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Telepathic Messages : Leonette Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Cognitive pathways need to be cleansed of rust and debris
By Thoth and Leonette
Sep 19, 2009 - 6:59:00 PM

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 Cognitive pathways need to be cleansed of rust and debris

1:29 p.m. 8thSeptember, 2009.

Me: There is so much taking place as I view life through my earthly eyes.
  In my own life, so many things are happening all at once and yet I
  am only able to focus on one issue at a time while the themes of the
  other 'happenings' are running in the background. I feel that
  simultaneously, much is happening on so many levels, beyond my
  veiled eyes.  Shall we chat?   I sense a smile.

Thoth: It gladdens my 'heart' when I observe that you are opening up your
  channels of cognizance. Those channels hold so much, yet they are
  rusty from non-use and maybe  a bit tainted from mis-use in the times
  that you indulged in feelings of despair and victimhood. Continue
  reading, observing and thinking. Play around with mental concepts.
  Let your imaginative body soar. When you do this, it allows for a more
  expansive base of cognitive knowledge to be employed when  
  conveying information. Always remember that! 

  The cognitive pathways need to be cleansed of rust and debris of one
  sort or another, so that ancient and all consuming knowing can
  surface. As some of the clutter is dredged, the lines of communicating
  become clearer and less distorted and you yourself become less
  confused, less judgmental and less doubtful of this process because
  memories will start to arise and become crystal clear, as you
  advance in the dredging of murky thought patterns.

Me: Easy for you to say…

Thoth: And easy for you to do if you employ a little more discipline and
  belief in yourself!

Me:  Hmmm….I see in my mind's eyes 'sparks flying' against
  A background of darkness, something like fireworks that
  Light up a night sky but not entirely…
Thoth: Sparks of souls leaving the physical earth…
  At this time I will not tell you what that is, but remember,
  The Divine resides in each as a spark and sparks flying mean that ,
  That which is Divine has 'escaped' a level of captivity.
  Rejoice in this knowing…

Me:   I feel sad….

Thoth - That is because you have a sense, but your sense is clouded by the
  Cocooning of truth within the physical dimensions. Your physical
  Body, programmed by your perceptions is a part of the cocooning
  Effect. Soon the butterfly will emerge from the constriction of
  The cocoon.

Me:  Speak to me of 'Fear'.

Thoth: There are various levels or articulation points of fear.
  Separation produces the most intense form of fear.
  Separation in the earthly realms produces the most
  anguished forms of fear. It is not true to say that 'Fear' is not
  experienced in the higher realms. It is likened to anxiety like a
  'rush' , but it is not paralyzing because at higher realms you are aware
  of more 'truth' than what you know in the lower realms.
  You know that you separate for a while in pursuit of educative
  yeoman service to the ONE which is ALL, so your 'fear' at that
  level is mild and tempered by the fact that you are aware that
  you are never really separated from your Love, your Protection,
  your Joy because instantly you can be AT ONE.

Thoth: As the part of you that is going to perform this yeoman service
  descends to the lower realms, the 'stepping down' of the vibrations
  is accompanied by a 'process downgrade' of your essence. The deeper
  the descent into form and matter, the more 'downgrades' you
  experience. Your 'Light' has to be masked sufficiently so that you
  can do your service for as long as possible, without 'detection' by the
  'so-called Masters' of these earthly realms, who themselves have
  experienced separation from Source and who have forgotten in part
  who they are and from whence they came.

  In their downgraded blindness therefore, anything or anyone who
  is not sufficiently shielded, attracts them much like 'fireflies' attract
  those who are peering into the darkness of night. As they have
  separated from Source and as such experience intense fear, they
  become threatened by these 'fireflies' because beautiful as they are
  to someone who is only comfortable in complete darkness, too many
  'fireflies' will produce 'too much light'  and as far as they are
  concerned too much light will cause them distraction and pain.
  So… some 'fireflies' they capture and contain and others they 'swath'
  to death. That is just a simplistic metaphor to explain why the vast
  majority must come into these dense worlds with the spark of the
  Divine contained within a 'cloak'.

  Of course there are exceptions to this, and these exceptions are
  determined by those whose responsibility it is for the development
  of the various species on this planet.

  Some say fear is an emotion that accompanies 'the facing of the
  Unknown'. However the root of fear and the derivatives that flow
  there from such as, loneliness, arrogance, hatred, envy, abuse of self
  and others, greed and other deviant behaviors, all relate to the
  first act of separation from THE ONE.  The more stepped-down the
  vibrations and the more removed the entity is from its Source,  the
  more debased the entity's behavior. What sometimes saves the
  entity is the recognition of the Divine Light within. Sometimes
  the entity can recognize the Divine Light within another, but cannot
  feel it within them. When the Divine Light is seen in others,
  there is a tendency to 'hand over' power to such a person.

  Appropriate behavior suggests that the one to whom such power
  is handed can receive the power ONLY with the intention to
  synergistically release it back to the person in a way that the person
  can recognize that the Divine Light is 'flowing to and fro' and that
  what the person perceives in another is also contained within them.

  This is referred to as one of the greatest acts of TRUE LOVE.

  However some holding light within, may themselves be just a
  few degrees removed from those who may be in extreme separation
  and as such they too are subjected to various forms of fear issues.
  Hence the reason, there are those who exploit such situations for
  power and control purposes. Exploitation, power and control are
  exponentially the most destructive manifestations of fear, because
  such tendencies give rise to the manipulation of sizeable numbers
  of entities and this can stifle any initiative that is taken to plant
  'seeds of Light' in realms of density and form.

Me:  Thank you very much, we will continue again.

Thoth:  It is always a pleasure.
End it 2:31 pm.

 Candace: This came unnamed, and I don't know where Leonette took this one, which computer, posted to web word processor probably, and let me tell you, talk about "the cognitive pathways" between word processors! So thus I picked that part for the title. And My cognitive pathways were more than a bit challenged  from  trying to get this readable, I tried every game I know and this is the best result. It WAS perfect on the preview, but it's not while up, but at least it's readable now.  It came readable, it just didn't translate from my word processor to this format, and finally I got this result from using my email box.

Thanks for the lovely work Leonette, this was somehow going to go up!  You and Thoth are a very nice match.





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