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Telepathic Messages : Jess Anthony Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Esu on Axis Shift and Preparations for Changes
By Jess Anthony
Oct 9, 2010 - 1:50:36 PM

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I heard this message this afternoon and the word I understood was "tilt," which Candace has since pointed out was incorrect. The galactic forces are moving the axis of the Earth which is not involved with the tilt of the planet. The third sentence should say "We have been moving the Earth's axis in increments to increase the pressure on certain key points that need to break loose." I assume the rest of the comments pertaining to the axis shift are correct.



Esu, I'm asking for an update as well. Speak of the implications of the axis shift and project what you see as most likely to occur based on the factors you are aware of. Help us prepare for events we can't imagine, and guide us in ways of dealing with them when they do happen.

Jess, let's speak now. The axis shift schedule is moving ahead of the original projections. We have been tilting Earth in increments to increase the pressure on certain key points that need to break loose. This also causes a more even balance of energy radiating to the surface. This is warming the temperature, so to speak, so that the land masses are more moveable and less rigid. These all have an effect on Earth and its inhabitants.

The still air and the increased warmth you are experiencing are symptomatic of a disrupted energy pattern. The air currents have been blocked and the circulating currents in the oceans have been thrown off the traditional cycle. The systems of cooling and heating have been interrupted because of different levels of energy interacting with them in new places. The disrupted weather pattern is also causing reactions on the land surface and underneath because the force of the energy rays now interacting with geophysical Earth are changing. This changed energy is causing stress in some places and weaknesses in others. Remember that weight is accumulated energy experienced in a more material form. Already dangerous pressure points in the Earth's upper layers are now about to break apart because of new pressure and stress from the increased energy build up. The increased energy is pushing even more on the unstable fault lines.

Those who study these concerns see this going on but are unable to affect what is happening. Rather than allow alarm and concern, those in position of control have created many of the events in the news just to draw attention away from these unstoppable occurrences. There is no possibility of fighting against us, and at this point there is little need to try to create hazards that will block these geophysical things from happening. A schedule of false flag events and terrorist threats have been planned to disrupt and seize more control, but they‘re doomed to failed before they ever occur. They events will never happen as planned. Other events unknown, or largely unheard of, are will be unsuccessful, as well. The event you were concerned with at the CERN collider will not lead to the end result it could. This program is being monitored and the natural results will be prevented from occurring. If we won't let you explode an atomic bomb, we certainly won't let scientists play around with even more dangerous possibilities.

The time of October is crucial because of many universal reasons, not just events on Earth. There is a vast system of reactions that must take place at this point in evolution, and these contribute to and feed off changes that take place in and on Earth. There is an enormous mechanism of interactions that were set in motion many, many years ago, and Earth and the Universe as you know it are participants. The lives you have created here were influenced by the progression of celestial events. You have taken the shape you have because of the game plan in action. You have become integral parts of the progression at this point, and our schedule of occurrences must include you.

I can't speak of days or hours of specific events taking place. Time is fluid and manifested ideas take shape as they will. If Christ Michael Aton had his experiment all worked out in advance, there would be no need for the free will you have and your ability to shape events as you wish. There is an end goal in sight that Christ Michael Aton's guidance works toward. The path that you his incarnations take to get there is not pre-determined.

Look for these things: an even greater increase in the number of serious earthquakes happening in places around the Pacific Rim; the rise of negative reactions to bills now being considered by Congress due to increased energy mental pressure; physical stress on the energy system in the body because it has to work harder to assimilate the higher energy frequency around it; a spiritual argument that evolves within established denominations, including a rejection of outmoded ritual and attitudes; more universal truths being spoken of as presumptions; a political process that is clearly broken going into elections; an economic breakdown of epic proportions as methods used to scam customers become known. All of these symptoms as they appear will become even more aggravated by the increased energy pressure being applied to Earth.

My advice to you is to continue tying up loose ends on projects you have initiated. You are the creator who must find closure. This is not asking anything beyond your capabilities. You can also examine the way you are shaping your existence in these last days before changes become clearly visible. Be thorough but measured. Don't over extend yourself. Rest. Allow for changes happening in your body. . Begin especially to examine the value of your choices. These suggestions allow you to move into the changes more easily. You will be called upon to make decisions about circumstances that are beyond your normal range of involvements. You must be able to assume that role with few misgivings and hesitations. This willingness to cooperate is what you will recognize your purpose requires. You will see the value of these seemingly random actions within the larger context of who you are and what your role is on Earth. All this can be supported and clarified further with the help of your spiritual guardians and guides. Ask and the information is there for you.


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