Jess Anthony
Esu Speaks on Many Topics
By Jess Anthony
Aug 5, 2014 - 2:56:53 PM

Esu, let's begin.

Jess, this is a comprehensive discussion of many topics. It is time I addressed material that will be important in the days and weeks ahead.

Many of you see how the world goes-its games for power and physical dominance. I am very aware of the sources and the projections for these actions, who is pulling the strings and who is being duped. Man has created this impasse, unfortunately, and it will be his problem to resolve. He can have as much help ask as he asks for, both physically and spiritually, but he more often than not acts as if he can find the solution on his own.

The knottiest problems are interconnected, and one set of actions is predicated on an assumption of change in other sections. Military aggression is based on a belief in economic security; economic risks are based on a presumption of sovereignty. Governmental control depends on power to determine behavior. People's behavior is manipulated through a conditioned lack of reason. Dictated educational emphases and politicized religious teachings play a major role in restricting man's ability to perceive objectively.

This tangle of cultural necessities generally precludes any sort of reasoned discernment. Man goes through his motions without much question of their purpose. He is locked into an existence that asks him to use his physical capabilities without question. Any sense of misgiving or dissatisfaction is labeled disloyal to the superimposed program.

The notion of man being unable to examine his situation's effectiveness for his life's purpose is completely at odds with the spiritual mission he was created to undertake.  Man is an extension of his Creator, and, as such, he is designed to explore and experience for him. Creation is nothing but an idea manifested to allow learning from its manifestation.

A distinctive misperception of man's place in creation has contributed to the type of problems he has developed. To root out elements of rebellion against his plan for the Universe, the Creator placed his worst antagonists in spiritual quarantine to prevent a direct involvement with his plans. Disruptors had to rediscover the true nature of Creation's purpose through their own experiences.

Earth's initial overseers were involved with the rebellion, and man who incarnated here intentionally evolved without a direct awareness of his true spiritual nature. A reconnection with spirit remained possible, but it required a willingness to cultivate an alignment with universal perceptions beyond basic individual needs. Man's spiritual development was further complicated by a physical hybridization carried out by off-world explorers seeking to exploit Earth's resources. Man was made physically stronger but mentally subservient to his controllers' wishes.

To help man grow beyond his imposed limitations, many teachers and examples of truth and beauty have appeared throughout history to spark an awareness of man's existence beyond the routine. Art, philosophy, and religious beliefs have all grown from this inspiration.  Man's perception of these spiritual truths has, unfortunately, remained tarnished and distorted. A few incarnates with a need to impose their ideas on the many have continued using these examples for their own purposes.  Symbols of universal spiritual truth still are distorted from their purity to become tools for control and manipulation.

This manipulation will change only when man begins to modify his view of himself and his existence. We have provided numerous examples and teachings over the decades to less avail than we had hoped. Some of the more perceptive have developed the ability to view themselves objectively and see the disconnection from the Creator's wishes their life exhibits. Most, however, remain blind to the damage caused by their controlled behavior.

While we haven't given up on man's realization of his need to realign his individual purpose with that of his Creator, we have decided to move ahead with a bigger agenda of which man is only a part. Earth and its section of the Creator's universe must change the frequency of its energy to raise it to a dimensional level more in sync with the intention of its original design. Many manifestations of imbalance and disharmony will be changed as a result, or eliminated completely, in order for this part of creation to function more in alignment with spiritual truth. Man's egotistical drive for control and sovereignty has, in the past, taken his planet to a level of damage that was considered almost unrepairable. Earth nearly was wiped clean to allow it to start again in several thousand years with new dimensional mandates. If that had happened, man would have been removed along with all the other damaging aberrations.

This changed when enough of Earth's population began to see the larger purpose coordinating their previously myopic existence. They began to understand that man had a much larger spiritual mission on Earth. Rather than view themselves as disconnected beings struggling to find some sort of defining identity, they realized that each man was part of a vast spiritual network that was an extension of the Creator's universal vision.

Man also began to realize he was responsible for how he lived within that universe. He saw that all his actions and reactions were extensions of his own perception. Decisions based solely on self-interest were recognized as often being misaligned with higher spiritual intentions. Actions based on these personal motives tended to ignore other peoples' interests. This selfish lack of consideration led to disagreements and outright struggle. Man's history on this planet has been one of egotistical concerns and dominance over others. Earth's inhabitants long ago gave up their spiritual alignment with the Creator's truth to focus on sensory gratification and personal satisfaction. Man's achievements have been a compromise as a result-productions that don't exemplify the true possibilities of co-creations shaped by universal truths.

A desire for control has manifested in greed and restriction. The ones successful in grasping more have created a system to prevent others from being as successful. Resources are controlled and given out in monitored portions. This system benefits those running the process, but robs those being manipulated. More control breeds more governance over others being controlled. Cultural systems are developed to ensure that control remains. Options for other choices are removed, and man's long experience with dictated behavior lulls him into a sense of unthinking apathy. This is amplified through constantly coordinated explanations and limited releases of information. As a result, those manipulated don't realize they are not in control.

The ones who have assumed power over the Earth's resources dictate what policies the supposedly representative governments issue to control their electorate. Elected officials ignore those they speak for and negotiate with power brokers to secure their own place in the controlling group. To placate the voters, the officials broadcast false images to disguise the reality of man's existence. Fears are ramped up to foster distrust and anger and avoid any sort of closer examination. Half-truths are churned out continually to prevent more than the most superficial discernment.

This is changing. Every day more and more wake up to a realization they are being controlled. The onslaught of spiritual truth is unstoppable at this point.

The decision was made that the Earth will change, and since enough of its inhabitants awakening to at least a glimmer of the Creator's vision, there was an agreement that Man would also ascend along with his surroundings. That decision was unprecedented, and the ramifications involved in working out that process have made this path to ascension more difficult than expected. The vast numbers of people involved are a factor, along with the near collapse of the planet, and the critical levels of their states of awareness and physical readiness have affected the timeline of when is optimum.

At this point, the difficulties have been resolved and the process has begun, although those attempting to control man are still resisting this inevitable transformation. They are fighting with every last effort they can imagine to preserve what they see is slipping from them. Decisions are becoming increasingly irrational and desperate. Rumors of wars are a smoke and mirrors tactic to use man's emotional memories to block his ability to discern the insanity of his leaders' intentions. The loud propaganda accompanying these threats conveniently masks the moral and financial bankruptcy of those calling for war. Those who are in fact controlling the money are using government leaders to manufacture these scenarios for invasion, not for idealistic reasons, but to boost revenue by seizing control of other nation's assets.

Do not be misled. Do not accept an explanation you haven't determined yourself. Examine what is happening. Discern the reasons events take place. Follow the thread of benefits to see who profits from everything. Once you do this, realize the role you play in this. Each person can control only his own individual circumstances, but if his decisions are aligned with the larger spiritual purpose of the Creator, each action will affect many beyond the situation itself. Always remember you have to act responsibly for yourself with the knowledge of why you choose to act in a certain way. Once you do this, you begin to engage with the network of humanity you are a part of.

Now is the time to begin this. Now is the time to start stepping away from chaos into a glorious expression of the Universe's purpose. Change is coming and you must embrace your role.


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