Where are things?
By Esu & CM by John
Mar 29, 2010 - 4:53:10 PM


Where are things?

Energies are building within Gaia as so many have stated. Jupiter's appearance would present too much energy than what would be beneficial for all of purposes now.

We urge patience. We suggest that you choose to maintain a positive perspective, remember -- t'is a choice. Choose also to serve. How will you be of service to the greater cause today? Which of your gifts shall you offer? All is well.

Ok, so what's the hold up?

CM here.
The soup is not ready. Plain and simple. I ask for those of you who are gathered here, those of you with awareness to practice patience, to let go, and to trust the process that I have laid out.

As Esu says above and I ask of you as well, focus on how you serve the greater cause. Do so now. When things are in obvious motion within your realm, you will be even more prepared to be of assistance.

And when is that you ask? May I suggest that you ask that question less often, for how does it serve? Indeed, all is well.

Be in touch with the greatness within you today. Become more familiar with what you may call your higherself or soul self. Be guided more by this greatness within -- and you will be ever more prepared.

Many of you requested this service, some of you directly approached me asking to be here at this time. Be in touch with this aspect of yourselves, throw off your worries and doubts. Stand with me today and tomorrow. We have lots to do. Let's get to it.

Christ Michael, Aton


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