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Esteban Sanchez, Regional Director for South America
By Esteban
Feb 1, 2007 - 10:53:00 AM

To those readers who will see this today on the front site, I and Esu chose Esteban recently to be our Regional Director to South America, serving our joint AbundantHope/Planetary Prince team. He is the youngest thus far on our team, only 24, but already a person of great promise.

I became aware of Esteban when he posted a mission statement to the messianic forum, of huge vision for South America and I immediately made contact with him, and after many discussions, decided he was the person to represent AbundantHope in South America. I would like you to post that mission statement here in this article Esteban, as part of your introduction to yourself.

To many great and grand years together, in the mission of AbundantHope in service to the Planetary Prince of Urantia! You will serve South America well. Take care, Candace

Here there is my little bio and my Messianic Missions (all I will do as a whole), later I can add more personal information.


My name is Esteban Sánchez, I born in Quito (capital of Ecuador) on the 12th of September 1982, I'm 24 years old, I'm not married and actually live in Quito. I have one brother and one sister.

I'm studing Biotechnology Engineering in a very important politechnic school here in Ecuador and in all Latin America. I studied English, Portuguese (in Brazil) and Latin and I want to speak many others since I love learn languages.

In my free time I'm a Webmaster and work half time near my home.

I like to read books and learn many things, including esoteric and spirituality topics. Searching for Light I read about this site and because I always want to help others and make this world a better place to live, I wrote my Messianic Mission.

My love for serving humanity makes me "suitable" for the "charge" of Regional Director for South America, this beautiful place on Earth (Urantia). I feel in my inner heart that this is my Life Mission here on Earth and why I am here in this great time. I believe in Destiny, but in other sense, the way God guides us for make his/her Universal Plan of Unconditional Love. And Destiny shows me this site, Candace and others of course and the previous path, I know, for a great reason.

The most important thing to do in the near future is work with enthusiam  for AbundantHope, Christ Michael, Esu and all others and of course how to be a more spiritual being.

I will be working as a friend with all of you who are reading this, together we can change the world and establish the Gold Age here in Urantia.

Messianic Missions

This is a modificated version of the original mission I posted on the Messianic Forum.

1. Help to others in your messianic missions especially them of my region (South America).

2. Create a Foundation called "Nova Terra Foundation" for help the children, poor people and many other need for help.

3. The "Nova Terra Foundation" will help funding many projects in this areas: Human and Environment. In the humanitarian area: Food suplies, Health, Education (including awakening people's dormant abilities), Construction and New Technologies "The Freedom Project"; Space Travels and creation of Space-ports "The Phoenix Project" (elimination of aircrafts and creation of spacecrafts); Language Learning and Intercommunication "The Babel Project"; Politics and World Peace "The Urantia Project" (creation of extraterrestrial embassies, elimination of armament and wars) and others. In the environmental area: Regeneration of Water "The Dolphin Project" (Oceans, Seas, Rivers and Lakes); Lands "The Green Project" (eliminating chemicals and planting trees) and Skies "The Blue Project" (eliminating pollution and use of chemicals that destroy the Ozono); Humanitarian treatment of Animals and Preservation of Wildlife "The Condor Project" (elimination of hunting and many factories); New Energy "The Unicorn Project" (especially Free and Cosmic Energy) and others. For both areas: Prosperity and Love.

This Foundation would work hand by hand with other projects around the world.

4. Help the poor people and children of my country.

5. Awake the people teaching the Illuminati plans and other lies.

6. Teach about new energies, new paradigms and translation of materials for the Golden Age.

7. Change the face of religion, realizing that All are ONE and All are GOD.

8. Make Urantia a beautiful planet for live and for visit.

9. Grown up spiritually, learn telepathy and other abilities.

10. Make space travels and visit a lot of planets.

Thanks to Candace by this honorific position, I will do the best working for AbundantHope and my region. We all have a wonderful path to travel.

"I am what I am because of who we all are"


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