Jess Anthony
Esu says Open your Eyes
By Jess Anthony
Jan 6, 2015 - 8:56:00 PM


Esu, it’s time for more comments, I feel. Many changes have started and many seem to be ready. Speak to what is coming and how we should prepare.

Jess, I do have things to say and this is a time that is appropriate for these comments.

Many things have been happening, as you say, and many truths are being revealed. This is necessary. People on Earth must see the reality they are a part of, and must come to an understanding of what is true and what is assumed.

Man has long been misled and made to believe versions of truth that serve political purposes. The groups in control of these experiences have created an illusion that prevents people from objecting to concepts they have to accept if they are to be manipulated and exploited. You live in an amazingly controlled situation.  Exploitive belief systems, controlled choices of actions, and ultimately a blind acceptance of presented facts make most people unable to voice any meaningful objections to their existence. They don’t even understand they are being manipulated.

This is time for the blinders to come off. This is a period when painful truths must replace comfortable assumptions.

My role in this will be as an example. My life and my commentaries will be touchstones for making choices and determining behavior. The time is coming when man must make evaluations and decisions. I will come to help those who seek me.

We have spoken before on the nature of perceptions and on ways for man to make decisions in alignment with the Creator’s wishes. This need for alignment reflects the nature of your creation. You are extensions of the Creator’s ideas in physical materialization as you perceive it. You are tasked with exploring your surroundings for the Creator to join with your universal paradigm. You are not separate from your circumstances, but, in fact, are the source of what you experience. You create your situations by your choices, and, as a result, are responsible for resolving your conflicts. Disagreement with others or discomfort in situations come from your allowing those conflicts to become realities. Others may instigate crises, but your inability to establish your individuality with strength of expression has allowed this to happen in the first place.

Again, you have help if you seek it. I will help. Your spiritual self will help in conjunction with other guides. Your Creator will help. There is a spark of the Creator in everyone, and its purpose it to maintain your connection with the Creator’s ideas. You have only to acknowledge it, and truth and clarity will be available to you.

This unwillingness to be open to the Creator has caused the overwhelming crisis your world has at the present. Blind decisions and egotistical convictions have shaped a global history of animosity, greed, and intentional disruption.  Religion forms the pretext for war, although its purpose is truly economic power. Leaders in government and finance work together to extort ever more income from workers who have no say in structuring their existence. The concept of representative leadership is an illusion. The elected officials don’t seek to fulfill their electorate’s wishes. They listen only to their financial supporters and generally make self-serving decisions.

These egotistical assumptions of the controlling elite are increasingly being shown as false. Their belief in their personal invincibility is cracking. Control is slipping from their hands. They rage at the unstoppable onset of this reality, and this realization is dangerous. Cornered opponents are willing to do anything to preserve their former superiority, including destroying what they have lost to prevent anyone else from taking it.

This dangerous situation has forced us to move to stabilize the Earth as an intended expression of the Creator’s purpose. Man’s overseers are being removed, and their self-serving manipulations of the public are being shown for what they are.  False rumors of military aggression are exposed as political propaganda. Furious economic manipulation is seen as a tactic to hide bankruptcy. Claimed moral superiority is seen as a threadbare facade hiding a lack of spiritual underpinnings in choosing actions or expressions of opinions.

This will be changed. Earth is ascending to a higher spiritual plane, and man will adapt. I’m not going to get into specifics of what is about to happen. Just be aware that your eyes will be open, as they say. You will see clearly what your existence has become as a result of your blindness, and because of your reluctance to work to change what bothers you on any level.

Heaven is coming down, be assured, and a new Earth will soon rise to meet it.


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