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Telepathic Messages : Jess Anthony Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Esu Speaks on Imminent Events and the Role of the Lightworkers
By Jess Anthony
Aug 23, 2010 - 7:16:04 AM

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Esu, it is time to reconnect. You have a message you want to communicate through me, and I will be receptive and open to what you say to me and to others. Speak at this time of closure and beginning.

Jess, let's speak again. This is a good morning to broach several topics that need to be clarified and explained further. You understand that much of what you now expect to take place is about to happen. The Earth is ready for her moves, and the troubled areas we have been pinpointing the last few months are all in danger of spilling over.  The earthquakes we projected are almost certain now. The situation in the Gulf of Mexico is imminent. The methane explosion is building to its peak intensity and is almost certain to "blow" as you say.

These events will be catastrophic to your way of thinking on Earth. They will begin a reshaping of the landscape that must take place before Earth herself can move to the next phase of her ascendancy. Land must sink and new Earth must rise to the surface. Many of the areas you hold in great fondness will disappear. This will be a time of challenge and questioning. The explanations given will be the necessity of Earth to move to a higher state of celestial vibration to match changes that are happening in the solar system you inhabit. This time on Earth is a crux to these changes.

Many inhabitants will be taken away; many will pass over into a new existence. This will be a time of sorting and elimination, unfortunately. Many in control now will lose their position and their imagined purpose. They will be told to re-evaluate their preconceptions. They will be taken to a new existence or removed entirely. It will be their choice.

You on Earth who have sought our guidance will be examples of a new way of existing. The attitudes you exemplify will become the templates for others to work with. You will show how to questions situations and reach decisions that are in line with spiritual truths. You will teach by your actions, as well as by your words.

There will be a time of training and learning before you are ready to become living examples. You will learn the depth of unity with and compassion for your fellow man that is part of the universal design Christ Michael Aton implemented. You will experience the awareness that you are part of one whole in all aspects of your existence. You will be filled with the light of Christ Michael the creator and see how everything is connected.

Others will guide you in these discoveries. You will be linked to a greater scheme of existence than you imagine at present. You will become part of a universal family that you consciously recognize. You will be light workers, to use your familiar phrase, that shine the love of Christ Michael Aton through your decisions and in your behavior.

The time for this to begin is now. There will be rumblings and then unstoppable occurrences that will force you on Earth to reassess your beliefs. You will be made to see the force of Earth and how little you as man are able to do against it. Your lines of assistance will crumble, and your economic infrastructure will collapse. You as a people will be frantic and helpless. Your government will be ineffectual to assist you because its interests have never been on the better good of the public. I say this with a focus on the United States. Other countries in other parts of the globe will be affected in their own ways.  Each culture will be challenged in ways that are unique to their interests.

You have heard about stasis and the training that will come. This will begin when it is most prudent. There must be a period of uncertainty and confusion before it begins in order for the great lessons to have maximum impact. The people of Earth must be willing to learn and receptive to new explanations. They must questions the misinformation they have been taught all their lives.  There is a method to this instruction that utilizes example and experiencing failed assumptions.

This message is not the place for details of when this will take place. Just be aware that it will occur. Look for imminent changes in the Earth. This will trigger catastrophic disasters and leave you helpless as a country. Be prepared for this. Be aware that you may have to be a voice of reason.  The disasters can occur any day. This is a specific warning that you can watch for.

Until they do, continue as you are, although you should be prepared for emergencies. You won't know when supplies may be cut off. You won't know if you will have transportation. You won't know if your banks will be closed. There will be announcements and explanations that will be imposed on the airwaves. There will be some assistance when most urgently needed.

Your role is to be grounded and helpful to others who are lost. You have been prepared for this. Now is the time to move into action. You will have instructions and guidance when it is necessary. Until then, act as a co-participant that sees the purpose and reason behind the chaos.


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