A Selection of John's Chats with Esu and CM
Mar 31, 2009 - 7:09:00 PM


John: Esu! What's happenin' hombre? How're things? Care to give an update?

Esu: John! I love your casual greeting. More & more you're getting the fact that we are brothers in this game.

Despite the wait and your mostly boring job, your spiritual growth, knowledge and awareness, in this current form that you've taken, continues.

So what is happenin' Bro? I know that the wait has been what it's been, seemingly too long. Where do things stand today? We gearing up for another go at this, what is very likely to be the final run. I know that you are not expecting specifics but by the end of this month, perhaps, just maybe (teasing smile) we may all be in a very different place.

Continue with the plans for urban gardens in and around Newark for the time being. This is becoming a solid plan for the empowerment of many and a great example of a messiah project. It is also providing you with more experience and learning's as well as channeling your efforts and energies in positive directions.

You will be a fine director for my organization and AH. Believe it John, you are well suited for this work. As you learn more and more of your many past endeavors in leadership and intergalactic diplomacy, you will see that this will be a proverbial walk in the park! Challenging but not insurmountable.

Spend more of your day in joy (your choice); take to time raise your vibrations and allow for this higher energy and the insights that they provide. In this way you enter, perceptibly, into a more timeless state of being similar to what your truest self experiences. Before you know it our work will have begun!

Enough for this evening.

I very much look forward to our work together!

Namaste my Brother!


Hey Gang,
A little over a week ago I had a late night/early morning chat with CM, second time this has happened. I thought I'd share this tidbit with you. Because it was the middle of the night I don't remember all of what was said but there were two main points:

-- Trust and have faith.
In that moment I had my doubts. In a very supportive and firm manner CM admonished me to be in trust and have faith in the process that he has set forth.

-- I am a peer. (We are peers).
He said this as I was in a place of reaching up towards him. Again, in a firm, supportive and loving manor, he said that he understood my current position but that I would realize that we are much more like peers, that this would be much better understood soon.

Although, I did ask Candace to confirm that I had spoken to Christ Michael, I was more than certain that the conversation did take place. She told me that before she could ask that CM offered that he spoken with me and gave me a bit of a push. Cool!

Phone Call? Nah!

Hey Gang!
I was doing a few chores around the house and then went to sit down on the couch with a large pile of laundry to be folded. I grabbed my laptop to do a quick check of what was going on. With the laptop actually on my lap I noticed that Candace is online and said 'hello'.

We start talking about the weather, the dog she was baby sitting, recent posts, and I then begin to feel some tingles around my 3rd eye area and decided to tell Candace about it.

She says, "well go answer the phone call".

I say that it's just a shift in awareness.

Candace exclaims, "What was a shift in awareness? If your 3rd eye acts up, usually it's a phone call."

I'm doubting that it's a 'phone call' and say, "it's the kind of thing that happens when I'm doing healing work, essentially a rising of my vibrations". In a moment I then say, "now it's all over my body there's a lot of shifting happening especially in the back of my head, left side."

Candace implores, "John, go sit in a private place or go outdoors, you are being contacted dear one. Pick up the phone."

By this point (slow, yes, I know) I begin to suspect that Esu was trying to get in touch. I get up and go out to the balcony. I'm feeling quite good in the higher vibrations swirling about me by this time.

Candace says, "They didn't get your attention with the 3rd eye, so they are getting it another way. Esu is ON The Other END. And he's laughing."

Well, I was laughing too and then started the conversation below:

John: You rang?

Esu: Hi John. Thanks for answering, go within for a moment.

Have no worries or fears regarding your employment keep shifting and becoming more aware, making different choices and creating what you wish.

Great work with your farm project, congratulations.

When you ask?
Soon quite soon but live your day to day life fully in the mean time, as you do you become more prepared for our work as you've noticed as of late.

Your family life will shift nicely, drop your fears here and continue in love and more love.

Spend more time with me and in the higher vibrations.

You are going to be great in your work with me I'm looking forward to this my good friend.
John: Thanks!

Where are you from?
You're an ascending son of ancient heritage. You have a great fondness for CM's projects. You have been a most helpful participant and leader over many many years.

(giving me really delightful energy)

Hang in there John and as I say above, fully attend to your daily life. We thank you for your dedication, loving energy and commitment.

Now, you know (John: I am laughing) when we're trying to get in touch with you. So come chat if you can when you feel those tingles.

Much love always,

Another Call

Turning a Frown Upside Down

Mayhem is going on in my house (parents have it tough sometimes, don't we) and I get, the now becoming familiar, tingling on my forehead around the 3rd eye area.
Candace is online and I tell her that I'm getting another call.
Candace exclaims, "well please in all haste go answer it!!!"
I make it out to the balcony with laptop in tow.


Who's calling?
(It is Esu).

Esu: John, don't forget to work on your projects today. Keep the energy flowing in these areas. When you take a step in this direction more avenues and opportunities open.
John: OK, thank you for that reminder.

John: Do you have more for me? How about regarding 'when'?

Esu: I've given the clues about the flares. There's much expectation regarding the current syzygy and it could be significant though not definite. You're aren't feeling the intensity there at this moment.

Keep making the moment to moment decision to be a beacon of light. We know how difficult the earth walk is; and, as you were saying to Jess earlier, it is good that you are less judgemental about your so called 'mishaps' as they are part and parcel of the current journey. Just keeping choosing the higher vibrational path.

John: Thank you. Can you go back to 'when' please.

Esu: It is now, yet it isn't. When there is a 'collision' of the 'nows' it will manifest for you.

Esu: Contact Gaia now as Henning suggests if you will....

As I shift my focus and intentions to Gaia, I am feeling most beautiful uplifting energy.... I close my eyes and a bluish-green smiling entity appears in front of me.

Gaia: My child, no need to fret and frown, many blessings to you dear one
John: ...and to you dear Gaia. (Such wonderful uplifting energy)
Gaia: Thank you for coming and assisting in these changes.
John: It is my ultimate pleasure.
Gaia: Please continue choosing the higher vibrational routes.
John: I shall.

An energy healing session similar to what I practice on humans ensues with me soon being completely absorbed by Gaia and feeling in many ways at one, the healing session continues and intensifies... After a few minutes I feel some sense of completion and make the transition back to the balcony...

Esu: Become more as the lucid dreamer, aware of your surroundings and directing the outcomes.

You are tired now.
Good work!
Ciao for now...

Not too long afterwards while chatting with Candace about the Syzygy period that we are in starting today (June 1-6 peaking on the 3rd), I briefly dial back in with Gaia (more tingling on the forehead).

Candace and I were both saying how neither of us is feeling the imminent feelings of a major event about to occur.

Gaia essentially says that this Syzygy period presents too good of an opportunity for her to pass up for release. I could sense a wry smile and perhaps even a wink. I didn't note an indication of where she may express this release.
So, we shall see.

Conversation with Esu 12/18/08

Esu! I am surrounded by family. TV on, a cold rain outdoors. I am motivated to connect with you and see what comes through. (I've entered into a light meditative state, sensations, energy bands around my head, particularly on the left side).

Hello John! Welcome, it is a pleasure to connect with you in this way once again, been awhile. Yes, a bit of controversy, the peacemaker and big picture person that you are sees none as of course there really is none. And yes, stasis well be a time of not only re-learning but new learning for me as well as your team. We will realize a harmony, clarity, a great sense of purpose and drive.

You seemed to have connected to an aspect of yourself that was already residing in stasis a few nights ago. You witnessed his/your focus and drive. We will also experience joy, laughter, peace and serenity. [I thought this guy was awfully serious when chatting with him. He had an impressive clarity and focus and a wry, dry sense of humor as I brought up different issues and scenarios, mercilessly batting away distractions and 'minor' trivialities].

When? (Quiet laughter and smiles from Esu). As you just said John, "patience grasshopper". You've heard from other team members about potentials in the last days of this month around your birthday (12/28). As always there is flexibility in CM's timeline. You ask for more. Be in trust. I understand your doubt and I lend you a hand in seeking peace with the disappointment that you've had with previous 'deadlines' that have come and gone. Let go and let us (including the more expansive aspects of you that are hugely and directly involved) be in process to bring this to fruition. There remain to be different lines of probabilities of course. I would say that most of them conclude with us moving forward with stasis around the Jupiter window of opportunity that CM spoke of recently through Candace on the front site.

When you find yourself in discomfort [a phone call and my son jumping on me disrupted the flow for a moment], center yourself in higher vibrations through breath and intention and then take appropriate action to address other areas in your day to day life that probably need your attention. Actually, you may wish to spend more time in this space as it will assist you in your day to day life. Do this John and it you'll experience more focus and greater co-creation and beneficial manifestation. Be more disciplined in this. You may wish begin your exercise program once again as well.

Congratulations on connecting! A real accomplishment in the relatively busy room that you are in at the moment! Be in peace, there is much ahead for you and your team.

Take care.
Light and Love,
Your Brother,


A Short Reassuring Message from CM
Earlier today I was "Instant Messaging" with Jess. I expressed my hope for message from CM soon, to which he responded, "great, get one and let me know what you hear".

So, I did.

One of my blocks is, that at times, I can generally feel not worthy of receiving messages from these guys. I also realize that this is -- shall we say -- dumb. However, those feelings do make themselves apparent from time to time. This is also addressed below.

With acknowledgment and my own forgiveness of my perceived foibles,
I seek information from Christ Michael about where things stand.

Be Patient beloved one. We are here, we are working. The time is near.
I hear your doubts, today I send no rebukes your way but understanding. We forgive your impatience and doubts; we understand.

Understand our great love for you more than anything else. (Check your email message). [I was waiting for an important email and it popped up at that moment].

Reach upwards for me or Esu and encourage those on your team who may need reassurance to do the same. We will assure you that we are here, that we haven't abandoned you, that this is indeed real, that you have very important tasks within this endeavor and more.

Look to hear more from me through Candace shortly.

Be at peace, be in trust.

With great love and wholeness,
Christ Michael, as I am known by some.

Today I experienced CM as distinctive, with a strong energy signature that is sharp, large, clear and I want to say loud, but not loud in an unpleasant way. I sensed him as being great, charismatic and up beat with the qualities of leader, kind of a coach.

Short Message from Esu

Esu, what's going on my brother? Anything to share? You KNOW what's on our thoughts. (Smile). Please tell me what you can.

Hello John, (pleasant energetic shift within me)
Nice to connect with you again! Hang in there. As you suspect density is an issue for our scientists in this region, slows things down, adjustments need to be and are being made. A tremendous learning experience for all involved. I do lend an apology for any expectations that we have given concerning the timing of these events. Please bare with us, know that a most wondrous journey awaits us. You understand that giving a time estimate for these events is foolhardy at this point but be rest-assured, as in Hennings note, there is no turning back, Jupiter is our second sun. Evidence of this amazing shift is soon to be more and more evident.

Your time in the Himalayas, some words to describe: education, remembering, re-acquainting, intense, amazing, thorough, nearly unbelievable from where you sit today.

As far as more technical information about what's happening, look to Jess and Candace. We will be in communication with them shortly. Let us be involved with this massively complex undertaking for a bit longer. There will be plenty to share.

Thank you for connecting John. This is helpful to your well being, shifting to a higher vibration where we can connect, it's good for ya!

Thank you Esu!

Chatting with Esu -- 3/8/09
Dealing with Disappointment

Me: Hello.

Esu: Hi John.

Me: (quiet smile)

Esu: You haven't been happy with us, so to speak, distant.

Me: I have (feeling some sadness). I got really pumped up in February feeling that this would really be our time to begin.

Esu: You understand how the landscape is in constant movement.

Me: I understand better now, but I've also been feeling hurt.

Esu: I understand. Understand too the very limited perception that you have at the moment, say 3% vision of what really is, barely scratching the surface. I feel your emotions opening now as we connect John. Focus on your day to day activities, as you have been doing more in these last several days. You are doing fine work on your urban farming project. Be even more creative in this endeavor. Allow for more of the subtle resources around you to activate. Keep turning over the soil, so to speak, to allow for more light, air, and freshness to impact you and those around you. This is good work!

Me: Thank you.

Let go and let us... allow for our work to unfold. You, your team, and many others are involved during your sleeping hours, as well as other aspects of you, are also more directly involved in the work of the galactic federation in and around Urantia.

During your waking hours keep being more fully present in your day to day activities, no worries! The times that you live in certainly have dramatic challenges, but it is perfectly OK to find joy, bliss, light, love, fun, laughter, pleasure and more during your daily walks, 'this is allowed'. (said with a wink and a wry smile, as it's something I say to friends).

The events that we all await are near, relatively so. Let go of exactly when this may be, as you have been doing more and more. Be in trust and focus on what is in front of you in your present. Our work will begin in earnest soon enough.

Blessings to you my good, good friend,

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