Let the clean clear waters (energies) wash over you. Be free, be at one, be of love -- you are blessed. 

Yes, no doubt, tough assignment that you all have here. However, remember your coping tools, in an instant help is there for you as you request it. Yes, as CM tells you: REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE and stand tall. (The energies that are pouring through me actually have me sitting up straighter).

Have faith in the process as it's been further revealed in Candace's recent message with CM. You now see a greater wisdom and coordination at play. YOU have been involved in these discussions so yes, you ought to recognize the decisions that you assisted in making. 

As far as timing, it is as you and Kibo reported last week, we truly are in the final stages before the curtain descends and then rises again. 

Yes, tie up loose ends as you perceive them and be ready to part with that which you readily observe today. Freedom is on your doorstep. 


There are thousands of variables that I am in consideration of as I come to the decision about when to initiate the stasis, the mini, the full, which ever or both. There is great value in the education period that would follow a mini stasis, however its importance wanes to some degree.

Similar to you in sense John, I wish to give opportunity to as many as possible, down to the very last of my children. However, time is short.

As you've discussed with Jess, Candace and others, and as has been stated previous messages, there are other factors at play in the final timing that are beyond this immediate realm -- cycles upon cycles that are all nearing culmination now. 

There is much more that is yet to be revealed, and the 'news' will get better and better for those of you in the know that are gathered here in these final moments.