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Telepathic Messages : Jess Anthony Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

St. Germain Speaks on Beginnings of OITC
By Jess Anthony
May 6, 2011 - 7:52:39 PM

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St. Germain, I've been asked to allow you to speak about the origins of the OITC. I value your comments and endeavor to record you truly. Speak as you will.

Jess, my boy. This is a good opportunity to speak of some history that is little known and little recorded. There is a sequence of events that led to the formation of what has become the Office of International Treasury Control in its current structure. This history features work that I did on behalf of those who had an idea of creating a fund to support what was to become a vast source of help.

Let's start in with a bit of my history. Many stories are told about me in my different incarnations. The one most pertinent to this bit of my history was the life I lived in Europe in the Late Eighteenth century. This incarnation is probably the most recognized one, since I left some traces of me on record as Violinio St. Germain. However, much has been further imagined about my powers and my riches. I have been accused of influencing various political uprising, including the one that was taking place in what became the United States. I have been described as living an extra long life due to my knowledge of alchemy and a life-sustaining diet.

The truth was I created this character almost as a fiction to allow me to move in circles that would have been closed to anyone not of certain royal or financial reputation. I had an agenda then because I was aware of who I was and what I suspected would develop over the next couple of centuries.  I had a sense of my higher purpose, if you want to call it that, and I volunteered to take on this role to steer certain countries in the direction they would need to go. You can call me an ascended master, but that is not exactly what was going on. I took on a physical body then with the insight and full awareness of a being who was acquainted with Christ Michael Aton and privy to his plans to lead Earth's inhabitants to a level of existence more in alignment with his spiritual intentions.

We determined that the era most crucial in setting up the proper parameters for this to happen was during the time of the political upheaval that was sweeping Europe, Asia, and the fledgling colonies that were struggling with independence in North and South America. This began most recognizably in the West with France and America, but also had ramifications in other countries around the world into the Nineteenth Century. My galactic advisors and Aton felt that this period of breaking down of historical assumptions in the minds of many would be a fertile ground for seeds of awareness to be sown.

I will hasten to add that I was not the only guide to come in that period. There were many, and they each had a role to play in triggering the enlightened thinking that sprang up.  My role at that time was to raise doubts in the hardened minds of the aristocracy and those who were controlling the reins of political power. I was not the rabble rouser. I was the person who caused people to look at alternatives.

I did this with a persona of mystery and fantasy. I was a stranger with an impressive pedigree and unexplained abilities and resources. Who better to pique the interest of the bored rulers at that time? I was a breath of fresh air to them, and I used this novelty to get them to drop their defenses of protocol and upbringing.

The rulers and aristocracy at that time were at the peak of a tradition of absolute rule, and the resources of the countries they ruled over were essentially their possessions. This assumption was soon to be attacked by the political rethinking that was being nurtured. The revolutions that swept Europe and other continents started off positively, but unfortunately got out of hand. Man's ingrained thinking got the better of him, and he resorted to the same attitudes of greed and violence he was originally rebelling against. His new awareness was not at a level high enough to counter his preconditioned instincts.  Another set of rulers emerged from the revolutionaries that reinstituted the same political control in the guise of change. As time went on, even some of the deposed ruling families returned in more politically correct versions in reaction to the even harsher rulers that had deposed their families in the first place.

In a sense, nothing had really changed, even through the globe was swept up in waves of violence and bloodshed. This is still going on even today, even though the ones in power have less and less certainty of their control, for a variety of reasons. It was clear that man was not ready to make the changes he was going to have to make to enter into the sort of ascension the Creator envisioned. It was determined at that point to change the parameters of how this was going to develop.

The resources and wealth of the nations were still in the hands of a relatively small number of rulers or political overseers. The freedom that had come through the revolutions had replaced the absolutism of the monarchical system with supposedly free financial control wielded through the banking system that had developed. The ability to control the value of the resources the countries possessed had moved from the hand of the actual owners to the leaders of the banks that in essence controlled the countries' rulers.

By this time I had disappeared from public view as the alchemist St. Germain, but I remained aware of who was holding the purse strings and how this was affecting the consciousness of the countries that supposedly were free. We decided it was critical that a change be made to preserve the world's resources, and to prevent what would inevitably happen as ownership and control was given over to others who were even less interested in public welfare.

It seemed clear to us that political undercurrents were being stirred up by the money controllers through manipulated governmental bodies that would ultimately force the abdication or emasculation of the ruling families that remained in place. The existing rulers eventually would become figure heads and control would be gone. 

My role took a new direction as a more formal diplomat and advisor to the ruling families that were left. They had less and less political power, but they still controlled vast artistic and monetary resources that their hereditary families had amassed. Their personal possessions were the cultural riches of their countries and formed the foundation still of the economic underpinnings the banks were drawing upon. Because they had been trained all their lives to be rulers, the aristocracy that remained still had an awareness of public benefit that their hereditary positions dictated.  Even though their mindset was of the populace serving them by right, they still regarded their role as one of using their wealth to effect change within their sovereign states.

I approached all of the ruling families with the idea that their personal, i.e. their countries,' resources should be protected from being taken.  I had this conversation with ruling and deposed family leaders all over the world for a long period of time. I broached the idea that strength was in unity, rather than in individual interests. I argued that  given the direction the political and financial wind was blowing, it was more prudent for them to consider combining the resources they still controlled in a manner that assured their assets would be protected and remain available in the future for the kind of philanthropic and cultural support they were bred to oversee.

The ruling families with access still to the bulk of the Earth's financial and artistic resources agreed to this plan of action. They formed a network of what would become ultimately the OITC. The initial form of this network was a cooperative agreement signed privately by the heads of the houses to maintain control of their assets in whatever way necessary, and to give up personal considerations for the use of the greater part of the resources.

They agreed that their joint assets would be combined in a large global account that would be dedicated to the benefit of mankind and would be coordinated separately for that purpose. They would retain the ownership of their individual assets, but the use would be dedicated to a larger purpose. A system of checks and balances would be instituted to prevent unauthorized disbursement of these protected assets, and a rotating hierarchy of family heads would oversee the actions of this network. This agreement was binding once the heads of the various families or financial consortiums signed it.

My role in this was to persuade the families to agree. Once again I planted seeds, although this time I did it more openly and with the clear example of what sort of alternative was developing. I was not favoring the institution of hereditary rulers in doing so. I was merely working with the cultural structure that man had developed and striving to take it to the next level of benevolence and cultural abundance. I saw the direction man was being led blindly, and I took it upon myself to suggest a way to avoid that. The assets have been preserved, generally, although there have been some severe attacks on its control in the last decade or so. The future must have a stable economic foundation for man to pursue his evolution, and it is our intention that the OITC as it continues to develop provide those resources.

Violinio St. Germain

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