Christ Michael discusses Jupiter
By Christ Michael through Leonette with Commentary by Candace
Mar 18, 2010 - 4:20:52 PM


 Thursday March, 2010


Christ Michael -          I have been trying to get your attention since last night and I know that you were aware but disbelieving of sorts.


Me                        More disbelieving of sorts.

Christ Michael          I have asked Thoth to share his exclusive link to you (laughs)...

Me                        I am quite sure that you need not have asked. That is a given.

Christ Michael          We are very courteous and brotherly that WE ARE.

Me                        And so I AM...

 We are having fun ...


Christ Michael: Ok now let's begin. A series of messages will be coming out to all of you. You can use this process, in part to provide checks and balances, and to provide support to one another, for this is a most crucial time as this process ramps up and the need for many to hear these words and disseminate the information accordingly is of paramount importance.

As you are aware we are tweaking the process to ‘fast track' the conditions that will take us to where we will like to be...This has to be carefully done, has to be carefully managed to ensure that the best results are attained ...This is to ensure we do not have to expend ‘time' and resources in tending to damage control issues...We will already have much to effort in terms of making sure that our best laid plans are achieved relative to the sorting and placement process.

The incoming energies of your Sun are preparing the way for the emergence of Jupiter your secondary Sun...It has to be this way to provide less shock to your planet's body as well as the corporeal bodies of her inhabitants. We have been considering...quite lately whether we should allow for Jupiter to be seen, giving the potency of the dynamic duo (the Sun and Jupiter)..Such an explosive unveiling would have consequences that exacerbate the mushrooming of a situation that could lead to the very conditions that could be challenging with regards to the overall benefit of this ‘project'.

Jupiter is gently moving towards the outer solar rings. The outer Solar rings are less intense in Solar even though you are yet to see Jupiter with your are beginning to feel the impact of it's energies...This has been happening over the last few days of your time. Some of you who are most sensitive have been feeling these energies for about a week of your time but you have mistakenly attributed that to the emissions from your main Sun.

I need not describe how inculcation of these energies into your system will impact you. Most of you already know, because you are experiencing heightened physical discomforts... Now, realize that the same is happening to the Planet's body and that she too, is experiencing these impacts and will manifest such impacts in a very physical way.

I must tell you now that there is a real possibility that your axis will wobble to several degrees more than it has in the past.  We have cosmic scientists with great abilities who are monitoring this situation. It must be handled delicately....We are attempting to have everything ‘dovetail' in a manner that will allow for the experience to be rewarding and enlightening to all. But I must alert you all to the fact that you will experience some elements of situational discomfort such as ‘blips' and downtime in communications, electrical and radio-wave activities...

When you observe the unusual frequency of these things and or the concurrency of such, know then that Jupiter - the Sun is making its appearance. That it will be visible for all to see.

Now you may not be able to communicate with each other for a time during the ‘blips'. So it will behoove you to recognize the signs and know for yourself that this IS IT.. We expect that given such a situation that you will act in accordance with the exclusive information that has been rendered unto you, with your preparation because of advanced knowledge and with your bearing as Cosmic Beings in this ‘time and space' of unparalleled birthing.

Salu and Thank you for this rendering.

Thank You..

Candace:  Ok, I will add some commentary. First I think it should be obvious that the corona is thicker close to the sun. It is also in rings, because the sun is round, actually maybe it is several balls in fact, because the sun is not flat. But you can see the rings if you sungaze when it's safe to do so near rise and set.  The rings are OBVIOUS, after you have focused on the sun.  If you have some welders goggles or a couple pairs of very dark sunglasses you can wear on top of each other, you can gaze at other times of the day if it is not uncomcomfortable. If it is , then don't. It can cause a hint of headache and if it does during these times when the sun is high, I stop it. Somedays it does , some it doesn't.  I can't gaze with the protective glasses very long at all during the day, only a couple mintues.

While you gaze the sun is going to turn blue, the higher up, the bluer and for some reason, height or not, it seems to me, bluer in the west and it will have a large pink aura, which is also the corona, so you can easily see how far it extends from the sun. 

Now, I put this away from working on it a bit, as I had to handle another matter. For some reason, I had an urge to check AHS, and good thing I thing I listened to the urge, because this is what was posted:

Hi Members of AH-support,

While, at home, this evening I was reading the AH-support site .TV was on with
the weather forecast. The weatherman explained the huge ring around the sun at
this time. I saw this ring several occasions these days with my own eyes. Its

My mouth fell open when he showed a picture of the Sun with a smaller sun, top
left of the sun (Jupiter?). (top picture!!! , I am seaching for a download...) He
explained that this was a normal natural phenomenon. This is nothing special at
all. It was not explained further because (of course) most people do not need
the explanation and take it for granted... Otherwise it is to complicated.

But this was really a beautiful picture of our (coming) second sun...

So, the Dutch TV channels are explaining our second sun in the air as a normal
natural phenomenon.

Two suns in the air are normal and just believe us that it is a normal natural
What is going on here???

I hope we will get a big event ( An event that they can't explain anymore!)

Greetings and a lot of energy...,

From The Netherlands

 Candace:  Hopefully other counties have or will follow this lead. While this explanation seems simple, by the TV station involved, people will have a lot of fear, so initially saying it is "normal" is actually OK, as I pondered on this.  When there is TV coverage of the exposures  of the black ops stuff, there can be a better explanation. Also, don't forget some websites and possibly some media are going to make this into "planet X or Nibiru", so I do like this simple explanation. If you are posting on boards, do attempt to dissuade people from believing this is the "destroyer" by what ever name it is called.  Actually our new sun, plus the energies of the "old sun", and other energies, do "destroy" the old negativity and pave the way for the new. 

Leonette says her new pics suggest it has moved a bit more. Now a couple weeks ago, not sure how long now, when I was sungazing, the after images clearly demonstrated our new sun.  Now, let me explain "after image".  When you look at a light bulb, and then close your eyes, (sometimes they don't need to be closed), you see "lightbulbs". There is a medical term in English for this, but I have long forgotten it. So since these images come AFTER looking at bright lights, this is what I call them. And then the images showed Jupiter a bit closer to the sun after some days.

We had some clouds for a few days again and so I didn't look at the sun or take pictures when it came back. I think for 2 days. Then yesterday, while I didn't take any pictures, my after images mid day where extraordinary!  I did view mid day with my eyes protected by heavy sunglasses and a set of surgical goggles which I wear over the sun glasses. Well, the "after images" were incredible. These always change colors as they fade, for but a brief time, I saw Jupiter and the sun both as brilliantly white. Jupiter was really really clear.

Remember back when Jupiter was moving across Lasco c3 and they suddenly replaced it with a ball again? This was actually to maintain normality for people who don't know what is coming, because they did slightly pull Jupiter back to where the corona was more dense. Of course, I didn't see it that way at the time, that just dawned on me yesterday in fact.  CM had "promised" we would know if it was being held back a bit, well that was the purpose!  Sometimes things are right in front of my face............. As I was busy complaining, Esu was busy explaining the intensity and the monitoring, but I didn't put 2 +2 together on that one, regards the Lasco images.

I don't mind waiting a bit more hoping that more television and print media are going to do what is RIGHT and start preparing their audiences for this awesom event.

Today while I was chatting with a friend on the cell phone, he experienced a signal loss in a very unusual location. He has learned where there are problems with moving from tower to tower as he drives and so we expect dropped calls then. Where the dropped call occurred was completely atypical. Not proof of the statements above of course by Christ Michael but illustrative never the less.  There may be TV interferences, Cell Phone interferences and the like, where information is carried over satelittes and thru the ionosphere.  Radio would be expected to have difficulties for this reason and not dependable.

I hope we don't see problems with airplanes because of commuication difficulties. Hopefully they will ground the planes. But certainly this will be some proof. Honestly people, you are not going to see Jupiter with telescopes and dark lenses just yet. The immediate corona is extremely dense and bright. Don't loose your patience over this! Some cameras show the stuff, some do not. Why I don't know.  I am not a technology expert regards digital photography. Or  any photography for that matter!

There are again a flurry of "new sun" video's on you tube that are NOT the new sun. I waltched one a couple days ago, and all this "2nd sun" was, was a small parting in the clouds!  Some people are not familiar at all because they never watch the sky. And of course, where did the "new sun" go to, after the film was made? When it comes past that corona, it isn't going to disappear for days on end!  All are going to be aware.  

I think I did post with Leonette's pic I put up, that Esu had been advising me of the intensity of the energies and the need to work with them and slow the process.  This reminds me of a post we put out probably 2 years ago now, when the involution was not going so well, and we asked, do you want Jupiter to explode and destroy all the work, or do you want a new sun?  God doesn't wave magic wands. God does use technology........

Rest in peace!  Take care, Candace

 PS. I have been late getting this posted today.  I was exttemely discomboobulated this morning, and my guardian angel Andrea helped me get all my different bodies back in alighnment. My mental body was hanging out somewhere apparently completely lost! The physical body was very uncoordinated and my typing terrible. Plus it was difficult to compose something, with the mental body ranging the universe some place! 

The electron flux has been very high. I don't follow the graphs on the proton fluxes, but the energy in these and other "particles" is increasing and this affects your body and your mind. Patience is suggested!  Not to worry! It's "normal."

Also, I added in a bit more commentary I had forgotten to place after posting, and there is a duplication of a comment here, my mind is still nor completely focused, so ignore it. I don't feel like trying to rearrange the post and then just make it worse.

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