Jess Anthony
St. Germain speaks on GESARA and stasis
By Jess Anthony
Sep 26, 2007 - 3:58:00 PM

Journal 9-25-07


Violinio, I think it is time I asked for comments from you. There seems to be some disagreement as to who is your source and what you are saying. My messages from you have been full of comments on the NESARA program you set up and full of support for the changes Christ Michael is overseeing. I ask you this evening to state who your source is and what you are working with.


Jess, my boy, it has been a long time since we have talked. Yes, I have been busy and you have too, preparing for the changes that will be coming soon from Christ Michael and his workers. I will state categorically that I am working with his mission and that you are part of his ground crew.


I have other channelers who voice my words, that is true. My comments are geared more to specific issues dealing with ascension and the literal changes that will be taking place in your communities as a result of Christ Michael’s decision to allow Earth to ascend along with her inhabitants capable of withstanding the upliftment of energy. That was a long sentence, I just realized. It was spilling out and it ran on beyond where it probably should have.


I will speak about recent posts. These messages are not my voice and not my comments. I don’t know how to be clearer than that. I would never ask for money for my messages. I would never say that only some can channel. I would never say that only certain guides and channelers qualify as legitimate because they can label their words as coming from Christ Consciousness. Anyone with the ability to be telepathic is connecting to their Christ Consciousness. This is not saying they are Christed or are unable to make mistakes in their hearing. This says that they have awakened their connection with Christ Michael. They are aware of their link to him and his spiritual universe.


I will now speak to what is coming soon. The plan for stasis is set. It will happen as the initiation of Christ Michael’s direct intervention on Earth. He is wrapping up the still dangerous details that will provide the control he must have of the banking system and the government officials who will oversee the programs that must be implemented. This is near completion, I tell you. The participants who will activate the stasis are also ready. There will be waves of ships that interact with certain levels of energy and cause them to pause for a period of time. These ships have come from far corners of the galaxy and will be capable of producing a global stasis in a matter of hours. This will happen soon. That is the preferred indication of when.


Once stasis is over, coordinators from the galactic fleets will help Earth’s inhabitants to set up new governments and new programs that have accurate accounting systems to control the banking industry. These two concerns are the most pressing to monitor. Everything else revolves around the control of finance and manpower. Our task is to ensure that the new programs are completely honest and operate according to Christ Michael’s decrees.


I am most involved with the money distribution that is commonly referred to as the prosperity programs. This payment has taken on worldwide ramifications as a result of the original NESARA concept becoming global. This original plan was created for producing changes and prosperity in America that would influence changes in other countries around the world. This has, in effect, been reversed. Almost all other countries are now waiting for America to catch up and throw off the shackles of over two-hundred years of economic and governmental repression. The few in power have preconditioned the many to serve them. The control of the money system also is skewed to benefit the already wealthy few. This, of course, will have to change.


America is ready. The banking system is ready. The resources are ready to initiate the first payouts. These initial prosperity programs will be intended to fund humanitarian programs that will jump-start the economy and tackle many of the more crucial problems facing your existence. Once the first set of payments are made, then the banking and Treasury system will look to implementing a reimbursement process that will pay every citizen in America a monthly check that will come from the money returned from the secret accounts of those government officials and financial elite that have stolen much of the public’s earned cash.


This is what will happen. This is my program and I will be coordinating its operation. I realize my talk here has been primarily about the United States. A corresponding program will be initiated in Canada and in many other countries. Each will be geared to the specific needs in each country, and will utilize primarily funds that have been misappropriated over the years.


I think this is sufficient for today for you, Jess.


Violinio St. Germain

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