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AbundantHope : Leadership of AbundantHope Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Jess Anthony, Oracle for Christ Michael, Sananda Immanuel, and Abraham Lincoln
By Candace
Aug 27, 2007 - 7:34:00 PM

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Hi everyone! I am proud to announce Jess Anthony, who so many of you have enjoyed his work, as a member of this team. He is now, and will in greater purpose after the announcement activities,serve as Oracle for Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon, and our Planetary Prince, Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara. He has also begun a project with Abraham Lincoln.


Jess came on the scene in early summer of 2005, placing a piece with Christ Michael, and I very pleased with this, as he added so much support and credibility to the project. He had sent me some of his early private work and I liked what he was doing and gave him encourgement to continue.


He was chosen to this joint team officially last winter, after being encouraged for a time to consider accepting this awesome responsibility. Jess makes his home in Arkansas, USA. I am placing here, what Jess desired to post about his position. We are so very blessed to have you on the Second Coming Team Jess!!!! Welcome aboard. Take care, Candace



I am listed on the Abundant Hope staff list as the “Oracle” for Christ Michael and Esu, and I feel I should explain what this role entails. This position has come to have a deeper purpose than my perhaps more recognized role of posting journal messages from various guides and commentators. This is a purpose that Christ Michael Aton explained to me last May 2007 as he spoke of the work planned as the mission of Abundant Hope.

"My plan is what has been outlined here through Candace and her writings over these years, and also through what you have heard me say to you. You have provided a running commentary on ideas and issues that have cropped up, and I am grateful to you for your clear explanations and careful assessments. This is an example of the type of analysis and discernment that will be necessary in the days to come. This is not to say that others are not discerning and involved. Just to say that you have provided an excellent example for them to match.

"I will say that you are an oracle for me and for Esu Sananda, and we value your ability to hear clearly and truthfully. For this reason we have come to rely on you for your balanced pronouncements and personal messages that others find resonant. You have always sought to be clean in your thoughts and you have also sought to be unbiased and open to whatever you have heard us say to you. This will be difficult for you to post, I understand, but it is time …to become visible as our voice. This will have more ramifications later as we enter the period of changes that are coming, and your role will be clearly identified and observed.

"Others will say that we are not speaking through you. That you are speaking from your own ego and your own imagination. No. This is a clear line of transmission from me, the Christ Michael of Nebadon, and my pronouncements and decisions are determining when it is time to say enough. I have waited until the very last minute to say “Begin”—and I am still shaping my final decisions—but the impetus has started and the events are now unstoppable. The visible effects of my decisions will be seen shortly. This will take the shape of a transformation of your world and a removal of the most egregious resistance to my will and my Universal law. This is no longer a debate or a contest. This is a change that is underway." (5-23-07)

As I found out, this role of Oracle does have ramifications beyond writing. Esu has asked me to be literally his “voice" for a time.

“This will take place primarily between the Second Coming events and the time I am ready to relocate to Denver… I envision you traveling with me/us as we journey to various places I will need to appear and speak. I plan to use you as a conduit for my thoughts in public appearances and also in private situations where we need to discuss various issues. Others can hear me, but only those with a sufficiently attuned ability at this point.”

I of course questioned why Esu chose me for this role, and he said “This is a serious commitment and one that will change your life forever. This is not an idle commitment, but one that will be a culmination of everything you have prepared up to now. Your past lives/ our past lives have prepared, or set the stage, as it were, but this is the reality that it has led up to. It has had intimations in all the work you’ve done and all that I have discussed with you. We have primed you for this, and now is the time we need to begin to put it into motion. I need your energy resources to amplify mine for the duration of the transition period. This is not saying I am lacking in the energy, it is saying I need the vehicle you can provide to accommodate myself to the physical reality that will still be operational. I will merge my thoughts with you and you will provide a wealth of experience to me. This will be quite a symbiosis.”

Then about a month ago I was approached by Helen Engel and informed that Abraham Lincoln was asking for me to work with a group preparing a website devoted to bringing new commentaries from him. Lincoln was also asking me to be his voice. “I wish to use you this time as a written voice for me,” he said. “I understand your agreement with Esu, and I assure you this commitment with me will in no way compromise your ability to travel as necessary. We are ready to begin shaping the website, and we need your telepathic ability now to hear me make initial comments. This beginning here will not affect your plans with Candace and Esu. It will only enrich them.

I asked Esu if this would be a problem in terms of time commitments, and he replied “I see no problem at all in your working in a dual capacity with Abraham and with me and whomever else I many need you to connect with. The spiritual merging we will do …will allow you also to connect more concretely with others who wish to speak to you.”

I seem to have a lot ahead of me. I don’t know that I looked for this role, but here it is and I am honored to be asked to do this.




Additional autobiography by Jess:


I was born in Arkansas in 1952 and grew up drawing and playing the piano.

I received a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Humanities (English and Philosophy) from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas in 1974, and then went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where I did a Bachelor of Music in Organ with a minor in writing. Very unexpectedly I received one of the U of M’s Avery Hopwood Awards for young writers in 1976 in the category of undergraduate essay. I continued graduate work in music, and received a Master of Music in organ in 1977.

I moved back to Arkansas in 1978 and taught organ and English for a couple of years before going to the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York to pursue a doctorate in organ. I received a Doctor of Musical Arts in Performance and Literature in 1986 after writing a dissertation on the organ symphonies of Charles-Marie Widor seen in the cultural context of arts in Paris at the end of the Nineteenth Century.

I continued with post-doctoral research while I worked as a co-manager at an art film theater in Rochester. I spoke at several national conferences dealing with Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies, and I also played organ recitals in some prestigious places, including Trinity Church Boston and at the Mormon Tabernacle as part of a special Widor Sesquicentennial celebration.

I came back to Arkansas in 1989 to take care of my parents and found myself working as a church organist and free-lance arts critic for a local alternative journal. I also took a job for two years directing a concert series for the University of Arkansas in Little Rock and doing on-site evaluations for opera companies applying for grants from the National Endowment of the Arts. In 1995 I was hired as Grant Programs Manager at the Arkansas Arts Council. I’ve been working there ever since overseeing operational grant programs for major arts organizations and coordinating the state arts conference.

Around 2000 I began to feel something was missing, and I decided I wanted to learn massage and body work. Interested in more multi-disciplinary approaches, I discovered the healing method taught by Fabien Maman and his Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color. I spent two weeks in France in 2002 in an intensive introduction to vibrational healing with tuning forks and colored lights and became a Level One practitioner. Through Fabien's work and with the guidance of a telepathic friend, I began hearing messages myself. This channeling led me to develop my own energy balancing process I call “The Infinite Harmony” that combines specific music selections, colored, lights and a type of Reiki touch. I have since added training as a Reiki Usui Master and a Level Four Practitioner in Solo Sei Reiki.

I have continued my personal Journaling since I began the work with Fabien, and all the messages I’ve posted publicly since 2004 have come from commentaries I’ve heard since 2002. These extensive personal Journals have taken me through far-ranging self explorations and led me to the personal awareness that has culminated in this latest new role on the staff of Esu and Abundant Hope.


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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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