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Telepathic Messages : Jess Anthony Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Esu Speaks on Love and Connecting to Source
By Jess Anthony
Dec 26, 2010 - 8:55:36 AM

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Esu, I ask for an update and more commentary on our connection here on Earth with Universal truth. Speak as you can on the timetable and our role. Speak to your expectations of what we need to do to work to your vision for us.

Jess, yes, I am here.  The schedule of events as you call it has been tweaked again to allow more impact and produce a wider acceptance of what will take place. Certain events are planned and inevitable, and these happenings will determine the range of choices you inhabitants will make. You will be asked to negotiate with a changed living situation. You will be urged to accommodate these new circumstances with balance and creativity. Yes, creativity is the word I want to use here. The situations will allow preconceived courses of actions, but I prefer you to re-examine the options by selecting the one that best combines your past experiences with the goal of re-establishing a meaningful life on Earth.

Your history of problem solving has been one of relying on established dictums or prescribed sequences of actions. You have blindly plugged in solutions because they have been workable in past situations. Your emotional comfort with these sequences has been satisfying to your system of analysis based on an archive of memories and experiences. Your thought system has informed your emotions and your emotions have shaped your memories. 

This will change. Your conscious thoughts are but visible solutions to the input you experience from the universal energy that surrounds you. The universal experience is vast and interconnected, and your higher self is a part of that network. You play your role in creating this network. Your higher self, to use that phrase, is connected with your lower self, your conscious self, and this conscious self operates your brains functions. There is also an unconscious self that is connected to the universe that similarly operates your physical system automatically. The two layers of your physical self function in tandem, although you are not aware of the automatic one unless you consciously focus on its operations.

This pair of physical selves can be made to connect consciously to your higher self through meditation and controlling your body's automatic processes. Your mind can direct your system to go to that higher level of connectivity.

Once the connection is made, you know this internally. Your body functions at a minimal leve,l and your mind is predominant. You communicate instantly with the universe that surrounds you. This can be formed in whatever shape you wish to use. You generally have a preconceived style you prefer to use in connecting. Again this is based on your emotional coloring. You speak and hear in a fashion that your mind tells you is appropriate.  

I will tell you what this information is and how you receive it. You connect with the love of the universe, and it warms your capacity to receive. Let me explain that further. There is a vast sea of connectivity that supports all of creation. This connectivity is the extension of the First Source and his vision for creation. He felt the need to create and his infinite mind told him how. The feeling came first, and the mind shaped it into an idea that could be manifested as a creation. 

This is the process that all creation uses to continue this connectivity with Source. The Source that links to everything becomes a focus, and the point of focus recognizes the connection.  This is love.  Love is recognizing the connection. Love is an awareness of the Source.  Everything comes from this love and recognition of this love.

Love is light. Love is energy. Being affected by love is being connected to this energy. The result of this connection is being loved by Source.

You on Earth receive this love by feeling this connection. This sense of oneness and connectivity changes your physical system. The outer portion of your auric body, to use that description, makes the connection continually and then sends this point of focus throughout the energy system that makes up what you see only as your physical body.  You become aware of this connection, and your system starts to analyze this awareness. Your brain takes the link your heart has made and categorizes it within the archive of memories and experiences you recognize. Your analysis is connected to the categories of emotional reactions you have had in the past, and you start to react automatically to this input based on your memories. This reaction colors your mental perception of the universal input and then filters down to change your physical shape by engaging the systems linked to your brain. Your mental reactions manifest as your actions and your ultimate bodily shape. Your physical form in this dimension is designed to allow this to happen. Your memories and emotional categories can cause you to reject input from the Universe of Source. This ability to choose is the experience you are learning from.

 You must learn the true picture of what your life is on Earth. Your continued experience here as part of Gaia's ascension will require that you re-condition your perceptions and assumptions. That is why I say you will need to begin to react creatively. Old patterns are comfortable, but limited and repetitive. The new approach will require awareness that your heart is the means for connecting. All revolves around feeling the connection with Source and the universal vision of Christ Michael Aton.

This vision does involve a game plan. Your current preoccupation with timetables and dates is an expected reaction to the sequence of decision and actions that are most productive.  Our view of this is circular rather than linear. Since all is connected, each individual action affects all other actions. There is no one course of action because all must be considered.   Love connects all and the sequence of interactions involved with one focus is no more or less important than any other.

Mention has been made of the elimination of the need for what has been termed a mini-stasis. Those planning this possibility have determined that its effect can be produced more tellingly by a more public removal of offenders prior to a public explanation of what has transpired. The proposed scenario has solidified into the shape it takes now, although this form is also being analyzed and changed as needed for a better result. A better result is always the criterion as steps are taken to achieve the final result that has already been determined by Source. You must think in those terms and not be locked into a single system of cause and effect.

Other guides and receivers are telling you more specific timetables. The tendency on Earth is always to look for a pre-formulated system and follow that recipe for success. Everyone's ability to receive and communicate information is affected by his or her physical system. The brain functions within its programmed parameters. Messages from guides are directed to fit these parameters, and receivers perceive these messages through the language arsenal they have learned. Nothing is complete; all are parts of one whole. Discernment and creative thinking means learning to combine and evaluate sources within the parameters of universal truth. This is not necessarily the same as using previously taught or conjectured patterns. Examine all and think independently within the context of universal connectivity and love.

Esu, for today.


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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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