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Telepathic Messages : Jess Anthony Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Siraya Speaks on Man's Spiritual History
By Jess Anthony
Jan 28, 2014 - 10:22:19 AM

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Siraya, do you have comments? A bigger overview is good. I want to step back and see events with more context.

Jess, I speak with authority and comprehension.

Much emphasis is being placed on the ramifications of a single reported event. This is not an insignificant action. The brothers that have reconciled shaped the development of your planet. They and their family created the physical nature of your residence and, in fact, created the physical nature you are using to identify and single out yourself. Their history and their choices influenced your options and your incarnation.

This has been perhaps the most influential agent that man has dealt with in shaping his life on Earth, and it was influence that was caused by accident. You must realize that a universe—even a small one—is vast. The Michael that creates the shape and purpose of a universe is represented by the structure of his creation, but he must let it choose its direction toward that purpose. He determines the plans the creation manifests, and he starts the sequence of causes and effects that give his creation its shape based on his ideas and parameters. The universe determines the way it embodies the Michael’s ideas. The Michael is observant, but detached from the actual choosing. Once a choice is made, it must be resolved. The process can be interrupted, but the sense of incompletion remains.

You have some history of this interruption that became your physicality. Most stories told are only partially accurate. The reasons for the interruption of your life development were complex but ultimately self-serving and inconsiderate. The galactic wars that preceded this interaction were immensely destructive—so much so that they caused a paradigm shift in the intentions of this universe. The rupture necessitated new solutions to allow healing and regrowth in both the spiritual and physical dimensions.

Many groups involved in the struggle were focused on their own survival. They had no awareness of a larger picture of intention and cooperation. They were nevertheless agents in the working out of the new structure that presented itself to the Creator. They made decisions, and their choices became manifested in actions that set in motion sequences of events that were unplanned. This became yet another template for learning and experiencing even though it was not initially envisioned so. These choices, after all, were only some of the infinite series of options for a concrete expression of the Creator’s reality.

Many groups interacted with your developing civilization, and they each left aspects of their nature in the physical embodiment you developed. The Anunnaki were only one such family, but their impact has had a most profound effect on your sense of cultural identity. They stumbled upon your planet, in a sense, and realized its potential for satisfying their own needs. Their goal was not Christ Michael Aton’s intention, but once they began their mission, the decisions they made to control and modify the Earth were unstoppable. Earth’s paradigm had shifted. Their technology was so much beyond what Earth inhabitants had developed they became gods and people worshiped them.

The perspectives of the Anunnaki, and the examples of their behavior and interrelationships, distorted the intended development of man’s spiritual and physical nature. Spiritual development is a slow process, and the ongoing growth being observed by the Creator was interrupted before it could reach much maturity. Man had much potential, but his immature perceptions were channeled in another direction to serve the interests of his conquerors. Man’s developing spiritual parameters had little context to continue to grow as begun. His perceptions and thoughts were re-focused on a more utilitarian existence that served the interests of the Anunnaki.

Your planet had had many thousands of years of inhabitants before the arrival of the Anunnaki, and some groups had achieved higher levels of cultural development than others. Almost no physical remnants of those cultures have survived today. When they came to your planet, the Anunnaki were searching for specific elements that were missing on their own planet. The settlements they established in what became your Africa exploited the inhabitants for their own purposes.

You have heard the stories of the Anunnaki mining operations and their attempts to modify the physical capacity of the workers. More significant was the influence the overlords had on man’s cultural perceptions. Their presence and their dominance changed the intellectual paradigms of the cultures they controlled. They brought the idea of subservience and blind allegiance to man. Their example of control distorted man’s spiritual conceptions. God could be fickle, they taught. God could be vengeful. God could punish for selfish reasons. Man copied the examples of his gods and learned to be warlike and self-serving.

This spiritual reshaping was the most significant contribution of the Anunnaki. The religious concepts that developed from their influence continue to shape man’s sense of his relationship with other men. Wars can be fought for religion. One culture is spiritually better than another because they are in control. No matter what embodiments cultural groupings ultimately developed, their spiritual perceptions had been blunted by the example of the Anunnaki control.

This interference has had a global influence, shaping everything that man’s development has pursued. Political priorities are given religious approval. Economic dominance and ruin is valid and desired. Personal satisfaction is more important than compassion and consideration of others. All the dominant religious systems and beliefs in place now truly have been seeded by elements of the Anunnaki’s need for absolute control.

Man’s Creator has continually been allowing spiritual guidance through incarnated teachers and examples man has created to exemplify the ideas that have been ignored or forgotten. Some were the Anunnaki themselves. Others came from higher spiritual realms to attempt to lift man up again. Man’s spiritual history has recorded these helpers, but often their importance has been recognized by only a few. These few have developed spiritual streams of their own, and this countering sense of reawakened awareness has shifted the spiritual paradigm on Earth again and again. This is happening once more at this time.

You must remember that everything is influenced by everything else. What man is now is the result of his past. Once energy is set in motion it continues moving, having an impact on everything it intersects. Each action has consequences on every similar situation, and every interaction reshapes the paradigms it comes in contact with. Each new situation that is the result requires new insights to make further decisions.

But these decisions don’t happen purely by random. The Creator’s predetermined end result governs the direction the flow takes. Spontaneity is conditioned by the reason for the decision in the first place. The beauty of creation is man’s ability to choose how the end result is reached, but he doesn’t determine the end result. Discernment plays a role, but it operates within the paradigms the Creator has provided for his Universe.

Only the Creator knows the complete purpose of his creation. Man can attempt to understand his intentions and align himself with these paradigms, but his perceptions are conditional, based on the extent of his alignment with his source. It is not man’s place to judge that one way is good and one bad, except within the context of his own perceptions. How can he alone determine that one opinion is better than another? No one can determine that but the Creator. It is man’s responsibility to ask what that determination is.

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Jess Anthony
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