By Thoth and Leonette
Dec 13, 2011 - 11:59:19 PM


Leonette: I have noticed a change in Thoth’s approach to these messages. It seems that I get the Title of the message in advance. The above title came into my head in the wee hours of the morning, somewhere between 3 and 4 am while falling back to sleep... By the time I was awake I promptly forgot my desire to remember those words that came somewhere between sleep and wake. Now, after 4 pm the title pops into my head so I guess the energies and connection are perfect for taking this message.

Thoth:– I do not wish to ‘overburden’ you so I am adopting a different approach by ‘clueing’ you into the message of the moment.

It is not the intention to cause strife and bewilderment amongst those who read these passages. What we advise you of is necessary for your knowing. It prepares you to understand how your intent can change the course or direction of something that starts off as being benign or malignant.

You will be journeying to other endeavours and your schooling must provide you with an understanding of how creation works. The exposure to that which is good gone wrong or vice-versa exists in this space and time. You will not get such exposure elsewhere. So it becomes imperative to be excellent graduates of this universal system in which the laboratory of thoughts, intent and action can be weighted on the scales of cosmic justice and delivered in a manner that ensures that those who triumph do so on the merit of distinction.

All of you who read this are capable of Divinity, in fact you are ‘Regents’ in these spaces, you bear the Seal of the Creator Source. You came with a mission at the behest of “All That Is’ to reset the Divine Imperative in these situations that became contaminated because of the Luceferian rebellion.

You have heard of references to “the Fallen’ also known as ‘the Fallen Ones’...they were once “Ones of Light’ who became ‘shadowed’ in their descent from the Higher realms. 

They are not mightier than You, You of the Light. 

The difference between the two, aside from One of Light and One of ‘Shadow” is that those in Light are camouflaged to protect their Light, while those of shadow are afraid of their Light no matter how dim it might be!

To explain further, according to the mission to be accomplished, varying levels of camouflage are necessary once ”Regents of Light” enter domains under the control of the ones of the shadow. One method of camouflage is ‘forgetting’ or ‘Amnesia”. This is typical for most of you unless and/or until you are activated in sequence to recall your purpose. You are continually motivated to seek more of the Light!

The ones operating under the shadow remember fully only up to what their leadership has told them. They are aware of higher levels but to them those levels are clouded in distortion and myopia. Light at those higher levels, blind them! Their distorted perceptions make them fear what they once were..

Forever we have tried to clear the ‘cobwebs’ from their eyes and re-balance their foci(plural of focus), some were saved and undertook to observe the Cosmic Laws of balance and restitution. Others have refused and are intent on spiralling ever downwards into the abyss of despair. They know what awaits them when they hit ‘rock bottom’, it is the bottomless pit of ‘nothingness’. No more needs to be said!

You, Dear Ones, were sent, nay, selected from many to come into these realms to rescue a situation from becoming corrupted and diseased. You must know that through your presence and your work...much was salvaged and will continue to grow in perfection in higher environmental energies. 

You would not pass the scrutiny of selection to these realms if you were not capable of withstanding the shadow elements that exist. Your true essence which is your Spirit cannot be destroyed even if your temporal worlds are affected one way or another.

There is an agreement to protect and honour you. That agreement is sacred and binding. That agreement is taken in all seriousness and will be carried out, regardless. Therefore when a decision is taken to effect a particular course of action, know that our original agreements are entailed in that course of action.

You must sense by now that this discourse is ‘loaded’ in a way to have you know your worth even if this knowing is ‘alien’ to you and even if you think that a pun was intended, I assure you there was none as most if not all of you have served on other worlds too! This is the preferred method of ‘stepping down’ vibrations when preparing those from the lighted realms to come into worlds immersed in denser energies.

Therefore dig in your heels and stand in the Glory of the I AM. May the wind be at your back and the Glory of the Son, Aton shine upon your face!

Come what may,
Be at peace!

Me - Thank You Thoth.
Thoth - As usual the pl


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