A Guided Journey to discover yourself!
By Thoth thru Leo
May 8, 2015 - 10:53:15 PM

11:24 pm 2nd May 2015.

A Guided Journey to discover yourself!

Stretch your mind, stretch to the point where you lose your sense of who you are. Nothing will happen to you. Think of yourself as rooted like a mighty Sequoia Tree.

You are not going anywhere but your mind is expanding because I want you to have a sense of what you truly are.

Expand ...expand...imagine no boundaries, go beyond any sense of definition...Spread far and wide ad infinitum.

You see the ‘sparklets'...Symbiotic pulses of energy...which we will examine shortly...These ‘sparklets' emerge as you thin out the dense concept of who you think you are...This denseness that is stretched... stretched...stretched  to the Maximum and then some, produces holes' in the fabric of your perceived solidity.

As you use your imaging properties to imaginatively stretch your physical body in all possible directions...stretch even further until by sheer force you cause ‘rips' and tears ..Your imaginative physical body is now rent asunder. You now have gaps of emptiness...

The rips, tears and holes have created space...not unlike the space that you gaze upon when pondering the mysteries of the Universe.

Your mind is still rooted and you are still in your awareness but your focus is expanded to the point where you experience ‘gaping spaces' between the fibers of your mental construct.

If you have been actively meditating you should be able to keep your awareness going...if not you may ‘zone out' or fall into slumber, but persevere the best you can...This is a journey of Self Discovery..

Stare into the darkened gaping spaces now and what do you see..random images of blurry light interspersed with brilliant ‘sparklets' distant points of flickering light ...

You thought space was thought it was dark and void but it never is...Creation always occurs in the fertility of the void.

Focus on those ‘'sparklets' or ‘points of light'... Look closer at those points of light for you will discover the essence of everything that you are.

Zoom into them.

They seem solid from a distance but they are not...

As you get ever closer you will see imagery that appears like little suns with swirling points of light revolving around them...

Something akin to a solar planetary system..

You will see so many of these systems that looked solid and dense from a remote perspective but are actually full of what is thought of as space and void between them.

It is from such space and void that energy is derived to power the revolution of the forces that sustain these worlds..

Infinite is the plasmic energy that holds all life together within the infinite soup of possibilities..

I have informed you therefore of a magnificent truth..that your physical body is made up of the very same plasma of which the entire Cosmos is composed...

It is from this plasma that energy is derived..When you truly come to understand this, your energy consumption on this planet will change. And when you understand that this very plasma is not only contained within your Being..but is also the God Substance that holds everything together both without and within... then you will truly be on your way to mastering your physical body.

But let us return to the observation of the ‘sparklets of light'...

Zoom in some more and you would see each orb of that solar planetary system is itself comprised of the same organized systems of suns and revolving orbits of spheres.

This is the essence of creation The Microscopic to The Macroscopic stretching itself unending in its seeking to know itself...

You can be sure that even on those tiny worlds that comprise your very make up, that there are beings who are asking the eternal question... "Who am I" and once that awareness presents itself within the  consciousness of the questioner, then a link becomes established to a principle which says ‘to every question asked, there will be an answer given'...

Thus such a probing question activates the awareness factor and prompts the search for the knowing of Self.

Sooner or later this same exercise that I have provided will be undertaken by any aware species in the quest for understanding of the reasons for life.

To these worlds.. you are Creator and how you infuse your being will determine how quickly or slowly these worlds contained within are advanced.

For not only do these worlds receive sustenance from your physicality but through portals within the spaces that they occupy within your plasmic grid.

As such they would also receive sustenance from your mental and spiritual bodies...Also, the bodies that make up your essence in this dimension,  act as Energy Exchanges between all galactic benevolence You receive from outside of your dimensional awareness and the galactic and universal kingdoms contained within your Being..

As a do have responsibilities to those galactic and universal kingdoms that make up your atomic physicality...this is just but one area in which you share likeness with your own Creator.

So understand the interconnectedness of all things in what you perceive to be the micro relative to the macro..

As below

As within.

I am Thoth

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