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The Creator Son
By Candace
Oct 23, 2011 - 6:47:00 PM

Candace: Hi everyone, this is a painting of Christ Michael, which typical of paintings of the various masters isn't totally correct, but close enough. I have met him aboard the Phoenix. His complexion is white, much lighter than shown in this. But the tall forehead, definitely. He glows, but his eyes aren't quite as the artist depicts them. When I met him he was wearing something with red in it at the time, regards clothing with a high neck. He came down to a "canteen" area to meet me on the ship.

Here is a link to an article I wrote, which has sample pictures of the forms angels can use to physically walk a planet.

As I say in the article, CM looks a lot like the guy with the very tall forehead. They all have quite large brains. It is not the game plan right now for Christ Michael to walk the planet by birth. So he plays the role of the space Commander over Project Earth Transistion.  This is his statement from Phoenix Journal #3 in the forward:  I am Gyeorgos (fancy "George") Ceres Hatonn, Commander iin Chief, Earth Project Transistion, Pleiades Sector Light Command, Intergalactic Fleet-Ashtar Comman; Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Federaton council on Earth Transition.

In the above, and in the Phoenix Journals he uses the name Hatonn, and Aton. Aton is actually a part of his very long universal name, which is not the simplified Christ Michael of the UB. ATON is the first two syllables of a name that takes about half a sheet of paper to write it down. And on top of that it is harmonic and thus "sung". Perhaps one day, there will be a composition done of his full name, if possible to do so, or at least a reasonable rendering.

Those of you who are Urantia Book readers know that he was temporary "Planetary Prince" after his bestowal here 2000 years ago, thus the term "Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council."  He returned in 1954 with a fleet of one million ships from Pleiades for this project.

The reason I am placing this here, under our division of Leadership of AbundantHope, is because my team is in partnership with Christ Michael for the Earth Transition project and to help build the new society to come. This society must be built by those living ON the planet. Christ Michael intends to walk the planet in the future with a "headquarters" site of his own.  He has often walked the planet in terms of talking with leadership, that is the point in part of coming in a body, as this time.

Hatonn/ATON/Christ Michael remains the "big cheese" as he jokingly calls himself sometimes over this project and of course he is the "big cheese" Creator Son of Nebadon.  His current form is approximately 9 1/2 feet tall. He is not incarnate in this form the same way as we incarnate by birth, and it cannot hold the totality of his being, because the totality of his being, is throughout Nebadon. He "surrounds" this form, and there is not loss of connection between the form and his total self. It is not like the loss of connection we experience by being born into the human body of this planet.

Many Thanks to my friend who sent this image!  Take care, Candace

October 23, 2011 OK We added this image below.  It is the only image I have seen on the net that will work and I did place it in another article here. Which is the only way I found it again, as the original site  had removed it.  CM looks something like this. Not exactly,  but this is representative of the type of form he is using for this incarnation and return.  See above for other comments.  When I first met him aboard the Phoenix he was wearing a red outfit with a high collar on it and I thought him quite handsome myself. Other more advanced planets with cosmic visitors from the architectural worlds are quite used to this forms.  Although the image below is greyish in color, being a black and white image,  he is not grey, but "white." The original site I found this on, had sadly made an incorrect implication as to what and who these ones are that use this form.


He looks completely human other than the large  bald head and somewhat larger eyes.  This is a very typical form used by these very high SONS when visiting worlds where they must be SEEN and walk with the people.  If you have missed it, you would enjoy this piece as he describes a bit about himlef physically and the mission.



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