Jess Anthony
Esu on Discernment and Co-Creativity
By Jess Anthony
Dec 13, 2010 - 7:42:36 PM



Esu, I would like an update I can post. Speak what you can about coming events and what we should experience. What steps should be taken to prepare ourselves; what is beyond our abilities at this point?

Jess, let's speak. Much is happening you don't see. Many activities are drawing to a close although they appear to be ongoing. This involves actions with the military and with the banking system. You have glimmers of what is going to happen, but you only can see hints at this point. We can't confirm these possibilities until they are ready to be announced. Too much diplomacy and tactical logistics are involved to allow us to be premature in our projections.

This involves the timeframe that has been suggested. It is impossible to predict when exactly. I tell you this each time you ask. We can determine certain variables and discover that necessary permutations are in place, but beyond on that no individual besides Christ Michael Aton is able to say everything is ready. The projected timeframe continues to be in flux. As more is accomplished, there remain fewer obstacles that have to be dealt with. This continual revision means less direct intervention will be necessary. Particularly in what has been called the mini-stasis period. Removals of the dark cabal are even now going on, and this will mean fewer problems that have to be addressed later.

Circumstances allow these actions. Situations for removal are suddenly ready as events produce different outcomes than projected. Each situation is an individual action, remember, and each has its own set of variables necessary to allow completion. Just as the sequence of time is in flux, so the necessary components fall into place without adhering to a schedule. This means that you and we can't predetermine when everything is ready.  We give you a possible schedule of events, but they have to be accomplished as they are accomplished.  Nothing is in isolation and all is influenced by the actions of all.

At present, at this moment you are writing, it appears we will wrap up the preparations this week. This has become more involved and less productive in some ways than we anticipated. Preliminary agreements among those coordinating activities have not been honored in some cases and this has caused a rethinking of certain approaches. Other players have been transformed with new commitment and spiritual redirection. You see some of these in public view, and you can discern certain changes and unexpected decisions. Those observing these public figures are confused at the directions they are going.  This changeover is taking place now, rather than later. This was determined to be a more productive set of circumstances in the long run. More positive results will be achieved earlier, which will improve the nature of the configuration people will face after stasis.

I am all in favor of continuing as much as possible once those returning see the changes that have taken place. The more that is familiar and reassuring will sustain the progress of ascension better. Much will have to be rethought, however, and analysis and discernment are more productive if those weighing the options have a mental catalogue of past successes or failures. That is why it is crucial to have an awareness of history that is coupled with an awareness of how it has to be changed. Facts alone are useless without a reason to know them.  It is time now to begin planning for changes. History is a sequence of causes and effects that man has constructed for a variety of reasons. Primarily the progress is shaped to illustrate a political agenda. Public perception is influenced by a favored spin on what seems to be an inevitable sequence of actions.  People who don't examine the situation accept the interpretation others give them.

The training that many will have during the full stasis period will teach them to examine facts and events. This approach is given lip service now, but the majority of people who say they believe this don't use it continually.  Discernment and analysis must lead to conclusions and ideas. Neither is workable without the other in building a new type of existence in alignment with Christ Michael Aton's vision for his bestowal planet. Souls come to Earth to learn and create new ideas. This is a unique laboratory for experimentation and discovery, and most inhabitants now have forgotten that. This epiphany is the purpose of everything that is planned for Earth.

The sequence of events that are about to happen is fluid. The only absolute is the surety of it happening. Christ Michael Aton will change his planet, and the way he is going about this is revolutionary and unique. The methods are changeable from minute to minute and day to day depending on what has just happened. The nature of this planet it still connected with free will choice and the direction man decides to go influences how Christ Michael proceeds. This remains a co-creative process that now functions within the larger context of an already determined ascension with permitted intervention.  Source has decreed that Christ Michael can shape this ascendency as he sees fit, but man's choices continually change the parameters of what he is trying to shape.  His approach to this fluidity has been to influence both the parameters man has to choose from and the awareness he uses to make his choices. Man understands the reasons for his choices better all the time, while, conversely, the choices themselves are ever more clearly revealed as unworkable.

This progression in fits and starts has brought Earth to the point where Christ Michael Aton can conclude he has achieved the goal he set for himself. Little is left to accomplish. Man should begin to examine how much his role has contributed in this dual preparation. Each individual is responsible for evaluating how effectively he or she has identified his part in this progression and how committed this involvement has been up to this point. There are no marks for bad behavior, only a perception that not enough has been done to live up to an individual's potential. This attitude will be characteristic of man's thinking after stasis.

I won't say more about the sequence or the timeline beyond that the time is now for this to start.  Christ Michael Aton says when.

Esu, Planetary Prince


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