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Telepathic Messages : Jess Anthony Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Esu Speaks on Commitment and Completion
By Jess Anthony
Aug 30, 2013 - 8:15:16 AM

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Esu, the topic of commitment and completion came to mind. Is this something you wish to speak on? I await your connection and insight.

Jess, I'm here. I sense it is time to address more specifics on what you asked. This is a topic we considered and touched on briefly before. This is a subject that has some complexity in terms of how people look at the issue and how it fits into Christ Michael Aton's plan for cooperation on Earth.

People inhabiting Earth generally think that commitment is giving themselves over to the wishes of another. They find the other person's ideas more rational or inspiring and feel that their own perceptions are inadequate in comparison. They feel a sense of insecurity in themselves and seize onto another's plan for confidence in what they choose to do.

This is out of balance. Another person doesn't understand the true requirements someone else has, no matter how analytic or persuasive they may be. The act of imposing one's ideas on someone else is just as wrong as another person seeking to replace his ideas with those of someone he feels are better. One person doesn't take enough responsibility for him or herself, while another assumes too much responsibility over another with no valid reason.

Christ Michael Aton asks that his creations understand their link with him and strive to explore their existence on Earth within the parameters he has set up. Those incarnate are given free will, but their choices mostly likely stem either from embracing their connection with their Creator and living in accordance with his plans, or from rejecting the clear linkage he offers and struggling to live at odds with his blessings. All else really evolves from those two options.

Either scenario is defined by the degree of acceptance of the Creator. The concept of responsibility plays an interesting role in these decisions. Those who acknowledge their unity with Christ Michael Aton conversely find the range of choices they face expanding exponentially. All of Creation is linked to the Creator, and an individual's awareness of being connected to all of it brings a sense of profound harmony and fulfillment. All decisions are right when in alignment with Christ Michael Aton. The constant feeling of affirmation creates a sense of belief in one's perceptions and choices.

This profound conviction about the appropriateness of decisions allows an individual to take complete responsibility for all choices and actions. All is determined in dialogue with the Creator, and all actions as a result are appropriate. This assured individual has no need for the opinions or dominance of another in determining what direction his or her life takes.

Individuals who don't listen to the advice of their Creator are assuming control over their lives without an assurance they are making the correct choices. Immediate results may seem to be a great achievement, but the premises for these decisions and subsequent actions are disconnected from the intentions of the Creator. The end result is always a failure because it is out of harmony with Christ Michael Aton's plan for his Universe.

Individuals who do not consult with their Creator do not take seriously the responsibilities involved in their incarnations. The message of Christ Michael Aton is spread globally at this point, and there are few who don't have some understanding of how Earth is supposed to function. Those who choose to ignore his wishes now have no place in the unity of Creation. As Christ Michael Aton has concluded, these days of disharmony and imbalance are ending.

In view of this determined reality, the notion of commitment is different. True commitment for an individual comes through an awareness of role he or she plays within the plan of the Creator. An additional important factor is the knowledge that no individual purpose is more or less important than another. This type of assured commitment allows full individual responsibility. All responsible choices are made after a dialogue with the Creator to confirm their appropriateness. Once options are discussed, an individual may choose freely whichever course of action best fits his or her situation, given the ever changeable parameters influencing these choices. The Creator doesn't dictate the terms of decisions nor determine the consequent actions; he only approves or disapproves the intentions of the selection.

Once the choice is made, the chosen actions must be followed through. The Creator remains supportive even if a decision is inappropriate for an individual's purpose. Creation gives ideas form, and man is allowed to be a co-creator on Earth through his free-will nature. Man thinks in the context of his existence and selects courses of action. By rights, he also should be responsible for his decisions and their results. Often he is not. The outcome of his choices can be illogical or unexpected. To prevent this, man's task is to become aware of the importance of his choices in achieving his own individual purpose within this created world. Much of the time he fails to follow through with Christ Michael Aton's intentions.

The notion of completion is a corollary to commitment. Once a person commits to an idea, the concept has a form and an embodiment. Although the end results vary, they have a conclusion. If the person making a decision has a connection with his Creator and an awareness of his individual role in creation, his choices show a strong commitment to Christ Michael Aton's intentions for him. The choices, the sequence of events, and the final results reflect what man wants to achieve for his Creator. The actions acknowledge his Creator, whether fully or dismissively.

If someone ignores the intentions of Christ Michael Aton, he is committed only to himself. The results he achieves satisfy only his ego. This self-focused conclusion is disharmonious and out of balance with the intentions of Earth and this Universe. The power of this achievement often creates a block for others seeking to discern their own link with the Creator. They should be able to recognize their individual connection for themselves, but the persuasive powers of the ego-driven are too strong an attraction to counter. Too few can recognize the disharmony this course of actions creates with their own individual purpose. Too few are able to reject the pull this outside appeal has on their unformed sense of self.

In contrast to this pervasive corrosion of purpose, Lightworkers must take on the task of creating examples of lives centered on balanced decisions and aligned actions. An awareness of individual purpose fashions the parameters of exploration, not limits imposed by culture or those in power. Commitment acknowledges connection but does not restrict choice. The Creator wants to experience his Creation fully and expects his creations to discover everything that is possible. Not limited by his alignment with his Creator, man has an infinite range of choices to make that allow the Creator to experience his universe through them. The possibilities are endless, and the results are beyond imagination.

Esu Immanuel Kumara 

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