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Telepathic Messages : Jess Anthony Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Esu Speaks on Connection with the Creator
By Jess Anthony
Nov 5, 2014 - 5:56:49 PM

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Esu, I sense it is time to speak about the levels of connection with Christ Michael and Creator Source. I see a disconnection between predetermined knowledge of all creation's elements and the plan for man's choice. Speak to that, if you will.

Jess, it is time to speak again. I see you have questions about what others have said, and I think it is good to clarify the extent of man's connection with his Creator. We have told you that man is an extension of his creator. He is designed to experience this level of creation more immediately. Man's physical perceptions have been developed to examine his interactions within this level of understanding.

Man on Earth as you perceive him is involved with his surroundings in both an active and a passive way. He makes decisions on how to connect with his situation, as well as constantly evaluating how he has to adjust his reactions to remain in balance with the battery of challenges he experiences. He perceives himself choosing his course by way of his ability to evaluate his options.

This is, in fact what is happening on one level of his awareness of himself. He has chosen to incarnate here in this level of dimension to experiment and learn. The best way to do that is through trial and error.  In order to learn the most effective method for carrying out Christ Michael's vision, he has to explore. To be aligned with the Creator's purpose, however, he also has to keep his Creator's intent in mind as he goes about exploring. Considered choices are usually more in balance with spiritual goals.

Man finds that emotions color his choices and his actions. Emotions are based on memories of past experiences, with both positive and negative results informing recurring choices. He seeks to avoid discomfort and move ahead with ease and pleasure. His actions are programmed, in a sense, by previous examples. This process does involve choosing, but it is also conditioned by preconceptions. The choices are not completely without a rubric of the results of different actions.

Choices are never without a context. Man has to examine possibilities to determine what his course of action should be. Investigation and analysis play a part in this discernment, as does experience and instinct. Decisions are not separate incidents, but are built on a sequence of previous results that shape the new choice.

It is vital that man realize the complexity of making a decision. He must realize that he draws upon his experiences and his acquired information as he shapes a route to a new result. He must also be aware that his past experiences color his perceptions, and that the data he has collected is not complete. His goal is to make choices that are as informed and embracing as possible. This allows him to have a more balanced judgment.

This context then must be additionally measured in terms of its spiritual parameters. Any decision must ultimately be evaluated in terms of its alignment with the Creator's purpose. The Creator's vision involves all aspects of his creation, and man's decisions should embody this integral nature. No decision is without ramifications within man's experience on Earth.

This process for making decisions is constructed to suit man's type of incarnation. He perceives history as being linear and space as having breadth. This perception gives him tools to examine his existence of experimentation.  His awareness and knowledge is defined in his third dimensional terms, although his spiritual nature is moving to a higher vibrational frequency than what has previously defined his understanding.

This is a dichotomy. Man's analysis is in transition, even when he is not aware of the expansion of factors he now has to examine. This is why decisions that previously were effective are now failing and leading to misinformation. A new layering of perception is needed, one with some aspects adjusting to the new spiritual components and others falling away into routine and habit.

This layering was not accidental. The nature of ascension allows those ascending to understand more and discern a more comprehensive spiritual nature of their experience. Christ Michael Aton has determined that Earth will ascend, and the effects of that shift are becoming obvious. Man's choices remain experientially free, but their context is changing.

In that sense, you can say that man's free choices are prescribed within an established template. The parameters that he perceives as determining positive and negative, successful or unsuccessful, are pre-determined. The nature of success was created to be that way, with the definition of success planned to suit a universal ideal. The process of choosing was designed to provide a sense of independent experiences, although the final outcomes were already planned. As man ascends, he learns more about this comprehensive system that uses his exploration as only one layer. He begins to see that individual decisions are necessary for his physical existence, but also that his actions as a whole must fit within a large universal vision.

Now is the time that man is beginning to see this layering of choice and purpose. It is clear that his role is taking on an awareness of this larger vision for his existence. Man's choices must now be tempered with a new purpose and perception. They must be integral to a broader outline for Earth's ascension.

Man is part of his Creator. His connection is complete, whether he realizes this or not. Your role should be to help him understand this realization.



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