices, if you can see them, will appear as energetic organic systems that CAN be impacted. There are ways to impact the vortices. One way, is to energetically ‘spike’ the surrounding firmament of the Earth, by ‘pulsing electro magnetic rays into the outer layers. These rays trigger   propulsion of charged ions into the layers, causing a condensation of photonic particles. These photonic particles are barred from splaying outwards by the barrier created with the trigger of the charged ions so the photonic particles charge inwards throughout the layers of the surrounding firmament of the earth.


            This action impacts the vortices. Those photonic particles flow into the energetic vortices and   enhance the electrical discharges of the vortices which ‘zip’ through straight to the tips positioned in the ‘ball joint’ at where the earth’s core is located.


            Once this happens and depending on the strength of  ‘charge’ the core vibrates and impacts not only the structural layers going straight up to the surface of the Earth but also the inner layers of the earth’s firmament, which affect your surrounding atmosphere.


            Unknown to you, at this moment, there are deep structural changes that are taking place within your earth’s body. This photonic-core combustible energy that radiates from your earth’s affecting not only tectonic plates, but Ley lines, magnetic core grids,   water courses and Earth-kind bodies be they physical, mental, emotional and morontial (this is the first time he has used  references of morontial to me ).


            Now as these photonic energies are assimilated within the vortices, not only do they move to the tips of the vortices, they also spiral out through the wide openings of the vortices. Remember these vortices are a part of a network of spirals that contain other spiraling vortices that main the structure of the galaxy as you perceive it.


            So when your firmament receives a ‘spike’ and ionic energy pulse through the outer layers and enter your vortices all through the top and bottom of the spiral, it affects the internals, externals and surround of the Earth , thereby affecting all life contained therein and whereupon, be it seen or unseen, it also spirals outward through the vortices and enter the network of spirals of which these vortices are a part. Thus you can see the wide range of impact that is effected through out your Cosmos.

            As above, So below...As within, so without…


            I believe Beloved, this enough for now…Thank you for the opportunity to remind You and all who may read this of how truly magnificent IT ALL IS and that it truly IS ALL.


Me        Thank you Thoth…before we wind up, please put this into time as I know it.


Thoth.   The construct of Time is linear and relative to an interpretation of a dance around Your Sun, It is truly a Human construct measured initially by day and night and then in terms of seconds minutes hours days weeks, years eras, epochs. Really designed to tie you up and it works! Break Free!


            I will describe time from an energetic perspective as it relates to what you want to know. At this juncture the priority is to stabilize the process. It can go faster, it can go slower, but there is an OBJECTIVE that is PARAMOUNT in all of this that affects the speed at which this goes.


            I have just described in a nutshell how widespread the effects are of what is taking place. The inter-connectivity of ALL the cosmos requires that due diligence IS factored into any objective that is arrived at. Even if the maintenance of higher conscious Earth life forms was not PARAMOUNT, the rest of the Galaxy will also have to be taken into consideration.


            Tell me from your viewpoint, when birthing a baby, in your haste to be free of the labour pain, is it desirable to forcibly expel the baby and rip the mother’s birth canal? Or is it desirable to bear the pain, sometimes more, sometimes less and be safely delivered to ensure survival of both Mother and Child??


            Some may say, well Thoth I prefer they put me to sleep, perform a C section and bring forward the child. I will say True, but know isn’t easier doing it that way either and any good midwife or  doctor worth their salt, will always use that option, when they are absolutely sure that the birthing process has gone as far as it could go without endangering the mother and/or the baby’s lives.. Creating new life IS about learning, learning to be a creator, with all the joys and challenges that bring exponential growth and knowing. You may have pain but know also that anxiety and fear intensify that pain.

            You are in a better position than many others because you KNOW what is happening. Use that knowledge as a balm to sooth the pain where you can. This experience is meant to teach and for you to learn. Use the ‘linear time’ as you know it wisely because the energetic time, which you DO feel suggests that the energies have progressed way past the point of no return.


            Just as others have a responsibility to your well-being, so do you have a responsibility to their well-being. It is ALL connected. Be at peace with this!


Me        Thank you so very much.


End 11:01 am.





 Candace;  Leonette forgot to title the piece and I was searching for one, and Thoth came around at my request, since it is his and her work, to give some advice. We chose thus two, or one long title. I am sitting here have a "hot flash" as the energy of this being is incredibly intense, warm and loving. He is done such once before, when he came to around in joy that I am going to carry the messages. Oh my................................I feel my own "vortices" spinning like crazy.

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